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The Guilty Werewolf Supernatural Bounty Hunters #2 Review í 106 Ü [Reading] ➮ The Guilty Werewolf Supernatural Bounty Hunters #2 ➶ R.J. Scott – Declan Finlay is hunting the guilty werewolf his friend Connor The incubus Levi Tiernan is his companion on the hunt If Declan doesn't trackDeclan Finlay is Werewolf Supernatural PDF #203 hunting the guilty werewolf his friend Connor The incubus Levi Tiernan is his companion on the hunt If Declan doesn't track and kill Connor then Levi willoOoDeclan Finlay is the best Retriever that Glitnir hasWell The Guilty PDF or he is now that Connor S. Reviewed on Hearts On Fire The beauty of writing fantasy is that the author with enough world building can speak out against government and religion easily under the guise of fiction It seems to me that Ms Scott has taken the power of the pen to speak out against some wrongs in her British governing system by way of Glitnir With the supposedly guilty werewolf Connor defecting over to the resistance Glitner has sent out its best Retriever Delcan along with one of its top assassins the incubus Levi They are to retrieve Connor and Micah or kill them both Levi already has secret doubts about Glitner and the murder of his parents so it's only a matter of time and a good look at some truths pointed out by Joseph that Delcan wavers I enjoyed the complexity of this story and the personality clashes between the growing group of rebels When reading this story and seeing the growing wrongs inside Glitner I had to keep remembering that the agents such as Delcan and Levi are being forced to work to pay off a debt It is like our taxing system in many ways I liked Delcan but had a difficult time liking Levi He just was too uick to turn away from the crumbling Glitner and its power hungry Alliances A uick and easy read the story moved along smoothly and flawlessly The romance side of the story was well done in true Scott style but this story definitely has a political lean to it which makes it even enjoyable The HEA is definitely delivered but the few loose ends left me hungry for the next book in this intriguing series

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Not go alone he is forced to accept the incubus Levi Tiernan an assassin as his companion on the journey If Declan doesn't kill Guilty Werewolf Supernatural Bounty Hunters PDF or Connor then Levi willWhat happens when old lust and love dictate action and suddenly Declan is uestioning everything he know. The Guilty Werewolf is a lovely second to The Vampire ContractWerewolf Declan is set out to retrieve Connor and have with him an Incubus Levi that is his mate even if Declan is a little miffed about thatBut sparks fly sexual but also magical from the Fae Phin that join them on their journey A lot of action and sexual tention is packed in that bookBook one and two emerges beautifully into each other and makes you crave book threeOhh and on a personal note; even since I was a little girl and watched my first english tv I have loved the name Declan;

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The Guilty Werewolf Supernatural Bounty Hunters #2Trand has gone rogueHe is sent to hunt Connor the guilty werewolf But he doubts that his best friend could ever be guilty and he resolves to track him down and find out why Guilty Werewolf Supernatural ePUB #8608 he ran with the renegade vampireWhen the Fae Alliance reporting to Glitnir demand that he. 3 12 4 HeartsReview written for MM Good Book Reviewshttpmmgoodbookreviewswordpresscom This story is part of a series and must be read in order Declan is a werewolf a Retriever for Glitnir and he is sent to hunt his friend Connor when Connor fails to return from his own hunt of a vampire Levi is an incubus and Assassin for the Fae Alliance and is sent along to make sure the job gets done Levi has his own reasons for going though reasons that he once confessed to Declan before Declan turned his back on him Declan resents being sent with an incubus that he thinks is a traitor but when confronting Connor and then Levi’s own actions has Declan uestioning his own belief Declan lets love into his heart But will it be enough for him to turn his back on all that he believesOh I love the way this series is going we are beginning to see that the rot goes farther than just the vampires and that Glitnir and the Fae Alliance might be much dirtier Declan wants nothing than to get his friend back and to put the vampire who must be holding him prisoner to death but he is stuck with Levi during the hunt and he knows he has to convince Connor to return with him or Levi will kill him Levi is desperate to get to the truth of what happened to his parents and the only way he will get the answers is to get Declan to accept that not everything about Giltnir is right convincing Declan that he isn’t a traitor and that he does love him is much harder than he hoped This is really good I loved how Declan was so confused and didn’t automatically give up everything he believed in I liked that Levi had tried in the past to open up to Declan and didn’t give up even though Declan thought he was a traitor I really liked that they listened to Connor and Micah without too much conflict but it was wonderful to see the conflicting personalities clash and the warring of beliefs Declan and Levi’s relationship isn’t easy and that is because of how they both see Giltnir Levi has been told disturbing news which has him looking for answers but also doubting Giltner and the Alliances while Declan has a firm belief that Giltnir can do no wrong it drove them apart when they first got together but now they have an opportunity to try again if Declan can open his mind to possible doubts about Giltnir I have to recommend this story to those that love paranormal political conflicts strong willed characters a great storyline and a happy for now ending