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Re The Alpha's thought she would be their greatest breakthroughAll it got them were slit throatsNow on the run from her creators Clara finds herself protected by an Alpha feared by all in the known galactic universe He is w Good story horrible editing definite annoying cliffhangerI almost stopped reading this in the first chapter The author skips from 1st to third person within the same sentence at times It happens constantly in the same paragraph It stops as the book progresses Honestly the omegaverse is not a dark one as so many books are I really liked the story of an Omega who has no idea what her dynamic means and no concept of being cared for or loved Also the alpha being a man with a conscience who cares makes this a great new take on the omegaverse concept It definitely has elements of dubious consent although they are along the lines of a woman fighting her own confusing internal thoughts The story is good I liked it enough to get past the horrible grammar at the beginning However and I will have to go back and read the description again I was infuriated by the cliffhanger I would never have picked this book up had I noticed that I do NOT read cliffhangers considering them a waste of my time until the remainder of the series is already releasedMy recommendations to the author get a better editor and release the seuels as soon as possible or you risk losing a good part of your audience I may never look for the seuels to be honest

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Feral Omega Gaia Omegaverse #1Illing to do anything to protect his son and the woman his son calls MamaClara is an Omega with the strength and resilience of an Alpha She will not be claimed willingly by such a possessive Alpha An Omegaverse Sci Fi Romanc This is my first time reading this author I chose to read it due to the book cover and the blurb The book ends with a cliffhanger and I do think the blurb should state that so readers are not disappointed or surprised That being said I really enjoyed this book I thought the plot was exciting and slightly different to most of the other omega books out at the moment I liked the characters and their interactions An enjoyable read and looking forward to the next book in the seriesI received a free copy of this book via Booksprout and am voluntarily leaving a review

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Download Feral Omega Gaia Omegaverse #1 Book â 117 pages ´ E.s. brooks Ñ [Reading] ➽ Feral Omega Gaia Omegaverse #1 By E.S. Brooks – Feral Wild Untamed Unbroken These words had been used to describe Clara ever since she had first awoken from the age stimulation machine HeFeral Wild Untamed Unbroken These words had been used to describe Clara ever since she had first awoken from the age stimulation machine Her birth the Alpha scientists had called itClara called it torture Slow agonizing tortu I really liked the heroine and she was a total darling with adorable Magnus I liked Cassius too but he didn’t feel alpha enough for me but saying that he wasn’t a wimp either I guess in these types of stories I just prefer a stronger brutal alpha The plot was well done and uite uniue and it definitely kept me interestedThe only problem I had was the writing was off in some parts Once it would be in first person then suddenly into third person and it threw me off a few times I think to have a smoother reading the author needs to decide either first or third person and stick to that Otherwise an enjoyable and better omegaverse book than the ones I’ve read apart from Addison Cain and Zoey Ellis