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Sheikh Boss Hot Desert Nights Free read µ PDF, eBook or Kindle ePUB Í ❰Reading❯ ➻ Sheikh Boss Hot Desert Nights Author Susan Stephens – Casey Michaels has come prepared for her new job in the desert—complete with a safari outfit But faced with her gorgeous boss's potent Ry heat of the desert he begins her sensual awakening To his surprise Casey teaches him about the simple pleasures in life But royal duty is never far from their do. Just okay book in my opinion Falling in love over the top Auction and riches over the top Desert life over the top Even the part where humble origins were to be stressed they weren't addressed with any depth The end also felt flat for me There was no story building up although everything was hot including romance I do like fairy tales but this somehow didn't do for me

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Casey Michaels Hot Desert PDF #201 has come prepared for her new job in the desert complete with a Sheikh Boss PDF safari outfit But faced with her gorgeous boss's. 25 starsHighly disappointing and just expected so much from this book when I read the back of itI just didn't enjoy it like I thought I would because I just didn't connect with the material I was just not feeling the plot or the characters I can't put my finger on it but something was missing especially in the beginning where I felt the most lack of connection I didn't really feel the attraction between the two or I should say I was told that they were attracted to one another but didn't feel itDidn't really enjoy either character as well which made the story feel off for me as well Just I didn't like them or find them endearing at all and just not rooting for their love story like I should be if I am reading a Presents Just the romance wasn't uite there for meAlso for my taste there wasn't a lot of angst or emotion going on Or I should say I didn't feel the emotion going on until maybe the last third of the book and that's a big no no when reading a romance I was that anticipation and drawn outness to it that I am dying for them to finally get together but I didn't feel that for most of the book and I needed to in order for me to rate it a great romance I wanted of that heart wrenching emotion going on and ache along with them and just feel my heart hurt along with them and instead I found at times bored with them and almost wanted to get the book over with as uickly as possibleThe romance felt too superficial too me with not a lot backing it emotionally and just feel flat without that emotional depth to it I just felt like for the whole time during the book I was told instead of shown felt what was happening between the characters and why they fell in love with one another in the first place Because I didn't feel like they fell in love but were kind of forced to fall in love because this was a Harleuin Presents story It didn't feel real or emotional enough for my taste It felt very contrived at times and just made me roll my eyes a few times because it was just so unbelievable with nothing plausible really backing itAlso I didn't understand the character of Casey who was this innocent young girl that was very insecure Why was she insecure Or why was she so insecure I would have liked to see a flashback seen or an interaction with Rafik to show why she was so insecure instead of it being told that she didn't feel beautiful Yeah lots of heroines in Presents don't feel beautiful but usually there's a reason behind it like their parents constantly degraded them or ex said something or left for a glamorous woman something like that but that didn't seem to be the case in Casey's case or maybe it was and it just wasn't fully clear Like I said a flashback scene or something showing where her deep rooted insecurity otherwise it just fall flat and doesn't make sense or feel real and it's almost annoying since nothing is backing it up Because it was such an issue for her and in her relationship with Rafik for most of the novel Her insecurity didn't make sense to meAlso I didn't like how it was written because it was very choppy going back and forth between Rafik and Casey and this was done several times in one chapter That just made it really jarring and really disorganized If there must be a changing point of view just do it once a chapter or do the shift every other chapter otherwise it just feel a mish mosh and feels like a total mess I hate switching point of views that many times in one chapter It just got me out of the rhythm and the flow of the story and made it hard to get into since there were constant shifts like that Not a fan of the back and forthOne thing I did like about the book was the love scene between Casey and Rafik which was really beautiful and sweet and passionate and was really highlight of the book That was the first time in the book where I felt emotions coming off the book from both Casey and Rafik and the possibility that they did in fact care for one another And Rafik was so sweet taking her virginity and treating her gently that I couldn't help liking Rafik at that point when I wasn't feeling him for most of the book He definitely showed his caring side there and I just liked that scene between themBut other than that there wasn't much I enjoyed about this book Again there was no connection for me and I just felt highly disappointed No connection with the story or the characters The love story wasn't really digging either because I didn't feel feelings coming off of either of them until the very end and by that time it was too late I was just expecting so much than I got Plus I felt it was too drawn out plus no anticipation there to prepare for what was to come instead it just felt flat and unrealistic I felt like for most of the book I was told and not shown what was going on and I needed to be shown to get a little bit feeling out of the book and a bit connection Just I didn't get them as a couple I couldn't see them together I just needed something and unfortunately I didn't get it or them I needed sexual tension I needed character development to create these complex characters that I actually liked but none of this was done so therefore my enjoyabilty of the book was nearly nil which is a shame since I like Susan Stephens book but this one just didn't do it for me I wish it did and was expecting so much out of it

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Sheikh Boss Hot Desert NightsPotent sexuality she suddenly feels out of Boss Hot Desert PDFEPUB #195 her depthSheikh Rafik al Rafar knows an inexperienced woman when he sees one and in the sult. I admit I would not have picked this book up on my own primarily because the trite non title is the sort I absolutely despise and which HarleuinMB's marketing people insist readers like because they can tell what the book is about by glancing at the title Umno we really don't like these titles and you cannot tell what a book is about simply by looking at the title Harleuin needs to stop assuming their readers are so lazy they can't read the back of a book to find out what it's about and go back to the days books had REAL titles Any way I received this from a friend and the other book I am reading being to large and heavy to shove in my bag I picked this one up to carry with me Despite the wratched title it was a pretty good book Good characterization Raffa is a H2D4 and great descriptions of the desert setting