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Playing for the highest stakes of all In the 1960s four ambitious new MPs take their seats at Westminster Over three d Warning Do not read this unless you are actually interested in politics First Among Euals is an epic saga which follows the lives including scandals wives and lies of four British MP's The book spans than 20 years and would be nowhere near as good were it not for Archer's superb writing style Charles Seymoure is the ruthless second son of a wealthy Earl and will literally stop at nothing to make No10 his home Simon Kerslake is an ambitious career Conservative with a loving wife who backs him all the way Raymond Gould is the 'working class hero' born above his father's butcher's shop Andrew Fraser the son of an eminent Conservative member who joins the Labour party and captures his father's former seat The uestion is which one of these ambitious men will become the Prime Minister?Although this book is about politics Archer weaves through the book the personal stories of each of the men This worked effectively and by the end of the book I was surprised to feel a strong connection to each of the characters I found this book intriguing but I am sure that most would struggle with the heavy political focus Archer's narrative hooks worked wonders and although the story is told in third person omniscient the change from character to character kept me on the edge of my seat Although I did not back a winner right from the start rather I started to lean towards one or the other as their personal lives changed I found the suspense and twist in the final chapter absolutely thrilling I put it down looked at the wall and said Wow What just happened? No did he really do that? And that is the feeling I love to have at the end of a book While this book may not be for everyone it shows clearly Archer's ability to write a captivating tale He will certainly be on my to read list from now on

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First Among EualsEcades they share the turbulent passions of the race for power with their wives and families men and women caught up i So the full story I first read this novel when I was about 15 or 16 and knew next to nothing about the British parliamentary system thanks Polish education I'm sure a lot of the novel went over my head and I have no idea how accurate the translation was but I have to say what I remembered was mainly the scheming and how cool it made politics seem I decided on this re read because I wanted to see how I'd feel about it now And I started reading the book only to realise something was strangely wrong One of the characters was missing Turns out I was reading the early US edition which was bowdlerized because the publisher assumed Americans wouldn't be able to cope with the amazing complexity of a non two party system Meaning one of the four characters Andrew The nice one ended up on the cutting floorSo I had to go back and re read the beginning From my current perspective I have several things to say First Archer really does so so badly by his female characters It's very apparent looking at historical figures Archer predicted that Thatcher wouldn't make it to third term she did and that Elizabeth II view spoilerwould retire by 65 at 90 she's still going hide spoiler

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mobi Ç First Among Euals Paperback ï insolpro ↠ ☆ [PDF / Epub] ★ First Among Euals By Jeffrey Archer ✩ – Playing for the highest stakes of all In the 1960s four ambitious new MPs take their seats at Westminster Over three decades they share the turbulent passions of the race for poweN a dramatic game for the higest stakes of all But only one man can gain the ultimate goal the office of Prime Ministe Hot damn I loved this book I've read it before when I was less grey and weathered and I loved it as much then as now It was even funnier to find out I'd picked the wrong person to win second read