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Breakfast in Bed Domestic Gods #3DELIGHTFULLY FUN WITTY ROMANCE A WRITER TO WATCH BooklistFrom Romance Writers of America GOLDEN HEART AWARD WINNING AUTHOR Robin Kaye the third funny sexy contemporary romance from a fresh new voice in romance fiction He'd be Mr ah mazing book really loved it its kinna like a mix of and so if any one of these happen to be in your fav u need to add this book NOWseriously from the plot to the main characterseverything was fab the only reason this book lost a 05 star from me was because of the annoying secondary charactersotherwise outstanding and for RICH AND BECCAyou guys officially made it to my perfect couple's lists highly recommended to anyone wanting a good strong romance read since its got all genres presentits a perfect friendship to love story just wished the cover was different but oh well you can't have everything ;

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Download Book ↠ Breakfast in Bed Domestic Gods #3 É 361 pages ✓ Robin kaye µ ➜ [Epub] ❧ Breakfast in Bed Domestic Gods #3 By Robin Kaye ➦ – DELIGHTFULLY FUN WITTY ROMANCE A WRITER TO WATCH BooklistFrom Romance Writers of America GOLDEN HEBut not for another womanRich is the only guy Becca Larsen's ever met who hasn't tried to change her She's glad to help him master the domestic arts but she'll be damned if he'll start cooking in another woman's kitchen or bedro I know a hell of a lot than you ever will and I can't wait to use it to torture you BeccaI know you think you can do it all by yourself and believe me I admire the hell out of you But I'm a guy and we're wired different We're built to fix things to take care of the women we love to provide RichDon't tell me The lines between fiction and reality blurred HenryHistory doesn't always repeat itself HenryYou too smart for your own good You think'a too much Life is simple You find a man you want the man you marry the man you learn to love him and when he dies you wear black Simple Aunt RoseWhat were you expecting? I've got three months to live and I want to spend every second of the rest of my life with you? I'm sorry to disappoint you babe but all I can say is that I love you I don't want to live my life without you even when you're acting like a lunatic How's that for a reason? Does that pass whatever test it is you're giving me? Aunt RoseI'll tell you a little secret I'm easy What you see is what you get I love you I want to be with you I want to marry you If you're looking for some deep seated reason or someone with a psyche that takes years to understand you've got the wrong guyNothing is always something RichHere I was ready to kill you and then you go and do something sweet You really know how to screw up a perfectly good mad BeccaRich if you don't get your hands off me I'm gonna have to hurt you BeccaIf she's in love with you she'll have as hard a time being away from you as you will being away from her If she doesn't it's not meant to be VinceTrust and respect are important than love in a relationship because no love will last without eual amounts of respect and trust Vinceit might be easier to forgive people if they'd stopped hurting her or at least asked for forgiveness BeccaYou had better have an extraordinary excuse for interrupting a perfectly good imitation of death RichI don't think I've ever felt uite like this It's as if someone stole a part of me and I'm left with a gaping hole where my heart used to be The only thing I can compare it to is the one time I lost my wallet I know you're probably rolling your eyes but work with me here Okay? There was that initial adrenaline rush when I frantically searched high and low for it then after I knew it was gone out of habit I kept reaching for it RichI don't see how you could possibly hurt me any than you already have RichI've tried to not love you but I can't Becca

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Perfect if he wasn't a perfect messRich Ronaldi is almost the complete package smart sexy great job but when his girlfriend dumps him Rich swears he'll learn to cook and clean just to win her back She'll be happy to make him over Rebecca is a sexy artist and Richie is a hot professor Becca and Rich discover two people sublet the same apartment to them Becca’s best friend Annabelle is married to her brother Annabelle is Richie’s sister Gina is Richie’s girlfriend; she dumped him because he is not ‘relationship material’ Richie’s needs a trainer so he can win Gina back in time to take her to a ball to impress the dean So Rich makes a compromise Becca can stay with him if she trains him to become a domestic god Rich turns everything upside down from burning the food to starting a fire in the dryer Turns out that Gina didn’t want him even though he tried to become relationship material He realises that he’s not even unhappy about Gina because it’s Becca he wants He takes Becca to the Ball as his pretend girlfriend to impress the dean and show him he is in a committed relationship the dean’s wife offers Becca the opportunity to view her art They have sex that night Rich wants a relationship with Becca but she doesn’t want anything than sex Problem is Becca is the i don’t need anyone type coz I’ independent physically and emotionally type which makes it hard when Rich admits he loves her during a fight Rich gets a promotion but only coz Becca’s father is well known knowing this would piss Becca off he didn’t tell her Becca is not sure if she loves him until she thinks and says it during sex Richie proposes Since she spent her life with everyone only after her wealth Becca becomes suspicious She finds out that the promotion was due to her family and thinks rich’s love was just a faux Becca needs to know if trust love and self esteem is her problem or fear to take a chance?This book was exceptionally written the story definitely brings a meaning to different I liked each and every character It also happened to be one of those books you can’t predict A great read