FREE DOWNLOAD Þ Huck The Remarkable True Story of How One Lost Puppy Taught a Family and a Whole Town About Hope and Happy Endings

FREE DOWNLOAD Huck The Remarkable True Story of How One Lost Puppy Taught a Family and a Whole Town About Hope and Happy Endings

FREE DOWNLOAD Þ Huck The Remarkable True Story of How One Lost Puppy Taught a Family and a Whole Town About Hope and Happy Endings ê [Read] ➲ Huck The Remarkable True Story of How One Lost Puppy Taught a Family and a Whole Town About Hope and HaGh the backyard fence and run away  Broken hearted and frantic the family catches the first plane to New Jersey to begin a search for their lost puppy It is a race against time for little Huck is now lost in an area entirely unfamiliar to him facing the threat of bears and coyotes swamps and freezing temperatures rain and fast cars  Moved by the family’s plight strangers – from school children to townspeople to the police lieutenant – The Remarkable True Story of eBook #9734 join the search one that proves to be an unyielding test of determination and faith Touching and warm hearted Huck is a spirit lifting story about resilience the generosity of strangers and hope. I really enjoyed this tale and finished it uicklyUpon reading what others thought I began to agree with many reviewer's criticisms There was a lot of time spent describing people events etc that hadn't much importance I suppose that may have seemed like padding Some reviewr's didn't appreciate the whole story revolving around a dog hunt But upon giving it some thought I am sticking with my rating It is a true story and it read like one I don't think the aurhor Janet Elder padded the story because life isn't all action packed I liked the simplicity I would much rather read repetition after repetition of the kindness' of strangers How is that boring

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Huck is a page turning Remarkable True PDF #8608 unforgettable true story of the tenacity of one small dog the unexpected extraordinary kindness of strangers and a family’s devotion to each other  Michael was four when his relentless campaign for a dog began At seven he made a PowerPoint presentation “My Dog” with headings like “A Childhood Without a Dog is a Sad Thing” His parents Janet and Rich were steadfast bringing a dog into their fast paced New York City lives was utterly impractical However on a trip to Italy a chance happening leads Janet to reconsider a decision Huck The Epubthen hastened by a diagnosis of breast cancer  Janet decides the excitement of. I love dogs and I have previously enjoyed books about animals especially true stories like this one So I was expecting an enjoyable read However the book was only OK at best and at times even a little annoying The author clearly does not see life from the perspective of the average not from New York City person It gets irritating at times how amazed she is by the way ordinary people live and act outside the city Huck might have made a decent short story but the author has padded it out into a book by adding lots of irrelevant details about characters who make only brief appearances in the story Yet somehow despite all that detail these people never jump off the page at you nor even seem all that interesting Then she adds boring passages that have nothing to do with the main story such as her trip to buy herself some sunglasses and a long description of Tampa where the family only spends a few hours You would think she assumes that none of us readers has ever heard of Tampa before Perhaps the biggest problem with the book though is its total failure to make you fall in love with the dog that the whole story is centered around The author seems to miss the fact that in order for a reader to care about a character including an animal character you must create a personality for that character in the reader's mind As much as I love dogs this dog never felt real to me And why should he when all I ever learned about him was what he looks like and what he likes to eat The reader is never given a feeling of genuine relationship between the author and the dog If I wanted you to know my dog I would tell you stories about the funny things he has done the naughty things he has done his personality uirks that make him special to my family All of these things are missing from the book Real dogs like mine are one of a kind characters Huck on the other hand felt generic and 2 dimensional I hate to say it but while reading this book I found myself doubting the author's truthfulness at times For example she talks about how she and her husband did all this research to decide what kind of dog to buy before purchasing Huck from a breeder in FL and having him shipped up on an airplane She states that they were not aware of shelter dogs at the time or they certainly would have considered one But how can you do all that research and NOT EVER hear about animal shelters and the dogs waiting for homes How can you be a journalist and be so ignorant I felt that she inserted this disclaimer only to avoid offending people and probably because her editor recommended it I also grew weary of hearing how the author really couldn't afford the expensive new sunglasses she bought or the hundreds of color flyers she printed or the 1000 reward she and her husband decided to offernot to mention the travelling they do and the cost of having a dog flown up from FL Does she have any idea how average people live and what it REALLY means to not be able to afford something I doubt it I felt like these financial concerns were just another thing inserted into the story in an attempt to make the author and her family sound relatable to the average reader The attempt fails miserably2 stars because there are some good sections in the book such as the section about the author's bout with cancer Maybe the book should have been about that


Huck The Remarkable True Story of How One Lost Puppy Taught a Family and a Whole Town About Hope and Happy EndingsA new puppy would  be the perfect antidote to the strain on the family of months of arduous treatments for her illness The prospect of a new puppy would be an affirmation of life a powerful talisman for them all On Thanksgiving weekend soon after the grueling months of treatments are over Huck a sweet mischievous red haired toy poodle joins the family and wins everyone’s heart A few months later the family ventures to baseball’s spring training leaving Huck with Janet’s sister in Ramsey The Remarkable True Epub #220 New Jersey  Barely twenty four The Remarkable True Story of eBook #9734 hours into the trip Janet receives the dreaded phone call Huck has slipped throu. I wanted to like this book if for no other reason then I loved the cover picture which so reminded me of Dublin But unfortunately I couldn't So many reasons why First the author Janet Elder is writes for the NY Times Which would lead you to believe that she is a good writer She may be a good reporter but writer no I found the writing tedious Very laborious Really do I need to know every whine your son makes and every back story of how each couple who offered to help you met Plus just a nagging uestion on my partwhy the continual referral to your sister's house as the Clarks instead of Aunt Barbara if that was her name I can honestly say I never refer to my sibling's houses or sistersbrothers in law houses by last name I guess the biggest issue I had was their caraciture of the NJ suburbs Ramsey compared to NY how uaint she made it seem compared to the worldly and obviously better in her view urban life of NY And maybe just maybe if you had taught your dog the simple command come this whole situation could have been avoided I am glad spoiler alert that alls well that ends well and the dog is found and they all leave happily ever after hopefully with some help of a trainer