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review Green Tsunami Ø eBook or Kindle ePUB Å ⚣ [PDF] ✅ Green Tsunami By Laura Cooney ✰ – You would think that when a big green tsunami pounds down on the earth and floods the streets and rips buildings out of the ground that the scientists would have seen something coming That they could You woulIng will be the same as both living and inanimate things begin to metamorphosize into a new horrifying reality The story is told entirely via e mails between a man and his wife separated by the catastrophe describing the terrors they must face as they strive to surviveThe cover illustration is by Dan Verkys with a cover design by Ju Kim Interior illustrations were created by Will Renfro Justynn Tyme and Ju Kim. I thoroughly enjoyed Green Tsunami I was fortunate enough to provide the cover art and on reading the book I found myself transported into one of my pictures cleverly written and conceived well done to all

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Didn’t get wiped out How we all didn’t just drownI’ve never seen such damage And at the same time it all seems to be healing over in some weird way New things growing in their place–I can’t identify most of it But I’ll try if you let me Laura Cooney and LL Soares have created an apocalytpic novella that is disturbing graphic and provocative A mysterious green tsunami has swept the planet–and noth. L L Soares and his wife Laura Cooney in a major departure from the exemplary horror fiction we’ve come to expect have presented us with a remarkable surrealistic novella The premise is that the Earth has been swept by an organic green tidal wave that has eliminated most of civilization pretty much overnight altered what it didn’t kill and changed some inanimate objects to an animated state The metamorphosis is Kafka esue but much far reaching Among the few humans left is an unhappily married couple Aaron and Joy When the green tsunami hit Joy was at her office and Aaron was at home Their son David was at school Though all three survived they underwent horrific physical changes as did all of the handful of survivors The entire book is a series of emails electricity is still on but sporadic between Aaron and Joy with Aaron trying desperately to find and rescue his wife It isn't easy because the once familiar city is so modified that finding anything or anyone is difficult if not impossibleI expect that this style serves the authors well on several levels First of all who doesn’t like to read others’ mail The book is a fast read the emails acting as a sort of shorthand to just get the facts out to the reader without going all Dostoyevsky about it And it is effective It’s a wonderful way to get to know both the protagonists as well as their absent son almost immediately The reader is swept up into the story on the first page and isn’t let go until the last The book was neither too short nor too long but absolutely the perfect length—a difficult feat for a novella of this nature Green Tsunami about what happens when nature takes the planet back and is out for revenge while it’s at it; where humans become extraneous at best and food at worst You’ll think twice before you step on a bug or pull up a weed after you read this believe me I’ve never been much of a surrealistbizarro fan but this amazing novella has opened my eyes and changed my mind Bravo

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Green TsunamiYou would think that when a big green tsunami pounds down on the earth and floods the streets and rips buildings out of the ground that the scientists would have seen something coming That they could have prepared for it But this seems to have caught everyone with their pants downAnd it doesn’t make sense that anyone survived Nobody seems to remember when it actually hit And nobody can figure out how we all. Cooney and Soares strike with this strange incredibly bleak apocalyptic novella After a mysterious tsunami destroys most of the world scarce survivors contact each other over the Internet This tale is told in corresponding emails between a husband and wife Aaron was at home and Joy was at work when the world changed and it keeps changing with each passing day Adding to the growing darkness Aaron discovers their young son is changing into a caterpillar like creature that feeds off other children holed up in their schoolIn GREEN TSUNAMI not only are people changing in all kinds of ways due to whatever it is that has hit the planet but inanimate objects as well No one is safe no one can be trusted and the bizarroSciFi imagination of the authors is on full freak out display hereFans of apocalyptic stories will enjoy this fresh truly unusual take on the End Times