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Germanica Free download · 104 ç ❮Reading❯ ➿ Germanica Author Robert Conroy – Best selling alternate history master Robert Conroy returns to World War II this time for a dangerous last stand of the Nazis in the heart of the AlpsGERMANICA ÜBER ALLESDeep in the heart of Europe's Best selling alternate history maBest selling alternate history master Robert Conroy returns to World War II this time for a dangerous last stand of the Nazis in the heart of the AlpsGERMANICA ÜBER ALLESDeep in the heart of Europe's Alps in the redoubt called Germanica Nazi propaganda master Josef Goebbels and a battalion of Nazi zealots hold out against a frantic final Allied push to end World War II With Churchill losing his election De Gaulle consolidating his rule over a newly liberated France and Stalin. Originally reviewed at Bookwraiths Reviews This final alternate history novel from the now deceased Robert Conroy is built around the Third Reich having a National Redoubt at the end of World War II The idea as actually proposed by Heinrich Himmler but rejected by Hitler in real world history was for an Alpine Fortress to be constructed in an area encompassing southern Bavaria and western Austria so that if the tides of war went against the Nazis then the government and armed forces could retreat there and attempt to hold out against all comers until a resurgence of National Socialism could take place And as a theme for an alternate history novel this really held a lot of promiseThe action starts right away with Hitler dispatching Josef Goebbels numerous Nazi zealots and German military forces mainly SS type troops to the National Redoubt after the Battle of the Bulge With the Russian advance growing closer to Berlin and plans already in place for Nazis to begin committing suicide Goebbels is delighted to be sent away to keep the flame of National Socialism burning brightlyMeanwhile the Allies immediately become aware of the unusual movement of troops and material away from the north and into the Alps This activity setting off alarms with Dwight Eisenhower who realizes that he must change tactics to keep the Nazis from actually bunkering down in the Alps where their removal would be terribly difficult and horribly expensive in casualties A potential crisis made pressing since the Allied populations are war weary and the United States must still deal with the JapaneseEven as Goebbels and Eisenhower make decisions and take actions that will either extend or shorten World War II numerous normal grunts are caught up it all Heroes like new OSS operative Ernie Janek commando Captain Scott Tanner and Jewish Czech Lena Bobek Each of these people doing their individual part in trying to destroy the menace of the Nazis before it can hide itself in the Alps and begin to fester in the rugged heart of the European continentLike all Conroy’s novels this story uses a blend of historical figures like Josef Goebbels and Dwight Eisenhower regular military grunts and some war time romances to move the plot forward from beginning to its ultimate end There is tons of military action; most of it plausible and well thought out And for military history enthusiasts this is a serviceable and entertaining novels but it does have problemsMy main criticism of Germanica is that it lacks any real suspense and has a cast of cardboard cutout characters The narrative progressing from point a to point b just as you’d expect with the good guys doing good things at just the right time to save the day and the bad guys doing bad things at the wrong time to help cause their inevitable defeat That sort of simple story isn’t a bad thing necessarily – if the author provides a few twists to liven things up Conroy however does not do that and the story suffers for itTo sum up as his final alternate history work this isn’t Conroy’s best but it is well worth savoring by his fans – if for no other reason than to pay respects to a wonderful writer taken too soon from this worldI received this book from Baen in return for a honest review The opinion you have read has not been influenced by anyone and is my opinion alone

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Hen their hateful Nazi ideology is ready once again to rise from its alpine grave and strike at the heart of humanityBut there are Americans and a few stalwart Europeans just as determined to put a final stake in the Nazi heart It is now up to heroes in the making such as newly minted OSS operative Ernie Janek commando Captain Scott Tanner and formerly enslaved Czech Jew Lena Bobek to bring down the dark Nazi menace growing like a cancer in the mountainous heart of the contine. Another reviewer Sean Smart wrote; It was okay about what you expect from Conroy Not his best but not bad Well that about nails it Robert Conroy's novels follow a formula he takes a historical military event and twists it with a heavy dose of what if His writing has an old fashioned feel and is uite simplistic which isn't necessarily a bad thing although his characters can be a bit corny The stories are always told by a variety of people from high and low in the hierarchy and on both sides which gives the stories greater authenticity Germanica follows the myth that the Nazis had an Alpine redoubt where they could retreat to make a final stand after the fall of Berlin These what ifs are always fascinating although some of Conroy's ideas for alternative history are better than others This deserves a seven out of ten rounded down to three stars

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GermanicaAsserting his own nefarious land grab in Eastern Germany only America led by its untried new president Harry Truman remains to face the toughest of Nazi warriors as they hunker down for a bitter fight to the last manGoebbels knows that if he can hold out just a bit longer the war weary of the Western nations will back away from unconditional surrender for Germany and he and his zealots can remain in power never to answer for their war crimes and able prepare for the moment w. I picked this ARC up on the basis of a weakfish recommendation from a colleague and now I understand why the recommendation was weakish It is technically well crafted and the fictional characters central to the story are interesting and well developed There were a few clichéd moments including one character who is blatantly introduced in order to die dramatically a few pages later but the death is so off hand that it barely registers Still the character interactions are generally goodIt's the alternate history aspect of the story that is weakThe basic premise is that the Nazis use various means to drag out the end of the war in Europe based on things that they were actually working on at one point or another As a reader my problem was that at several points in the book the Nazi hierarchy went into hand rubbing glee over some new twist in their plans to which I as a reader had an immediate reaction of but that won't work In each of those cases it didn't For a good what if scenario there has to be some convincing reason why the changes might work and that the results might matter Here they didn'tWorse the greatest suspenseful moments of the story HAD NO PAYOFFThe V 1 launch the mysterious disappearance of Dr Heisenberg and other such things had disappointing resolutions if anyWorse the V 1 seuence seemed very contrived since a V 1 just launching should have been VERY interceptable by the American fighters as described Many of the V 1s were shot down by much slower planesSo excellent characterization and a few good action segments and some fun stuff involving Allen Dulles and the OSS