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feeld By Jos CharlSelected by Fady Joudah as a winner of the National Poetry Series Jos Charles’s revolutionary second collection of poetry feeld is a lyrical unraveling of the circuitry of gender and speech defiantly making space for bodies that have been historically denied their own vocabulary “i care so much abot the whord i cant reed” In feeld. i care somuch abot the whord i cantreedMuch of the work for a poet is to probe the undercurrents of reality through transformative language making language malleable as an abstract expression to the abstractness of life In her 2019 poetry collection Feeld the trans poet and translator Jos Charles pushes the exploration of linguistic malleability in extraordinary ways Poet Fady Joudah who selected Feeld as winner of the National Poetry Series describes the language as ‘ Chaucerian English translated into the digital twenty first century’ as Jos Charles plays with phonetics to reclaim language for a trans space The disarming use of language is ripe for interpretations such as a representation of the disorientation for ueerness in an obdurately gendered society enforced through rhetoric control of language or the need to reappropriate language ’ a whord lost inn the mouthe off keepers from the social gatekeepers Though as said in her interview with Frontier Poetry it is less about reclaiming but ‘ identifying what is useful in what is adjacent’ While the use of language may sound daunting at first there is a real pureness to it all and it is an utterly pleasant experience akin to childlike awe Furthering the reclamation Feeld is primarily poetry centered in nature reclaiming the traditional cis male tradition of nature poetry for a trans space Blooming with whimsical double entendres and searing social critiue this empowering and joyously inventive collection puns and probes its way deep into the hearts and minds of readers a chylde is wut ideologielooks lik Feeld delivers poetry that is simultaneously disorienting and familiar softly moving through a garden of words at a slow pace as if to take it all in and bask within itself Charles has a delicate construction that carefully uses both words and blank space to allow the poem to breath and give the reader space to sink into its beauty While the language is admittedly difficult to initially grasp Charles manages to make it a pleasant instead of laborious experience with form that encourages slow careful reading at your own pace There is a sense that Charles is carefully guiding the reader the way a parent slowly walks their young child out into the world with love and shared joy While yes others have used phonetic spelling before for other purposes Feeld utilizes it in a breathtaking way that helps to fully embody its messages The phonetic spellings such as ‘mornynge’ for morning ‘wymon’ for women or ‘wite’ for white become something you read not just with your eyes but with your ears and mouth It becomes a fully encompassing work of the body and discussions on the identity of the body are uite central to the work There are playful moments as well such as the title term that appears in nearly every poem ‘feeld’ and how it seems all at once both ‘field’ and to ‘feel’ Again this techniue is used with ‘breasthes’ as both ‘breaths’ and ‘breasts’ or the pun on ‘ueries’ as ‘ueerys’ to keep the discussion on ueer identity central to the work The fragile barrier between words breaks down within this collection as representation of the fragility of gender binaries i a woake 1 mornynge 2 see the hole whorld off thynges befor me The use of the natural world in these poems is both soothing and wonderfully subversive Drawing on a tradition often associated with masculinity as she says in interviews Jos Charles says has made a point to show that this can be a space for ueerness as well Brilliantly by aligning trans identity with the natural world and incorporating it into that world she asserts trans as natural This meshes well with the language of the whole not just of the body as examined previously but the wholeness of nature and living beings The natural world gives way to a political world however with imagery of fruit going bad on the tree or when ‘ gendre is not the folde but a siteatione ’ particularly in the poems that deal with bathrooms ‘ boyes r not alowd in this pome’ she concludes in a poem heavy with mention of a ‘ feemale depositrie room moving from an image of a tall woman washing their hands to what seems a play on a common outburst experienced by a trans woman in these situations it is horribeloff corse to be tangibel inside kapitelTrans identity in a gendered world and the ways capitalism seeks to make us all pawns in its game are major themes running through Feeld There is the empowerment to become ‘tagibel’ to exist outside the norms and to be yourself yet this also is examined for the way the world preys on tangibility Social stigma oppresses trans people in horrific ways often violent with an alarming number of murders of trans individuals each years predominantly trans women of color ‘ did u kno not a monthe goes bye’ she writes ‘ a tran i kno doesnt dye’ She writes on the struggles to be open as trans while existing in ‘ masckulin economyes’ acknowledging the plight that befalls those who are There is also the issues of acceptance ‘ how many holes would blede befor u believ imma grl’ writes Charles on the plight of being taken seriously with a trans identity in a world stuck in gender binaries Much of the work also looks at the ways that sexuality is commodified and ‘ bye definision a cruele economicks’ She writes you are born boy girl or worker and that these identities control much of your social and financial life nodding to the gender pay gap here ‘ i am afrayde i am riting myeself’ says Charles playfully teasing authorial intent While the themes of identity being forced into a political sphere through the weaponization of language is clearly at heart of Feeld the collection is self aware and seems to avoid taking itself overly seriously She concludes a poem almostly blithely with ‘ trama lit is so hotte rite nowe’ retaining a sense of playfulness but also reminding the reader that this isn’t being written just to follow a trend but to give voice to those often voiceless This seems a call out to those who accuse people when they come out as ‘just doing it for attention’ or that it’s ‘trendy’ a term Charles uses as well to bat away critiues If you haven’t been following there is a major backlash against poet who write about non white non hetero identities particularly on internet communities ‘ Feeld is not part of a trend but a bold and brave voice crying out The inventive use of language and the carefully constructed use of space make this a complete joy to read and while this collection has teeth it also has a loving sweetness that will certainly last long after you close the book455

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review feeld By Jos Charles ò PDF, eBook or Kindle ePUB Õ [PDF / Epub] ☆ feeld By Jos Charles – Selected by Fady Joudah as a winner of the 2017 National Poetry Series Jos Charles’s revolutionary second collection of poetry feeld is a lyrical unraveling of the circuitry of gender and speech def SelAne gendre is yes a hemorage” “did u kno not a monthe goes bye a tran i kno doesnt dye” The world of feeld is our own but off kilter distinctly ueer making visible what was formerly and forcefully hidden trauma liberation strength and joy Urgent and vital feeld composes a new narrative of what it means to live inside a marked body. With her oldmiddle english take on a contemporary issue at least in terms of rhetoric Jos Charles's Feeld simultaneously envelops and distances the reader from the narrative of trans experience while providing an accordion like layer structure to each phrase in her fascinating book The unorthodox spellings based on earlier forms of the english language—I'm not sure how close an approximation was made to middle or early english but the word chaucerian was bandied about at book club allowed a multiplicity of interpretations for almost every line when read instead of heard which opened up the space for intricate punning and for metaphor The very word feeld becomes conflated with the female experience; a field as an open vessel for things to be grownsomething fallow and waiting—but also with the past tense of feel when spoken aloud it sounds like feeled a clumsy felt; does it mean literal touch the sensation of physical contact or an admission that the book is something emotive and personal One example—hors became both horse and hoarse broken to bridle and without voice Striking and subtle at the same time This interplay of possibilities makes the book something that could be linguistically unpacked for hours on end but it also is a potential barrier between the reader and the material—and the argument could be made that now is not the time in history to put barriers between the reading public and reading material about the experience of someone from a marginalized community TL;DR It's brilliant but only if you're going to be dogged enough to do a good bit of work on trying to manage its wildness And maybe that asks too much

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Charles stakes her claim on the language available to speak about trans experience reckoning with the narratives that have come before by reclaiming the language of the past In Charles’s electrifying transliteration of English Chaucerian in affect but revolutionary in effect what is old is made new again “gendre is not the tran org. Read this book and you will dissolve and its reclaimed language will command you