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Justine ou Les Malheurs de la vertu Read & Download Ð PDF, DOC, TXT or eBook ✓ ❰Read❯ ➳ Justine ou Les Malheurs de la vertu Author Marquis de Sade – Insolpro.co.uk Franču rakstnieka marķīza de Sada idejas par mīlestību un seksu šokēja tā laika sabiedrību Autora darbi Anifestācija kas nepretendē uz plašu lasītāju masu interesi un var tikt novērtēti piedauzīg. Popsugar Challenge 2020 A book featuring one of the seven deadly sins Oh Justine Up until i read this I would have said Tess of the D'Urberville's was the unluckiest woman in classic literature but I take it all back JUSTINEI have a fascination with Maruis De Sade one of the first documented Libertines and one of the earliest writers of BDSM and same sex relations 17th century French literature is extraordinary  Triggers warnings all over this this is not a typical classic novel where disturbing scenes are alluded too this contains on the page graphic gang bangs and rape  Modern day dark genre fiction pales beside De Sade which should not be a surprise since the word sadism was derived from his name For those interested in trying this out the first volume is on Spotify narrated by Susan Penhaligon which just her voice alone is extremely enjoyable Justine I shall see you again this is one book I would reread

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Franču rakstnieka marķīza de Sada idejas par mīlestību Les Malheurs MOBI #244 un seksu šokēj. 45 out of 10 spiky starsI suspect that I expected to find something similar to smutty contemporary sado masochistic literature and was therefore uite pleasantly surprised stylistically speaking Having watched documentaries about De Sade which depicted him as a dribbling sot in an institution for the insane I had expected well something much less intelligent than this De Sade is obviously no fool and his arguments are intelligently putIn this novel De Sade still conforms to Victorian norms in the respect that even libertine rebellious De Sade felt he had to wrap everything he said in euphemistic terms in spite of the fact that the content of the novel and the gist of his rhetoric would indeed have been wildly shocking to most Victorian sensibilities Compared to certain contemporary literature such as some of the works of authors like Palanuik for example in his novel Snuff also various writings of JG Ballard Samuel R Delany's novel Hogg and others like the work of Brett Easton Ellis Justine is not so very shocking in the contemporary landscape despite De Sade's reputationOf course De Sade's later novels especially The 120 Days of Sodom truly do contain disgusting material even by contemporary standardsIf one feels you really MUST read De Sade I guess this is one of the most accessible ones but even though it is De Sade 'lite' it does nonetheless contain uite a bit of sadism and poor little Justine does seem a bit of a sucker for punishment the uintessential 'victim'Justine is the uintessential sad sac of the ages De Sade paints her as a poor meek little thing who according to him deserves her end because of her continued piousness His rhetoric is of course completely distorted but one does get a sense that she possibly unwittingly or subconsciously invites victimhood I hope people won't find it too cruel if I say that her end was actually uite a humorous piece of Deux Ex Machina De Sade subverts a very common trope by having a punishment that is usually visited upon sinners strike down the innocent insteadOne often has to wonder why a lightning bolt never came down from heaven to strike the sinful Maruis himself downI liked that at least De Sade does not try to justify sadism as anything else than what it really is He openly rebels against 'piety' with his proposed hedonistic rhetoric The sadists and hedonists in the novel are what they are fully and completely and they don't make excuses for it or pretend to 'love' their victims They don't love their victims They are most definitely not 'relationship' material not poor misunderstood whelps who can be recycled if you just loved them enough and perhaps this is precicely why de Sade is so reviled He removes all the cobwebby romanticism the smarmy treacle that these proclivities tend to be marinated in in popular fictionI don't agree with most of De Sade's philosophy but from a literary stylistic point of view the book is probably a sight better than 50 Shades of GreyProper review to follow when time permits

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Justine ou Les Malheurs de la vertuA tā laika sabiedrību Autora darbi vēl līdz pat mūsu dienām vairāk zināmi kā viņa ideju m. When I was a grad student in Comparative Literature all the cool kids read the Maruis de Sade Just add philosophical musings to the sexcapades and basically you have porn for intellectuals