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FREE DOC » READER Hunted By Liz Powell Ù INSOLPRO Ô [Read] ➹ Hunted ➵ Liz Powell – As a professional footballer it looks like Adam Hunter has it all but when the secret of his affair with midfielder Louie Jackson begins to leak out he’s plunged into the depths of misery – prompt AAs a professional footballer it looks like Adam Hunter has it all but when the secret of his affair with midfielder Louie Jackson begins to leak out he’s plunged into the depths of This is the most frustrating yet very good book I have read in a long time Five stars for the characters story emotions realism One star off for the really annoying structureAdam Hunter is a professional footballer soccer player who is in the second half of a stellar career He's a uiet guy whose best friend is his agent and school friend Sophia She's been caring about him helping his career and wishing for for a long time while he fends her and everyone else off as best he can because he's gay and really deep in the closet Then his team gains a new player Louie who ends up being Adam's roommate on away trips And it spirals out of Adam's control from there Add in being a public figure having an injured knee that plays up badly at times and makes taking pain pills a near necessity a father who's anything but a positive influence and a drug addicted brother and it's no wonder Adam's life begins to fall apartThere is a lovely realistic feel to this book in the sports part the conversations the character development and There are some throat catching emotions The times when the MCs are together show some real chemistry ButStructure Aargh This book is told in flashbacks layer upon layer to multiple different time frames They are simply labelled with 2 years 10 months ago 2 years 2 months ago 2 months 3 days ago and so on Even when two sections come seuentially one day after the other the reader's only time clue is that heading rather than The next morning or Two days later I can't count how often I went paging back to figure out which time I was in relative to what I just read At 30% I wasn't sure if I'd ever spent than one section in now For a while I thought it was me being dumb and forgetful but I concluded it was really bad editorial adviceIn a high end literary work a convoluted structure may add artistic juxtaposition and tension But it demands that the reader keep a bit of distance from the work You can't just fall into the story because it forces you to maintain extra temporal awareness layered over the narrative You have to step back each time and calculate where you stand relative to the other bits you've read Is this before he saw his dad in the pub or after? Before the episode with his brother? It's distancing and choppy and so there has to be a strong reason to hold the reader at arm's length from the flow of the story And maybe this book was meant to be literary but it didn't read that way in anything but structureIn genre fiction especially romance the biggest goal is to suck the reader into the book to feel and live with the characters to know their pain their passion and their joy Every time I almost got there I was yanked out Plus the reader is shown the relationship before it happened and also after a break up back and forth long before you see the middle part where the romance actually began to develop where the love between the guys would be visible You see Adam say I love you in an after moment before you ever have the pleasure of watching that love grow It's harder to ache for the break up of two guys whom you have never yet really seen together It's a shame because I could have adored this book I think Had it been linear had I lived through it from Adam's loneliness to confusion to love to heartbreak to the ending I fully expect this would have been a five star book As it stands it's still worth a read especially if you love sportscoming outangsty stories But if the author ever decided to rewrite it as a linear narrative I'd read it again to feel the emotional richness of it deeplyI would also read a new book by this author again in a minute as long as the narrative had a conventional structure

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Misery – prompting a desperate series of manoeuvres to conceal the truth Injured distrusted by his team mates and plagued by personal tragedy Adam goes from hero to zero – and b Wowthe angstThis couple really sucked me into their storybut the back and forth confusing time line would suck me out Reading about these two hot young rich talented famous soccer superstars you would think that they should be envied but because they held one big secret it was hard to even consider wanting to trade places with their seemingly perfect life Their in the closet love liferelationship was draining to read because however much they loved each other and they really really did the constant fear of being exposed overshadowed what would normally be a wonderful thing; and because of this the guys were somewhat brokenIf their story was told in the order that it happened I could see myself giving this a 5 star rating because my only other complaint is I wish we could have read maybe 5 pages at the end of when they were out proud and happy Seriously after the draining angsty read I feel I deserved just a little insight into their trouble free HEA

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Hunted By Liz PoweY the time Louie’s transferred to a German side he’s running out of reasons to stay alive If there’s any way back from the brink of suicide it isn’t clear to him at the momen Well This was a heavy depressing read The MCs are professional football players that's English football aka soccer and they develop a very secret relationship Both are in the closet and both are struggling with it There are addiction issues very thorough descriptions of the sport and the sport celebrity world as well as a very emotional mental health struggle with depression This was done really well IMO but the entire story was told in multiple flashbacks We're basically given 3 different timelines the present 4 years ago and 6 months ago There's a chapter in the beginning and one or maybe two in the end that are in the present The two other timelines unravel slowly towards the present 3 years and 17 days ago 3 years and 5 days ago etc and switch back and forth constantly to the point where I felt lost a lot of the times Maybe this was done so readers can get a few happy times in between all the depressing stuff because honestly a linear storytelling with this amount of angst would have done me in I'm sure There is a HEA so don't despair but it's so damn sad for so long until we get it that I'm not sure it was enough to shake off the blues Good very English writing I can recommend it to fans of mm sports romance who have the stomach for crazy angst but the flashback thing is a wild card