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Flat Earth The History of an Infamous IdeaSpherical Earth from space            Based on a range of original sources Garwood’s history of flat Earth beliefs from the Babylonians to the present day raises issues central to the history and philosophy of science its relationship to religion and the making of human knowledge about the natural world Flat Earth is the first definitive study of one of history’s most notorious and persistent ideas and it evokes all the intellectual philosophical and spiritual turmoil of This book is like Kaitlyn Jenner writing The History of Being a Straight Hetero Man Christine Garwood still believes herself to be living on a tilting wobbling spinning space ball careening through an infinite vacuum but decided to attempt writing a book about the history of our Flat Earth The book does not take an objective tone or angle and it is assumed from beginning to end that the reader just like the author 100% believes the doctrine of heliocentrism and it is never uestioned anywhere throughout The only redeeming uality of the book for someone like myself who knows for a fact the Earth is level and stationary is some of the minutia regarding the Bedford Level experiments and other historical tidbits difficult to find mention of anywhere in published media If you're looking for a truly good book about the history of Flat Earth try Gerrard Hickson's Kings Dethroned Or better yet my new book Flatlantis covers the entire true history of our Flat Earth and subseuent adoption and recent destruction of the heliocentric globe model

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Contrary to popular belief fostered in countless school classrooms the world over Christopher Columbus did not discover that the earth was round The idea of a spherical world had been widely accepted in educated circles from as early as the fourth century bc Yet bizarrely it was not until the supposedly rational nineteenth century that the notion of a flat earth really took hold Even bizarrely it persists to this day despite Apollo missions and widely publicized pictures of the decidedly So here's the first book conforming to my 2015 no books by white men resolution Flat Earth by Christine Garwood It examines fairly recent beliefs in an actual flat Earth It's an amusing read in places but drags most of the timeIt starts out with a couple chapters explaining why we as a culture thought folks back in Columbus' time even thought that the world was flat Actually I didn't think they thought that nor I suspect do many people today Turns out it was evil secularists trying to drive a wedge between religion and science No really that's what the first couple chapters are about It's awkward as if she has an axe to grind but just a wee axe not deserving of a longer treatmentThen we get into some fairly modern day believers and their activities The characters are at times colorful Often they're just misguided fools spewing the same bad arguments over and over They're often lauded at the time for their debate skills despite their lack of good arguments Obviously there are parallels with creationists today These parallels are mentioned but not really analyzed in any wayEventually the book works its way through several people It ends with a summary that criticizes secularists a bit while somewhat lauding the Flat Earth people for no apparent reason There's a mention of the parallels to creationism again but no analysis againAnd therein lies the problem with the book It just doesn't know what it wants to be Reconciling science and religion is a juicy topic but isn't treated in depth here nor even handedly Parallels with creationism are ripe with possibilities but the text never examines these other than to merely mention them They're no evolution of Flat Earth theories just the same ones offered over and overAll that leaves is a book about wacky people who believe wacky things Frankly that could be enough given sufficient wackiness These folks lack that level of wackiness They're not boring mind you Well some are simply boring people They're just not interesting enough to carry the book by themselvesOverall it's not a bad read but nor is it really a good read It was good enough that I read it all the way through yet I would be lying if I claimed I wasn't looking forward to the end just a bit I want to give it two and a half stars

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read Flat Earth The History of an Infamous Idea doc ½ Hardcover ↠ [EPUB] ✹ Flat Earth The History of an Infamous Idea By Christine Garwood – Contrary to popular belief fostered in countless school classrooms the world over Christopher Columbus did not discover that the earth was round ThThe modern age Ranging from ancient Greece through Victorian England to modern day America this is a story that encompasses religion science and pseudoscience as well as a spectacular array of people and places Where else could eccentric aristocrats fundamentalist preachers and conspiracy theorists appear alongside Copernicus Newton and NASA except in an account of such a legendary misconception?Thoroughly enjoyable and illuminating Flat Earth is social and intellectual history at its be Flat Earth The History of an Infamous Idea by Christine Garwood 2008