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characters A Perfect Game ç PDF, eBook or Kindle ePUB free Ì [PDF / Epub] ★ A Perfect Game By Reno MacLeod – Twenty year old Christopher Kit Pennington dreams of becoming a professional baseball player He has the talent and the drive needed for the sport but finds his lack of interest in formal eTwenty year old Christopher Kit Pennington dreams of becoming a professional baseball player He has the talent and the drive needed for the sport but finds his lack of interest in formal edu. FREE ON 11814 's rightI'm grunting A Perfect Game has hit so many pluses in my book that I can't help but grunt like Tim The Tool Man Taylor This book has been sitting on my TBR mountain for months MONTHS and I am so upset with myselfHave no fear I think back on my favorite scene I'll describe it soon and I'm happy all over againReno MacLeod and Jaye Valentine's A Perfect Game was not perfect for me but it was pretty damn close I was in kinky glee while reading wanting to high five my Kindle every time I started to read of the story There's kink a younger top older bottom studentteacher relations don't worry everyone involved was legal and some rock solid sex scenes in some pretty interesting places like a porn store and locker roomTwenty year old Kit Pennington is rich slightly bratty and loves baseball Collegeeh not as much Or should I say not until replacement professor to his visual Arts class Professor Liam Dalton walks in with his blonde good looks The two are drawn together or should I say naughty Kit pursues the hell out of Liam But with a dirty mouth like Kit's who would want to resist Not me that's for sureMaybe you think the content or premise might not be for you And that's cool It worked for me very well might I addMy favorite scene Kit and Liam's first time together featuring a cigarette bodies being shoved around and some sexy ass smoke A teaser from the bookHis other hand went back to work on his cock so hard now the swollen head pointed obscenely at Liam You want another drag you're going to have to earn itThat's a slam dunk oh wait it's a baseball book so home run for me Why this gif Because it's touching the realm of disbelief and I visited the land of Highly Improbable for my main issue with the book My pros totally outweighed the cons so I'm not dwelling on it too much What was my gripe INSTA LOVE Kit and Liam fall for each other in a week But I like this pairing so much I'm trying not give two shits But in a few days'I love you's' reallyI think weeks of heightened sexual tension would have made this a stellar read I can just imagine young Kit wearing tight uniforms daily to drive Professor Dalton into erotic tension supernova Imagine Kit bending over ever so slightly because he dropped a pen And he just grazed the professor with his lush tush Brushing against him when leaving the classroom Maybe even leaving articles of clothing for the teacher's eyes only sporadically throughout the semester each item becoming raunchier and raunchier as finals approach Maybe little dirty notes at the beginning of class Hotness rightBut I digress Continuing with the issues there were a couple of typos but I'm not a perfectionist nor do I expect to find it in all that I read It'd be a plus Luckily it did not detract from the story for me Yes some parts felt a bit rushed and easily resolved And there were spots of mush But as I mentioned already the pros outweighs the consI'm still riding the erotic high I'm not nitpicking so only 1 star for my overall rating from meSoAgain

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Cation barring his way Under threat from his wealthy father an important alumnus and contributor at the private Christian college Kit attends Kit has been barely muddling through Not until t. Not for me2 ⭐️ This one just didn’t really work for me I think it was the whole studentteacher dynamic that didn’t workI found Kit annoying and his smart aleck attitude at the start made me dislike himI ended up kind of understanding why he was like that but it just rubbed me the wrong way and he never really recovered in my eyesLiam was a character I thought I would like but he didn’t really work for me either Read for the 50 states challenge but wouldn’t read again

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A Perfect GameHe very handsome Liam Dalton replaces one of Kit's regular professors at the exclusive school does higher learning take on any real meaning Special Content Alert A Perfect eBook #186 MM BDSM. 35 starsTenderness caring and some sexy play between this student athlete and college professor Big heart but a little rushed in places to condense time A romantic read