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Read & download ´ Lytton Strachey The New Biography È PDF, DOC, TXT, eBook or Kindle ePUB free ð ❰Epub❯ ❦ Lytton Strachey The New Biography Author Michael Holroyd – It is impossible to suppose that this ‘Life' will ever be superseded L Holroyd has a great novelist's sense of the obstinate mystery of the human person George Steiner The New Yorker. Over a thousand pages about one of the Bloomsbury greats and I loved every single one of them Extremely moving at the end but I knew to expect it Holroyd is a giant in himself I would love to know how much work went into this as his research and presentation are just impeccable I could have done with lots photographs but that's just me I finished it very reluctantly as I knew I would miss the whole cast An absolutely masterclass in writing biography as well as the perfect treat for Bloomsbury fans

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Iography to appear for many years John Rothenstein New York Times Written with vivacity and scrupulousness Michae. This is an absolutely astonishing biography This volume is over 1000 pages long and there is a second volume that deals with Strachey’s writings but the length didn’t seem at all excessive and the interest was maintained right to the endThe first version of this book was published in 1967 over fifty years ago which makes it admirable that Holroyd decided as he said to treat Lytton’s homosexuality and his relationships as matter of factly as if he’d been heterosexual Given that male homosexuality was only decriminalised in that same year 1967 I think that was a brave decisionGoodness the Bloomsberries lived strange emotional lives I am exhausted simply reading about Lytton’s love life especially when Carrington’s is added to it

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Lytton Strachey The New BiographyIt is impossible to The New PDFEPUB #10003 suppose that this ‘Life' will ever be superseded the best literary b. One of the greatest biographies ever writtenAnd one which only gets better and richer upon rereadingStrachey should be of an icon than he is He was one of the greatest prose stylists who ever livedand importantly for the world at large a proud gay man and conscientious objector when the former was a crime and the latter might as well have beenThe uality that Holroyd brings out most in this book is one which I find all too rarely in biographiesa need for friendship He documents the shifting nature of Strachey's lifelong friendships most notably his bond with his onetime fiancee Virginia Woolf the establishment of new ones the breaking of old ones and most of all his efforts as ceaseless as his writing to keep a stable network of people he truly cared for around himIt was the antidote in some ways to his string of unhappy love affairs but over it spoke to a need for something human he could count on while surrounded by the uncertainties of the world As a picture of a man dealing with insecurities in a realistic way it may never be eualledHolroyd's research is impeccable his own writing flawless and perfectly constructed his use of uotation judicious and his tone veering from witty to heartbreaking at all the right moments