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Be found within this book whodunit and how and where the real numbers are buried nowTHE NUMBERSTwelve and only twelve emerald bedecked integers sleep somewhere in this nation’s soil If you can find them they’re yours to keep and only this book can tell you where they are So read the story carefully and examine the illustrations closely The race is o. The Clock without a Face by Gus Twintig Scott Teplin Mac Barnett and illustrator Eli Horowitz showed up on the new shelf in the children's library a few months ago Attracted by the odd shape and the detailed cover illustration I checked out the book Rather I attempted to check out the book but the odd shape made it impossible for the self service scanner So after standing in line to talk to the circulation desk I was finally able to take the book homeAlthough this is a thirty page board book I wouldn't classify it as a children's book It's really of a graphic novel or adult novelty bookA detective and his assistant are called to a strange apartment building where on the top floor Bevel Ternky's emerald studded clock has been stolen Not only that but everyone else in the building is missing somethingFloor by floor the detective gathers clues and interviews residents By the time he arrives at the bottom floor he knows what happened and he asks the readers to see if they know tooThe book ends up being two puzzles in one There are the crimes of the other floors and then the emerald numbers The numbers are an actual marketing gimmick and there were twelve sites across the United States where actual treasure was buried based on clues in the bookI personally have no interest in trying to solve the remaining unsolved riddles Once all of them have been found and they may have by now the book becomes just that a book I doubt it will have lasting appeal without the treasure hunt

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The Clock Without a FaceWe’ve buried Without a PDF #203 emerald studded numbers each handmade and one of a kind in holes across the United States These treasures will belong to whoever The Clock PDF digs them up first The uestion Where to dig The only path to the answer Solve the riddles of The Clock Without a FaceTHE BOOKThe Clock Without a ePUB #185 call comes in from the s. This is a great puzzle and armchair treasure hunting book I read it to my kids and we loved poring over each floor and searching both the images and text for clues It was a great concept very well executed with exuisitely detailed drawings I definitely recommend it and hope there is a seuel

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The Clock Without a Face Free read º 104 ↠ [Reading] ➷ The Clock Without a Face Author Gus Twintig – We’ve buried 12 emerald studded numbers—each handmade and one of a kind—in 12 holes across the United States These treasures will belong to whoever digs them up first The uestion Where to dig Th We’ve burHadowy Ternky Tower robberies one on each floor all the way up to the penthouse where obnoxious importer Bevel Ternky has been relieved of the numbers garlanding the legendary Emerald Khroniker his priceless ancient clock Readers must conduct their own investigations scouring detailed illustrations for hidden clues and knotty puzzles All your answers can. This book is just so cool Finn age 7 enjoyed looking at the pictures with me and they inspired him to do some similar drawings but the story itself is still a little over his head and some of the jokes a little too advanced I'm thinking when he's about 10 we will revisitEverything about this puzzle of a book is clever fun and thought provoking Highly recommendedI paused to enjoy the image A gorilla with a walking stick and perhaps a top hat and a monocle probably attending the theater But where would he keep his tickets without any pockets The uestion almost distracted me from the vexing mystery at hand