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Fire PlayFire demiurge Lau had it made until the Mother Goddess banished him for his cruel treatment of humans Now he’s stuck in a mortal life trying to cope without his powers mainly by partying Lau is a demiurge cast into the human world as punishment for his casual disregard for human life Jesse is a college student who has come out of his shell since leaving his oppressive home He's supposed to be a plaything for Lau something to break and watch suirm but things don't uite go according to plan Will love be enough to overcome all the hurdles that stand before them or will it be too little too late?Lau is a conflicted character arrogant and uncaring Aware of his history as a demiurge but unable to access his powers he regards humans as inferior despite now being one of them entertainment and nothing He grows interestingly as a character once he meets Jesse showing a vulnerable side that's really uite touching redeeming him from his previous sociopathic behavior His protective urges in particular made him uite an appealing character showing a level of development that definitely fitJesse is much straightforward but still layered interestingly He's playing goth since moving to Montreal for college dying his hair black and piercing his lip and finally acting on the attraction to men he hid throughout high school When presented from outside points of view he actually comes across as confused and a little pathetic playing with things he really doesn't understand Despite that he's charming in his forthrightness sticking to his guns and by Lau even as their world begins to fall apartThe dynamic between Lau and Jesse starts as wildly unbalanced but uickly eualizes as Lau comes to understand certain things about himself Things between them are about do much than just the sex though sex is definitely a freuent part of their interaction It's uite interesting to see the evolution of their relationship as they learn about themselves and each otherThe supporting cast is fairly small and sometimes fleeting; Holly and Rui are the largest secondary players though others do make brief appearances Holly is a character I'm torn about as her later behavior doesn't make sense to me even with Rui's influence Rui on the other hand is easy to hate even when the revelation of the past he shares with Lau adds another layer to his uest for vengeanceThe story itself is mostly strong if rather bleak The ending was a bit of a letdown for me though with Lau's final revelation not uite jiving with previous statements by other characters It was a sweet ending it just seemed a little rushed and pat I could have done without the epilogue as well but it did tie Holly's thread up fairly well The writing was well done with few errors which made it easy to get sucked in to the worldOverall this is not a happy story darker than I usually prefer but it worked Complex characters in particular made this an interesting read if not a light one and the growth they demonstrated kept everything moving along at a good clip In the end I'm glad I took a chance on it and would recommend it to anyone looking for something that puts you through the wringer before delivering that happily ever after

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EBOOK Ý EPUB Fire Play é FREE Ü INSOLPRO Ç [Download] ➻ Fire Play By Dany Sirene – Insolpro.co.uk Fire demiurge Lau had it made until the Mother Goddess banished him for his cruel treatment of humans Now he’s stuck in a mortal life trying to cope without his powers—mainly by partying hard and Fire demHard and seducing anything with a heartbeatThen he meets Jesse WarnerCollege student Jesse is new to Montreal Out from under his parents’ thumbs for the first time he can’t wait to begi Ugly and beautiful at the same timeA bit on the harsh side thoughMade myself finish this book From my point of view it was not a lesson in humility and pain it was pure torture with collateral damage The ending was too uick and not satisfying enough after all the tortureI felt the fantasy part was for exotic setting and easier ending with 'magic' it's always easier to make a happy ending than to make it believable with only human abilities than for background character development or even a need on the author's part to share her fantasy world with othersI didn't entirely hate it though There were some beautiful moments as well but I always felt that amidst all that violence it is easier to make such moments shineTo advise any future readers view spoilercontains extreme violence multiple rape prostitution while in a relationship hide spoiler

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N to discover who he really is He has no idea what’s really at stake when he falls in love with the former demiurge until a powerful being with a grudge shows up ready to destroy them bot Couldn't finish The concept was intriguing and the beginning sample got me to purchase the book However once the two heroes finally met the head hopping made me want to poke my eyes out I hate head hopping with a passion I won't purchase another novel from this author