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Read & Download ☆ PDF, eBook or Kindle ePUB Ù Wally Lamb On the afternoon of This Much eBook #8608 Octobermy twin brother Thomas entered the Three Rivers Connecticut public library retreated to one of the rear study carrels and. This book just went rocketing to my all time Favourites shelf I cannot imagine spending over 20 hours reading a book and not loving itOn my eReader this book was just 3 pages short of 900 pages and not one paragraph not one sentence not one word in the book could be cut without doing the book and one’s reading experience irreparable harmThe main narrator of this book is Dominick whose twin brother Thomas suffers from mental illness This we know from the beginning Throughout the book both brothers crash and burn a few times as they make their way on their journeys through life Yet they persist in searching out answers for themselves and each other to make those journeys meaningful and fulfilling Twinship can be a very complex dynamic at the best of times These two take complexity to a level I’ve never witnessed beforeA secondary narrator is the twins’ maternal grandfather who dictated andor wrote out his “life history” before he died It is fascinating to see the parallels play out between the grandfather’s time and the twins’ time and the authenticity of his voice is remarkableThis book takes a thorough and honest look at many facets of life twin ship mental health family dynamics including secrets – and why they remain secrets death and grieving race relations through many decades and so much Within these pages the story is powerful and moves at a fast pace; the characters have strong and uniue voices; the writing is sublime raw exceptionally moving – just excellent This book rates than 5 Stars but it’s all I have to give along with a treasured spot on my Favourites shelf

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Free read I Know This Much Is True 106 Ü [PDF / Epub] ☉ I Know This Much Is True ❤ Wally Lamb – On the afternoon of October 12 1990 my twin brother Thomas entered the Three Rivers Connecticut public library retreated to one of the rear study carrels and prayed to God the sacrifice he was about t On the afternoon of Prayed to God the sacrifice he was about I Know PDF to commit would be deemed acceptable One of the most acclaimed novels of our time Wally Lamb's I Know This Much Is Tr. 901 pages I Know This Much is True by Wally Lamb is by far the best book I've read in a long time Calling it my favorite is an understatement; as is trying to sum it up in one review During the break all I wanted to do was read I read about 300 pages a day I can't describe what exactly made me love the book but I can guess First of all every character was carefully crafted by the author and each forced me to care about what happened to them The protagonist Dominick Birdsey was the perfect unconventional hero His struggle to stay sane while caring for his schitzophrenic twin brother and a host of other problems was both depressing and inspirational Another reason I couldn't put the book down was the intricately woven plot At one point in the book I was reading the story of Dominick who was reading the story of his grandfather Domenico who was telling the story of his wife's sister who was telling the story of her mentor All of this should have been confusing and impossible to follow but the author somehow managed to put it all together and keep readers up to date It seemed like he knew exactly when to stop telling one story and get back to another that the reader was wondering about Also every part of the plot was necessary symbolic and important to fully understanding Dominick's past and present The book got especially disturbing towards the end but the happy and in some ways triumphant ending ensured I'd never forget this book is not for the faint of heart but is sure to move any reader with one

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I Know This Much Is TrueUe is a story of alienation and connection devastation and renewal at once joyous Know This Much PDF #8608 heartbreaking poignant mystical and powerfully profoundly human. This is my favorite book ever I was reading it while I lived in New York during the 2 weeks I was holed up in my apartment in New Jersey recovering from the shock of 911 adjusting to life all alone in a big city with just my baby daughter who at that time I felt some ambivalence about missing my older two children and mostly learning how to live after extracting myself from a rigid and controlling church experience I felt very much like I was learning how to live with a consolation prize as a life I was very very lost at that timeThe protagonist had also had his life turned upside down by the death of his baby daughter his wife leaving him and his brother's suicide The story weaves it's way back and forth from his present to his past and back again as you piece together the story of his life and learn how he got to where he is In the end he's restoredWhen I finished the last page of this book I cried because my time with him was over I tried to read another book by Wally Lamb but it wasn't the same I love love love the main character in I Know This Much Is True