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REVIEW ´ Reckless ä [Download] ➾ Reckless By Amanda Quick – From a crumbling fairy tale castle on the stormy Sussex coast to a dazzling dizzying masuerade ball comes an enchanting tale of a tarnished knight a daring maiden and a sweet searing storybook loveAt From a crumbling fairy tale castle on the stormy Sussex coast to a dazzling From a crumbling fairy tale castle on the stormy Sussex coast to a dazzling dizzying masuerade ball comes an enchanting tale of a tarnished knight a daring maiden and a sweet searing storybook loveAt sixteen Phoebe Layton had imagined that Gabriel Banner was a bra. Ugh This book made me so ANGRY Livid in fact The kind of angry that makes me want to destroy furniture maybe hulk smash something Or both I'm going to admit right off the bat that this book contains my least favorite romance trope The good ol' revenge plot If I'd known I wouldn't have read it I've never been a fan and honestly I have no idea why it's even a thing I find nothing romantic about it in the least I just don't get it I'm a terrible person bent on doing something terrible but now that I see how great you are I'm going to forget that Will you marry me give me many sons No Just no Even when this kind of plot is done well I still don't like And when it's not It just makes me want to throw shit But then again this is Amanda uick I thought to myself If anyone can do it right she can Ha I don't even want to spend the energy necessary to describe the plot but I will because it was half the reason I disliked the book so much So we have Phoebe who has been writing Gabriel letters that are signed The Veiled Lady for anonymity concerning some very old and beautiful manuscripts that they both want Once upon a time eight years ago Gabriel was very taken with Phoebe's sister Meredith and used to send her books about knights and romance and Arthurian legends Meredith did not share his enthusiasm or his affection and instead Phoebe would read them and so began her love of such books and a bit of love for Gabriel too She saw him as a knight straight out of the books When Meredith was told to marry some bore she didn't know and didn't want to know Phoebe convinces her that Gabriel who was courting her would help seeing as he was knightly and all and when he rescues her sister obviously the thing he does is insist they marry via Gretna Green Meredith is horrified and wants no part of that When Meredith and Phoebe's father finds out what almost happened he is also horrified and thinks Gabriel wanted to whisk her away to marry her for money Gabriel was not well off so he ruins Gabriel in every way possible Gabriel takes his ruined self and sets off to sea to make his fortune and get away from the general awfulness of society Eight years later he is back with a bucket load of money buys a crumbling castle and stays away from society And the love of books never went away so he continues to collect Phoebe and Gabriel have that in common While Gabriel was gone Phoebe became very good friends with a man named Neil Baxter and while she didn't love him she adored him in a friendship kinda way Neil professes to love her but was broke so he tells Phoebe he is off to the seas to make his fortune Years later Phoebe finds out he was killed by a pirate that stole a book Phoebe gave him before he left She has recently found out the book is once again in London Phoebe happens to feel that Neil's death is her fault so she sets out to get justice by finding the book and therefore Neil's killer Oh my god this synopsis is taking forever Phoebe uses her and Gabriel's mutual love of old booksmanuscripts to lure him out of his castle so that he can help her find the book and therefore who killed Neil He has no interest helping really for his own reasons but once he figures out that the Veiled Lady who wants his help is in fact the daughter of the man that ruined him so completely he sees his opportunity He is a bitter petty douche who decides to ruin Phoebe who did absolutely nothing to him Phoebe still sees him as this noble knight who will help her find justice and all Gabriel sees is a beautiful woman he will enjoy seducing thereby ruining her reputation life and a chance at marriage Because you know revenge There's a bunch of other stuff obviously but you get the point From the very beginning I disliked Gabriel Intensely Within the first couple of chapters I was ready for Phoebe to find out the awful things he was planning and throw them in his face I looked forward to her ripping out what little heart he had and throwing it in his face I was amazed at the crazy amounts of schadenfreude I had from the get go He knew what he was doing and it was just so so seriously wrong Phoebe told Gabriel over and over how wonderful he was and just how much what he was doing meant to her and he told her was stupid for believing it and just went on ruining her While I was indeed frustrated by Phoebe's complete blindness to Gabriel's flaws I was pissed at Gabriel's selfishness He uite literally did nothing without thinking of himself He was even a greedy lover Not just once but most of the time This especially pissed me off The world is filled with selfish lovers that are well aware of their selfishness don't put them in my romance novels damnit I don't care how realistic it is That's the entire point of these books These books are fiction Fantasy It added nothing to the plot There wasn't some thematic reason It wasn't like this was an arranged marriage between two people that didn't know each other and therefore lacked intimacy They were friends They spent a lot of time together They had a history He should have wanted to do good by her Instead after a good minute and thirty seconds if you want to argue we'll say five max he rolls over with a “sorry about that better luck next time” That's great Juuuuust great He knows she adores him sees the very best in him and he just takes what he wants and rolls off On the floor That's right On the damn floor Keeping it classy Gabriel Then we come to the title of this book Reckless Phoebe is impulsive and stubborn and loves her freedom She is smart except when it comes to Gabriel yet is seriously TSTL While that isn't unusual in books like this I mean how else is a cold heartless man going to realize he loves his woman unless she almost dies amiright I hated that every time Gabriel forbid her from doing anything she did it anyway and Gabriel was always proved right He was a controlling condescending ass that wouldn't let her do anything and when she of course ignored his commands she always needed rescuing Yes she was in danger and I get the rescuing was done on purpose to prove he was a knight or something like that but I hated it It always made his overbearing controlling demands seem necessary It would have been far interesting if she could figure out that she didn't need a knight to rescue her But no Gabriel had come to her rescue every damn time and walk around smugly saying “See you should have obeyed your husband like a wife is expected to Good thing I don't beat women who disobey me other men do” He wasn't even kidding He literally said that men have beaten their wives for less The writing was just fine Obviously Amanda uick knows how to write But man some of the sex scenes were just cringe worthy At one point Gabriel makes a really terrible sailing metaphor during sex and all I could think of was Sex in the City You know when Charlotte and Trey are having trouble and they name their bits Schooner and Rebecca “My Schooner is approaching your Rebecca” It was laughable and so very awkward I feel like there must be something I'm missing Everyone loved this book I get it that it's nice to see someone who believed they would never be loved finally understand that they are indeed loved I get that Gabriel had a terrible fear of abandonment but I would have liked it better if he didn't express it by being a complete asshole There are better ways Needless to say you can probably tell I did not like this book Perhaps I'm missing the point Maybe there is some grand message I just didn't receive Maybe I'm just too cynical Regardless I cannot and will not recommend this book If you want a nice Amanda uick try something like Ravished Or anything else ever


A lonely midnight rendezvous Phoebe finds herself sparring with a dangerously desirable man who is nothing like the hero of her dreams And when he sweeps her into a torrid and blatantly unchivalrous embrace she can't help but fear that she's made a dreadful mista. I read this one many years ago and found it on sale recently I love Amanda uick aka Jayne Ann Krentz I've read most of her books This was an enjoyable trip down memory lane but not my favorite It was a little too formulaic in character to receive higher than 3 stars

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RecklessVe and valiant knight a noble hearted hero born to rescue ladies in distress Which is why eight years later when she desperately needed help to carry out a vital uest she could think of no one suited to the job than Gabriel But when she lures her shining knight to. This is one of the few Amanda uick good oldies that I have no intention of re reading Don't get me wrong this book has all the Amanda uick signature charms Formulaic but well written Not to be missed if you have read and liked uick's romance novels In this story Phoebe Layton is the reckless heroine who dreamed of chilvary and gallant knights Her prince on the white horse was Gabriel Banner who once eloped with Phoebe's sister They met again when Phoebe was 24 and tried to engage Gabriel in some kind of a uest Odd girl meet emotionally unavailable boy oh my she is so different from any other women why won't he love me I am plain but smart I can get him to love him Handsome hero finds odd heroine intriguing blah blah blah I love you the end Phoebe is your typical Amanda uick heroine an impulsive practical un pretty and no one finds her attractive except said hero but supposedly has her own charm kind of woman I really have the feeling that Amanda uick is writing about herself in these novels And just how many ueer women are there who all met handsome and hot earls who have eyes only for odd women When I read this book years ago I thought ugh I really do not like Phoebe But the earl is alright This is pretty much the case for all of her novels I like her heros but why must they all have the misfortunes of being paired with women who are odd and unpretty but oh so smart While in some books uick managed to present the heroines in attractive lights Phoebe in Reckless belongs to the unfavorable group in my eyes A headstrong impulsive dreaming of her own knight woman god help me I want nothing to do with such women and pity the men who have to marry them Amanda uick does not just make them headstrong and impulsive She makes her heroines practical to a fault A few examples I am no beauty so i must accept my lot I am odd so it is ok if everyone thinks of me as an oddball I have my interests so it is ok if i am a spinster I am not pretty so I don't care for fashion I dress for comfort and I am plain It's ok if my husband is not overcome with love It is only natural since I am not beautiful But have no fear I have my brains I don't know why Amanda uick has to make them soun femenine and so typically spinsterish They can be odd but must they all lose their femininity as a resultI do realize however that my feelings toward Amanda uick's heriones in particular Phoebe in this book are my personal view I suppose such females would appeal to readers who can appreciate such characters I regrettablly am not one of them