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Fit for the Job Review ☆ 102 Æ [Ebook] ➩ Fit for the Job ➯ Darien Cox – When fitness professional Jay Capello is unexpectedly offered the job of training a movie star’s teenage daughter for the summer he thinks he’s scored a fairly cushy gig But once let inside the lo When fitness professional Jay Capello is unWhen fitness professional Jay Capello is unexpectedly offered the job of training a movie star’s teenage daughter for the summer he thinks he’s scored a fairly cushy gig But once let inside the locked. 35 StarsThis poor bookI think I paused it twice to read new releases I think because of that I never really completely connected with it I liked it but I didn't love it Jay is a fitness instructor He takes a job training Sassy the daughter of actor Eben Wright Sassy was your typical teenager that hated her parents hated life hated everything Jay soon learns there's a lot going on then Sassy needing a trainer I liked the mysteryblackmail element to the story I thought it added to the story even thought it might have been a bit OTTBodie is Sassy's cousin and also her bodyguard so he and Jay grow close I thought Bodie's character and story was a bit under developed I like that Darien Cox's books are all very different I like the inclusion of the mystery element vs a straight romance As far as the romance goes it was low angst and drama which is always a plus for me And the biggest plusthe steam factor There was a heaping helping of smoking hot man loving Overall I enjoyed this one I think this was my third Darien Cox book and definitely won't be my last

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Gates of the actor’s residence he begins to realize he’s been dropped into a web of family secrets and the unconventional challenges of this assignment may be than Fit for Kindle he can handle When h. Holy fucking gorgeous Batman I loved this one Darien Cox has done it again Fit For The Job is definitely one of those books I couldn't put down once I started reading The story took me captive but Darien’s skilful narrative style went one step further I was glued to the pages and didn't want the book to end EverBodie is the typical broody moody alpha always in control male At first he appears hard and gruff but it doesn’t take long to see his sadness and the baggage he is troubled by his work with the army as a member of a counter terrorism unit has taken its toll Now he works as a security guard for the famous actor Eben Wright who happens to be his cousin and he's responsible for the wellbeing of Eben’s daughter Sassy Bodie loves his spoiled and difficult niece and is determined to do everything in his power to protect the girl with the potty mouth “Great to finally meet you” Jay said “I’m looking forward to our workouts Tell me what do you like to do for exercise”“Masturbate” she said eyes still on the television You can’t not fall in love with Jay an open minded and carefree guy who is applying for a job as Sassy’s personal fitness trainer He’s a free spirit and his cheerfulness is contagious When he starts to work with the teenager he soon realises that Bodie's guarding of the girl isn’t only a security thing There’s much going on in the Wright mansion and little by little he begins to find out What doesn’t change is his attraction to the hot guy with the few random dreadlocks and a black barbell pierced in his left eyebrow Jay doesn’t delude himself though having a summer fling with the hot security guard is probably off the cards anyway Bodie seems to be the silent badass no feelings cyborg type But who knows “Change doesn’t ask permission first when it comes barging through the door” Both characters are just wonderfully elaborated and they have this freaking hot chemistry despite all the things popping up to mess with them Darien did a wonderful job of conveying the heart and soul of these two guys and when the heat turns up it gets damn hotThe sex is sheet burning and off the charts on the hotness factor their chemistry just sizzles on the screen It’s either slow and romantic rough and steamy or smoking hot and passionate and their kissing OMG Darien writes the kissing scenes so brilliant you almost don’t want the guys to go any further Who needs to read sex scenes when already the kisses are so bloody hot and passionate The lip action in this book is definitely some of the best I've ever read Time stood still’ wasn’t a term Jay ever understood until then because the kissing seemed to go on and on He couldn’t remember the last time he’d simply sat on a porch and made out with someone for ages satisfied with the simple eroticism of another mouth the intimacy of it as a soft warm breeze caressed themIt continued for an eternity tongues tasting and exploring lips gliding Confident now that Bodie’s enthusiasm matched his own Jay relaxed into it letting himself go kissing the other man as passionately as he desired The supporting characters are really well done Jay’s mum Theresa what a lovable crazy pushy and uirky woman Sylvia and Nate both of them members of the security team in the Wright mansion Sazzy yes she seems to be spoiled and misguided but underneath you find a smart lovable kid and Eben the famous actor who is used to getting anything he wants but knows too well that fame comes at a price First I didn’t like him but he grew on me pretty fastDarien’s writing is powerful gripping emotional and captivating he creates wonderful characters and a sexy emotionally charged story line I really appreciated that Darien works with alternating points of views You get both Jay and Bodie’s perspective a writing style I value because it’s just perfect to witness the thoughts of both main characters I didn’t feel like I was watching from the side line I lived within the story I laughed smiled and cursed with the guys The ending left me with a dreamy sigh if you are a sucker for sappy HEAs you are going to love it as much as I didOverall Fit For The Job is another excellent story written by Darien Cox It’s an entertaining mix of love hurt and mystery brim full with sexual tension some absolutely awesome kiss and love scenes a not too angsty plot full of twists and turns and a lovable cast of supporting characters The heroes are adorable with their sweetness their hotness and their flaws It’s definitely a book that has already gone in my favourite reads of 2014 so I’m looking forward to reading Darien’s next masterpiece

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Fit for the JobE starts to fall for Bodie the girl’s personal security guard he tries to stick with it and his simple summer commitment becomes a struggle to perform his job duties without losing his heart in the proce. Loved it Darien Cox is fucking fabulous and I just love love his stories and his style Totally recommended