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CHARACTERS Ø Forex Trading õ ❮Epub❯ ➜ Forex Trading ➛ Author Don Chauncey – This book is short because it does not need words to reveal the entire secret of forex trading delivered to you on a golden plate right into your bathroom in a tropical 5000 suare foot beach house whi This book is short because iT I am not risking anything at all The risk management that I use is here just in case The beauty of my trading does not come from money management which is the least important thing in trading if you do not know how to trade in the first place The beauty of my trading comes from knowing how to trade I could as well risk all of my money on one good trade alone and still be one the safe side because I use real knowledge and understanding of the market to make the trades and do not depend on the set of indicators and simple trend lines as less knowledgeable traders use to do to make their money Experiences play very little role in trading successfully Thinking that you need few decades of experiences to make millions of dollars is ridiculous All you need to make millions of dollars is real knowledge and you can make a million in your first year or sooner Understand the following before you read this book I will not teach you any basics of forex trading I will presume that you understand the basics of the trading and trend lines candlestick formations and have an idea of how useless standard indicators are in predicting the market If you have all of these checked you will make a very good use of my book and become a very good trader yoursel.

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This book is short because it does not need words to reveal the entire secret of forex trading delivered to you on a golden plate right into your bathroom in a tropical suare foot beach house while you are just taking a bath with a beautiful lovely young specimen of the opposite sex Now that is what you have when you are rich And I mean really rich I am not talking multimillion dollar rich but multibillion dollar rich I am in the multimillion dollar level myself but I will go beyond thebillion dollars level soon I started trading with Can you do the same Yes you can I became so rich myself not by luck not by chance not by rich parents or rich acuaintances and definitely not by university which I did not go to I became so rich start learning about forex trading in a little room at the age of and nothing else but an old computer with a big inch monitor And you would wonder “how the hell did he made so much money That lucky bastard” And I would say “I’ve just told you it had nothing to do with luck” In fact if you think it has something to do with luck or knowing the right people you are very much wrong It all have to do with practical knowledge and proper use of science and brain of course But not any kind of knowledge because n.

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Forex TradingOt any kind of knowledge is useful knowledge The knowledge must be real and correct and mostly practical Imagine I would tell you right now to fly an Airbus A from Frankfurt to New York without having a slightest clue how to fly a plane Would you be able to do it No But the pilot who knows how to fly a plane will have a very easy time taking off and landing safely in New York He will even have fun on the way So if you listen to people who speak of impossibilities it is like listening to a guy who is still learning to drive a bicycle telling you that flying a plane is not possible or too difficult It is very easy I own a PPL myself and can tell you that flying a plane any kind of a plane is much simpler and fun than driving a car and safer too But left that aside I have learned what I did about trading from the most profitable trader of the mankind’s history and adopted his findings with my own findings Now I am trading with minimum % accuracy and profitability beyond all expectations Not being able to trade with such profitability is not possible for me any Just as the pilot of an Airbus A will never forget how to fly a plane On occasions I increase my account for than % in less than one week and I risk extremely little to do so In fac.