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Download Doc ô The Woman in Our House ✓ 347 pages ✓ Insolpro Ü ❮BOOKS❯ ✺ The Woman in Our House ✰ Author Andrew Hart – What happens when you open your home to the perfect strangerAnna Klein is ready to return to work as a literary agent for thThat her anxieties are getting the best of her Oaklynn is perfect But Anna’s not so sureAs she delves into Oaklynn’s past she discovers too late that the woman who has been living in her house is not at all who she claims to be But Oaklynn’s not the only one who has been lying And when everyone’s dark secrets are forced into the light the conseuences may just turn dead ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️ 5The Woman in Our House by Andrew Hart is one of those books that feels like a bit of a slow burn but when you get to the end BAM things get crazy This is my first time reading a book by Hart but it will surely not be my last What it's about Anna Klein has taken some time off from her career as a literary agent while she's been raising her 2 girls Now she is ready to get back to work but she needs help in order to work at the house With some trepidation Anna and her husband Josh decide to hire a live in nanny to help with the girls so Anna can work in her home office and not have to worry At first when Oaklynn Durst arrives things are perfect She clearly loves the girls and is very helpful around the house but after a while when strange things start happening to the girls illnessesaccidents Anna starts to wonder just how trustworthy Oaklynn actually is But while Oaklynn may have secrets she isn't the only one As everyone's secrets are brought out into the open the conseuences are anything but what Anna could have expected The Woman in Our House felt like it was a uick book but it still took me almost 6 hours to read it It is definitely a slow burn and overall has very unlikable characters I couldn't really connect to anyone in the book at all but I still enjoyed it nonetheless Some things you are already aware of right away in the book and a couple other things I predicted easily but I definitely didn't see the ending of this one coming The ending does get a little gruesome and made me cringe a bit but overall the book itself was chilling than gruesomeI thought the plot was interesting and although some people might consider the end to be a little out there I was fine with it and it made for a chilling conclusion to this book Songs the book brought to mind This was a no brainer Total Eclipse of the Heart by Bonnie Tyler it's mentioned in the book Final Thought The Woman in Our House gave me the creeps than once especially towards the end and I found myself getting startled by every noise I heard I love when a book can do that to me and if you do too then I highly recommend this one It's a little different than other things I have been reading lately which made for a nice change of pace I received an Advance Review Copy of this book All opinions are my own

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What happens when you open your home in Our PDFEPUB #230 to the perfect strangerAnna Klein is ready to return to work as a literary agent for the first time since having children She and her husband Josh decide to hire a live in nanny with some The Woman Epubtrepidation but all their misgivings disappear as soon as they meet Oaklynn Durst She has stellar references a calm dispo 25 rounded up to 30 Stars THE WOMAN IN OUR HOUSE was just okfor me I really liked the premise of the storylineyoung well to do married couple with 3 12 and 9 month old hire live in nanny so mom can resume job as literary agent in home office We all know going in the new nanny will probably have some personality uirks and dark secretsshe really does but the voice and actions of the parents oldest child and other characters ie hospital personnel were unrealisticas was the ending There are moments of suspense but also unnecessary subplots and overall so much is predictable Arc provided by Lake Union Publishing via NetGalley in exchange for honest review

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The Woman in Our HouseSition and a natural way with children Not to mention their kids simply adore herBut not long after Oaklynn arrives the children start to come Woman in Our eBook #8608 down with the most puzzling illnesses and inexplicable injuries When the maternal Oaklynn is there to comfort everyone Anna can’t help feeling a little eclipsed And suspicious Her husband and friends assure her Audio 45 stars Story 45 starsHere I thought this was going to be another nanny gone rogue story but it turned out to be I liked the twist because I didn't expect there to be one It wasn't wowing but the fact that it was unexpected made it interesting I was also surprised by the ending because it was satisfying That's usually not the case when I read nonromance suspensethrillers I'm looking forward to reading by the author