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'This time around I'm going to be so much better I'm going to prove to them that it was worth waiting on me' Two years after a downward spiral took her as low as you can possibly go Suzanne is. Actual rating 355 stars This is the second instalment in the Beautiful Broken Things seriesBeautiful Broken Things is the story of best friends Caddy and Rosie and what happens to their friendship when their ranks are infiltrated by new girl Suzanne She is rebellious and restless She is erratic and emotional She is trouble and troubled She promises the lives and friendships of all those around her will never be the same againFierce Fragile Hearts takes place two years after Suzanne has left She is set to return to Brighton and the best friends she left there but she knows she also must face all of the trials from her past as she does soWhilst the first book was told from Caddy's perspective this latter instalment is told from Suzanne's I'm so glad the reader was provided with a chance to hear of her story in her own voice as I felt there was so much left to learn about her character after Beautiful Broken Things concludedWhilst this provided the same levels of teary eyed heartache and laughter filled bellyache as the first book I did find that I missed some of the best friend magic of the former The relationship between the three did form the crux of this novel but romantic relationships were blossoming and detracted some of the focus from the trio somewhat That is not to say that Barnard created some badly made Lotharios it is merely a case of my personal preference being for books that remain primarily romance free which is what I so appreciated in BBTAt its centre however this is a novel about Suzanne best friends and potential boyfriends aside Her traumatic past still haunts her and the reader continues along with her journey as she attempts to come to terms with this Every section that featured her alone had me hooked on every word and Barnard did her terrible story true justice Suzanne really proved herself as bearing a fierce fragile heart and almost broke mine as she came to realise thisAlso Dilys is the best fictional character in creationI received a copy of this book in exchange for an honest review Thank you to the author Sara Barnard and the publisher Macmillan Children's Books for this opportunity

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Fierce Fragile HeartsEn your light in the darkness what happens when you're the one left behind Fierce Fragile Hearts is the stunning seuel to international bestseller Beautiful Fierce Fragile Kindle Broken Thin. I re read Beautiful Broken Things before picking up Fierce Fragile Hearts and it really helped me appreciate the story I think It reminded me how friendships were formed and about the different dynamics It was great to go from Caddy's to Susanne's POV – I hope we get to hear from Rosie's perspective someday Continue reading this review over on Pretty Books #gifted Thank you to the publisher for sending me this book for free in exchange for an honest review

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Read & Download Ä Fierce Fragile Hearts ´ eBook, ePUB or Kindle PDF ☆ [BOOKS] ⚣ Fierce Fragile Hearts Author Sara Barnard – 'This time around I'm going to be so much better I'm going to prove to them that it was worth waiting on me' Two years after a downward spiral took her aStarting again Again She's back in Brighton the only place she felt she belonged back with her best friends Caddy and Rosie But they're about to leave for university When your friends have be. Rating 45 StarsTwo years after hitting bottom Suzanne was happy to be returning to the one place she felt she belonged and to her two best friends Caddy and Rosie Adjusting to life in Brighton on her own was not as easy as she thought it would be but it ended up being an eye opening and positive experience for Suze• Pro I was ecstatic to catch up with Suzanne Caddy and Rosie Though this was Suzanne's story Barnard still dedicated a lot of time to the trio's friendship The ups and downs and ins and outs were explored and I was happy to see their friendship grow along with them • Pro This was such a raw and honest look at Suzanne's life She had some really difficult moments in this book but she also discovered so much about herself She came to terms with some things from her past and was finally able to set her eyes on the future • Pro It was really sad that Suzanne's family could not love and support her in the way one expects from their family but she was so lucky to have assembled such a wonderful support system even if it took her uite a while to realize they were there for her Caddy Rosie Matt Aunt Sarah Kel and Dilys I adored them all because of the way they loved supported and encouraged Suzanne • Pro The friendship that developed between Suzanne and Dilys was so so special It was very pure and beautiful These two lonely souls found comfort in each other but they also gave so much to one another This was definitely one of my favorite parts of this book • Pro Barnard is so good at writing boys Both Kel and Matt won my heart They were sweet and considerate and that brand of soft boy that I love so much • Pro I just re read the ending again and yes there are tears sliding down my cheeks It was just really lovely to see Suzanne moving in the right direction Was it perfect for me No because there are two or three things I would have changed but it was touching and heartwarming and I was happy for Suzanne Overall A total gift to those of us who loved Fragile Like Us but also a book that stands on its own It was heartbreaking heartwarming and hopeful BLOG | INSTAGRAM |TWITTER | BLOGLOVIN | FRIEND ME ON GOODREADS