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review Girls Under Pressure è PDF, eBook or Kindle ePUB free µ ❴Reading❵ ➶ Girls Under Pressure Author Jacqueline Wilson – Magda is tall and glamorous Nadine is willowy and 'gothic' And Ellie well Ellie is just plain normal The three girls have been best friends forever but now E– but can they Girls Under eBook #226 learn to love themselves just the way they areBooks in the series Girls in Love Girls Under Pressure Girls Out Late Girls in Tea. Girls Under Pressure should honestly be read by each and every girl living in this world IT IS SO EDUCATIONAL Girl wiseLet's get to the fun part thenThe thing with this book is the way is has been written by the point of view of our main character Ellie who is one of the funniest characters I have had the joy to read She is your normal teenage girl struggling through her weight problem and looks The way in which Ellie describes herself and her adventures is so cute and I am sure she can relate to all us girls out there This is a great book that will make you feel full of life by the end of it From the Girls Under series this is honestly my top favorite one

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Vinced she's fat Nadine wants to be a model and Magda worries that her appearance is giving guys the wrong idea The pressure is on for them to change the way they look. I have chosen this book to review as it is one that particularly stands out in my mind going back to my earlier years of finishing primary school and entering second level This writing is based around a young girl who begins in the shadow of her “skinny beautiful model” friends to self deprecate and struggle with weight and appearance issues It is a book that portrays some very serious issues around self esteem and zones in on the dynamics of the pressures of being a teenager in the 21st century giving a very real depiction of the thought processes of a young girl suffering from an eating disorder It is innocently written yet is unusually entertaining in how the story is illustrated As an adult reading this again I realise the passiveness we can portray to child and teenage hang ups seeing these issues as “phases” or sometimes simply plots for attention Yet overall if not addressed in a viable way this kind of self evaluation can have massive impact on the ability and stability of that child to grow in a healthy and fulfilled way I have chosen this specifically as even though I am working towards becoming a primary teacher these issues are something that are coming and to the forefront in recent years and attention is being given to such matters as weight and appearance for children younger and younger all the time It’s something I am reflective on as an aspiring primary teacher to have esteem building and awareness of the things we say and do and the example we give to children at such an impressionable age central to my teaching at all times regardless of subject or student; a little nudge towards prevention rather than cure

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Girls Under PressureMagda is tall and glamorous Nadine is willowy and 'gothic' And Ellie well Ellie is just plain normal The three girls have been best friends forever but now Ellie is con. A decent attempt at writing about a topic the author did not fully understand I read this book twice once when I was very young and again a week ago a few months into recovery from my own eating disorder While this book is informative about anorexia bulimia and EDNOS the symptoms effects and characteristics of the disorders are woven into the stories of Ellie and Zoë and portrays very well the impact of eating disorders on the sufferer's family Ellie herself seemed like a charicature of an anorexic than a realistic interpretation of a sufferer she immediately decides to starve herself and her body dysmorphia is described as developing imstantaneously rather than slowly developing from anorexic behaviours into the full blown disorder After months of self starvation she is seen to simply 'decide' to get better rather thN begin the slow process of recovery Also Ellie's disorder is described as being very much about food rather than other issues behind the illnessI'd recommend this to young people wanting to learn about eating disorders rather than actual sufferers