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Read doc ☆ Gorgeous Rotten Scoundrel ebook Ð Nina G. Jones ã ❰PDF / Epub❯ ☉ Gorgeous Rotten Scoundrel Author Nina G. Jones – He was a pig a jerk selfish callous crude tactless prone to outbursts and gorgeous The kind of gorgeous where you didn’t even attempt to hide Verything else in his life He was going to have to work I was going to make him miserable He was going to hate wanting me just as much as I hated myself for wanting him backHeath Hillabrand International Supermodel Womanizer Gorgeous Rotten ScoundrelNote While Nina G Jones is known for her darker suspense series Strapped this is NOT dark Not even a little This is a HOT romance novel There are no crazy plot twists no one is secretly related to anyone there are no secret identities just a fun read with sass and snar ARC provided by author in exchange of honest reviewReviewed on Behalf of Give Me Books☆☆☆ 3 Scoundrel Stars ☆☆☆What happens when ice ueen meets playboy model? Well you got yourself a hot and cold relationship filled with humor banter and of course bangin’ sex in Gorgeous Rotten Scoundrel It’s game on for Heath and Sadie in this tale of two stubborn hot headed and beautiful couple learning to get along as friends and lovers Boy meets girl Girl get hired as an employeeThen all out sexual tension begins till boy and girl finally release all the sexual chemistry looming in the air I found this book to be pretty straightforward and predictable as most romance books are What I did enjoy about this book the most was the banter and the sexual chemistry Heath and Sadie had What made me not so much like this book was that I couldn't connect or like Sadie’s character She was a tad bit annoying to me but I did like Heath’s character Looks can definitely be deceiving and this bay boy Lothario was nothing but a total sweetheart and his personal chef Sadie was a hungry kitten who had a big sexual appetite If you are looking for a uick easy straightforward romantic tale then go read Gorgeous Rotten Scoundrel

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?t like the other girls the models and socialites who came through the revolving door of his bedroom I would bite the bullet take the job deal with his sexist comments his expectation that I would fawn over him and have no problem letting the door hit my ass on the way out when I was done with the gigThen something unexpected happened that changed everything and I realized that there maybe to him than the labels I had affixed to his character Maybe But if he really wanted me it wasn’t going to be easy not like e Arc received by author in exchange for an honest review4 Stars – I found a new dirty talker and his name is HeathFor reviews visit wwwsizlingpagescomHeath is a bastard He’s an arrogant womanizing egotistical type of bastard

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Gorgeous Rotten ScoundrelHe was a pig a jerk selfish callous crude tactless prone to outbursts and gorgeous The kind of gorgeous where you didn’t even attempt to hide the fact that you were staring I knew the type His entire life he has coasted on his good looks artificial charm and sex appeal Everyone wanted to be him or be ON him I had been hurt by jerks like him before He was like those guys but far worseI was the unfortunate sucker to be offered a gig I desperately needed as his live in chef for a Summer in the Hamptons But I wasn? A uick read light amusing