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Book ´ Fool's Errand Ê 661 pages Download ï Robin hobb ☆ ❰Download❯ ➽ Fool's Errand Author Robin Hobb – alternate cover for ISBN 9780006486015Fifteen years have passed since the end of the Red Ship War with the terrifying Outislanders Since then Fitz has wanderCial diplomatic wedding to an Outislander princess Fitz’s assignment to fetch Dutiful back in time for the ceremony seems very much like a fool’s errand but the dangers ahead could signal the end of the Farseer reignCover illustration by John Ho Do not you sense it? A crossroads a vertex a vortex All paths change from hereThis book made my cry Multiple timesI don't often cry while reading books I takes a lot And I might blame it on pregnancy hormones except Hobb made me cry in her last two series Liveship Traders and Farseer Trilogy and when I read those I wasn't pregnantBut this book again has ruined me In a good wayRobin Hobb is the type of author that slowly builds her story She introduces her character and you live their daily lives and truly get to know them Some people may find it boring But I know it is just the beginning You begin to develop feelings for her characters They can be positive feelings or the most negative feelings you have ever experienced The truth I discovered is a tree that grows as a man gains access to experience A child sees the acorn of his daily life but a man looks back on the oakShe then spends the remainder of the book turning your opinions on their head as her characters change and evolve in very real ways as events unfold in this fabulous world she has created Some speak of the savagery of beasts I will ever prefer that to the thoughtless contempt some men have toward animalsIt is the work of an amazing authorShe doesn't need to keep your attention with epic battle scenes but maintains it subtly with stunning language and unforgettable characters

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Alternate cover for ISBN 9780006486015Fifteen years have passed since the end of the Red Ship War with the terrifying Outislanders Since then Fitz has wandered the world accompanied only by his wolf and Wit partner Nighteyes finally settling in a ti The characterisation of Fitschivalry through the series is brilliant The books are told from the first person entirely; thus the reader witnesses the change in his thoughts as he grows into a man In this book he has developed a new persona Tom Badgerlock This is set fifteen years after the Red Ship wars and King Verity’s reawakening of the Dragons Tom Badgerlock is the person Fitschivalry has evolved into the one he always wanted to be; he is the man with a simple life a small farm a few friends and the close companionship of his loyal wolf His reaction is unsurprising when his former mentor and friend comes seeking his help reluctance Prince Dutiful heir to the Farseer throne has gone missing Nobody seems to know why He is suspected of having the Wit and is known to have an undeveloped grasp of the Skill Tom Badgerlock doesn't want to go back to being the tool of the Farseer throne their Assassin Who can blaim him? He wants to be free Slow but excellent Few authors of the fantasy genre if any could write a book in which the first third of it is essentially the protagonist living in a hut looking back on his youth as he weighs up the decisions of the future In this Robin Hobb’s style is remarkable The internal conflict of Fitz really spoke to me Fitz has earned his rest but at the same time he is the only person who can bring stability to the realm he must go back to Buckeep and the role of his youth The novel is very well paced and probably the most apprehension evoking I've read in fantasy; the author knows how to draw the plot out revealing information at exactly the right time The plot could have been over and done with in three hundred pages or so but that would not have achieved the same effect The emotions of Fitz his fears and worries all play a pivotal role in establishing the suspense of the plot and only through his vivid characterisation do we as the reader understand the meaning behind his decisions Wonderful MagicA theme has been established through the book through the use of animals almost defining the author’s style The thoughts of animals have been brought to life; their personalities exhibit their animalistic traits For example the cat’s snobbish nature and vainglorious attitude to itself is captured in the thoughts it sends to Tom Badgerlock This is my favourite aspect of the series the Wit magic It is a wonderful idea The relationship between Fitz and Nighteyes is very touching Their bond along with the Fool’s closeness to them is very deep They are almost one person as their wit bond has rubbed off characteristics onto each other The Wolf thinks like a human and the Man acts like a wolf I liked this development and how it becomes tested as Nighteyes ages uicker than Fitz Robin Hobb is one of my favourite fantasy novelists third only to Tolkien and Susanna Clarke her books define the modern fantasy genre thus they're a must read for any fantasy enthusiast

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Fool's ErrandNy cottage as remote from Buckkeep and the Farseers as possibleBut lately the world has come crashing in again The Witted are being persecuted because of their magical bonds with animals; and young Prince Dutiful has gone missing just before his cru I went into this story with zero expectation My poor heart was still very tender after the beating it got in Assassin’s uest But then I saw everyone reading one or the other Fitz book and going ga ga over I kept thinking “did we read the same Fitz stories?” to find the answer I thought why not give another chance to Fitz perhaps he did better in this And oh boy this book simply blew me away All my complaints of Fitz being whinny and doing nothing went out of the wind Ms Hobb what did you do to Fitz? But am glad whatever you did it worked wonders for me So this story picks up after the 15 years of events that took place in Assassin’s uest Fitz is now Tom Badgerlock and wants to do nothing with Six Duchies But things get complicated in Six Duchies and Fitz has to return and bring back a runaway princeFitz has come a long way from his days of Assassin’s uest He is mature calmer and a thinker now Gone are the days when he used to get angry easily and act in spur of moment And this new Fitz won my heart even before he solved the mystery of runaway prince and saved the dayThe best aspect of this book for me was relation between Fool and Fitz; and Nighteye and Fitz While the former was like a new journey had its bumps and ups and down the latter was like a marriage where words are not reuired One look at the other and you know what you want and what he wants and the other person always comes first Hobb’s writing is just amazing She keeps things simple Her characters are not all powerful with some super awesome powers they can’t fly they can’t read mind and they can’t turn others into cat or dogs Her characters are akin to human as much as it can be possible in a fantasy world She would make you feel sad helpless angry and silly through her characters and that’s what I loved about her in this bookHighly recommended