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characters Forbidden River The Legionnaires #25 ò PDF, eBook or Kindle ePUB Î ❮Reading❯ ➼ Forbidden River The Legionnaires #25 Author Brynn Kelly – 2018 RITA WINNER FOR BEST NOVELLAAt the end of the earth they’ll play a dangerous game French Foreign Legionnaire COr death game the guarded woman who lives by the rules must rely on a risk taker with a death wish The sexy devil may care legionnaire may be the wrong guy for her but desire is just as primal as terror Even if they outrun a predator they can’t escape the sizzling bond neither of them saw coming. Fast paced and gripping novella from Brynn Kelly an amazing writer

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RITA WINNER FOR The Legionnaires PDF #8608 BEST NOVELLAAt the end of the earth they’ll play a dangerous game French Foreign Legionnaire Cody Castillo “Texas” to his fellow commandos is an adrenalin junkie Chasing deadly thrills is his only reprieve from a bloodstained past he can’t forget. Former Air Force Pilot Tia Kupa shuttles travelers into the Outback for wilderness vacations She's hired by Cody Castillo to take him and his kayak to a remote river for white water rafting Tia warns him about the dangers telling him about some campers she dropped off who were never found She has flown several search and rescue missions but the campers have never turned up As they are unloading Cody's euipment from her helicopter someone takes a shot at them One shot uickly turns into a barrage of bullets as Tia and Cody run for cover Someone is stalking them Their only hope is to get down river to safety before they are captured and killedThis novella is part of Brynn Kelly's Legionnaire's series Each book in this series gets better and better I'm not a big fan of novellas but I absolutely loved this one Our main characters are hunted by a stalker who uses dogs to track them They must outwit the killer and brave the elements I couldn't put this story down I highly recommend this book and series My rating 5 Stars

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Forbidden River The Legionnaires #25But when he finds himself caught in a mass murderer’s crosshairs in the lonely wilds of New Zealand he finds an unexpected and intriguing ally Ex air force pilot Tia Kupa has always Forbidden River ePUB #187 found safety in nature until a killer turns the wilderness into a playground In this life. This was a cute little story that was an easy read I'm glad the next book goes back to the Legionnaires in duty