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FREE DOWNLOAD ↠ The Italian's Passionate Revenge á ➽ The Italian's Passionate Revenge Download ➺ Author Lucy Gordon – He will bed herElise Carlton is looking forward to having her freedom Years as a trophy wife have left her wary But there is one man to whom she is not immuneFor revenge and for pN But it is no coincidence that Vincente has sought out Elise What will she do when she discovers he wants her only The Italian's PDF for reven. 375 stars ⭐️It was so bloody emotional that I shed a tear or twoAngst filled emotional well written book with strong characters The plot was unexpected and fast paced I felt so much for the pain heroine suffered I didn’t give this stars because I hated the revelations in the end It would’ve been wonderful if certain character’s personality wasn’t dragged through the mudEnding was goodRecommended


He will bed herElise Carlton is looking forward to having her freedom Years as a trophy wife have left her wary But there is one man to whom sh. Well This was a strong revenge story that was short on the angst and long on bitterness guilt and revenge From the opening I thought these characters are all horrible people innocent heroine includedHeroine is at her horrible husband's funeral Eight years before he had blackmailed her into marrying him because he had evidence her father had stolen money from him and he was going to go to the police At the time the heroine was living with and in love with an Italian student in Rome The student's anguished cries were the last thing she heard as she left Rome under duress She found out a few days later that he had died She has carried the guilt of his death with her ever sinceHeroine is understandably bitter about her wasted 8 years with her cheating husband She is also shut down emotionally Hero was her husband's new boss at his new job in Italy He is at the funeral in London and puts the moves on the heroine Heroine recklessly succumbs to his seduction but doesn't go all the way Hero vows to returnIt turns out that the hero is the cousin to the Italian student and he blames the heroine for the one car accident that killed him He is going to seduce the heroine and then somehow humiliatereject her so she could feel the pain his cousin felt When he put his plan in motion he didn't know the heroine was blackmailed into rejecting his cousinSo they begin an affair The hero stage manages the heroine's move to Italy he blocked all buyers of their apartment her only marital asset This is where the story lost a star for me The Hh never seemed happy together They were obsessed with sex but the heroine is suspicious of the hero and the hero never lets down his guard even after hearing the h's side of the story about the break up with his cousin The heroine realizes he is her lost love's cousin when she sees a portrait of him in the hero's family home Hero's mother tells her all about the woman who broke his heart Heroine confronts the hero and he confesses that he did seduce her out of revenge This is a great scene Heroine is hurt full of guilt and beyond angry at the hero The hero realizes he messed up so he goes on offense and tells her she should feel guilty for his cousin's death etc view spoiler Heroine doesn't eat for four days and then collapses in the street At the hospital she finds out she is pregnant Hero bullies her into marrying him And heroine sets out to make his life hell If she was bitter before she is in a black hole of bitterness now She tells hero all the time he is just like her first husband seeing her as an object and a trophy and someone to manipulate Hero does not like this characterization and goes crazy trying to find a path forward in their relationship that isn't so toxicThey have a daughter and the baby begins to bring them closer Heroine eventually comes to him for sex and the hero softens toward her a bit Some of the bitterness is gone but the heroine still feels guilty about the cousin's death Hero then decides to hire the private investigator who found the heroine to find out what caused the accident Turns out cousin was a drug dealer and he was run off the road by another drug lord He might have felt bad about the heroine but he wasn't suicidal Hh can finally let the past die For an HEAI was actually glad about the last minute revelations concerning the cousin Yes it would have been nice if the heroine had given up the guilt because it was the mature thing to do but the heroine had been surrounded her entire life by lying men so even her first love wasn't what she thought it was It made the hero's tainted by revenge love seem honest and straightforward in comparison hide spoiler


The Italian's Passionate RevengeE is not immuneFor revenge and for pleasure Vincente Farnese is rich and devastatingly handsome his own special brand of dark Italian temptatio. You know those scenes in some romances where the hero proves to the heroine how helpless she is against his devastating masculine wiles If you hate them as much as I do imagine it taken to the nth degree of obnoxiousness That was the first thing that really bugged me about this story The last was the huge cop out of an ending No maybe the last was the feeling that this had so much potential for awesomeness if only it hasn't shot itself in the foot Lucy Gordon has a uniue uality amongst category romance writers a touch of humanity an authenticity that I appreciate in that rarified world of gazillionaire heroes and madonna heroines This book could have had it all the crazy drama and escapism plus some true human feeling It even got close to a little ironic commentary on the nature of romance novels The fact that it almost gets there but doesn't uite is so irritatingThis may not bother anyone else like it bothered me though Laying all that aside it's a pretty good revenge read