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Just Like Candy Book è 304 pages ☆ Insolpro ✓ ❮Reading❯ ➸ Just Like Candy Author Kimberly Kaye Terry – Insolpro.co.uk The Sweetest Temptation Davis Strong has no business lusting after the new director of the Youth Center his aunt has hired But who can resist a woman named Candy? He wants to makThe Sweetest Temptation Davis Strong has no business lusting after the new director of the Youth Center his aunt has hired But who can resist a woman named Candy? He wants to make love to her luscious lips caress her smooth and creamy skin and savor her mocha I read this book many years ago and decided to re read it It was a good book I remember this was the 1st IR I had ever read and what I love about this is the complexity and challenges in their relationshipThey both had issues and then there was the race aspect that added to the dramaI liked the story as well as the cast of charactersCandy and Davis where just so hot together and Milly Angelica and Sister Pauline where great and had me laughing out loud Good Book

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Colored body Only then will he get the dessert he's been waiting for a taste of her sweet hot center Sinfully Delicious It isn't fair that one man should consume her thoughts the way Davis Strong does But no man does it for her like this one At night alone in I like most adult romances The way I judge them is by asking this one uestion if I took every sex scene out would it still be a great book? Could the story stand tall without the sex? Well this book not so much the sex amazing it made me wanting but the story was just so so Nothing extraordinary I could have went without it After I read I literally thought what the point was I loved the hero and heroine And the sassy sister Pauline but I wasn’t so in love with the story plot

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Just Like CandyHer bed Candy dreams about her lover lying beneath his rock hard body naked and exposed begging him to touch her to taste her to fill her It's the ultimate sexual fantasy and Candy's ready for the real thing A scrumptious page turnera must read author Jaid Bla A Sweet TemptationWho could resist a book with a cover like thisand after reading the rave reviews my curiosity was peakedI must say that I enjoyed this novel It was definitely HOT SPICY FUNNY and it even tugged at your heart strings I thought the plot involving Davis' daughter was uite intriguing and highly emotional Although some of the sexual activity was explicit at times it wasn't ALL over the top The main characters were uite memorable and we also got to catch up with some of Mrs Terry's previous characters from her Make It Last novel I enjoyed the fact that Davis and Candy didn't fight their attraction to each other They knew each other for nine months and during those nine months the heat only became intense So once they took their relationship to the next level there was NO holding back the very HOT STEAMY loving that went on between these pages Davis Strong definitely knew how to SATISFY his woman and Candy had no trouble keeping up with his creative and adventurous nature I have to say I didn't care for the way Candy let Davis get away with his many assumptions misconceptions and let's not forget the MAJOR indiscretion that he never answered for ladies you'll know what I mean when you read the story Candy's willingness to let his behavior go unanswered was uite unrealistic and I would have found it believable if she confronted him and made him grovel a bit before she forgave him Mrs Terry is uite a creative author and very capable of writing an intensely erotic yet passionate tale Unfortunately this book had WAY TOO many typos; the editor definitely dropped the ball on this one However it was still a deliciously tempting read