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FREE READER í DOC Just Like Someone Without Mental Illness Only More So ñ ❮BOOKS❯ ✹ Just Like Someone Without Mental Illness Only More So ✯ Author Mark Vonnegut – More than thirty years after the publication of his acclaimed memoir The Eden Express Mark VonnegutCtice At times he felt that his parents’ lives would improve if only they had a few hundred bucks in their bank account while at other points his father’s fame merely heightened expectations that he be better funnier and crazier than the average personUltimately a tribute to the small daily and positive parts of a life interrupted by bipolar disorder Just Like Someone Without Mental Illness Only More So is a wise unsentimental and inspiring book that will resonate with generations of readers There are certain books you read during your life that stick with you For me one of those is one I first read while still in college Mark Vonnegut's The Eden Express A Memoir of Insanity First published in 1975 and reissued in 2002 the book is a frank and compelling story of a young man's descent into schizophrenia and his recovery from itIn the introduction to that book Vonnegut the son of author Kurt Vonnegut described himself as a hippie a son of a counterculture hero a BA in religion with a a genetic biochemical predisposition to schizophrenia He and friends established a commune in a remote area of British Columbia but the mysticism he sensed he was experiencing led in 1971 to his hospitalization in a psychiatric hospital in Vancouver for what was diagnosed as paranoid schizophrenia Eden Express details that journey two subseuent hospitalizations and his efforts toward recoveryAlthough Vonnegut has since come to believe what he really suffered from was a combination of what is now know as bipolar disorder and schizophrenia his recovery has been eually remarkable Not only did he return to normal life he attended Harvard Medical School and has been a practicing pediatrician in the Boston area sine the early 1980s With his follow up memoir Just Like Someone Without Mental Illness Only More So he takes takes readers on that journey and his fourth psychiatric breakdown when the voices came back than 14 years after his last breakdownAs a fan of Eden Express I must admit I approached Just Like Someone Without Mental Illness Only More So with a bit of trepidation I didn't want anything to take away my favorable impression of the first book although rereading it before the new book arguably have increased that risk Yet the new book drew me in as much as the first and I found it just as compelling Not only does Vonnegut he again provide insight into the lives of those who confront mental illnesses the book gives us a real glimpse of the type of person and doctor he is his bout with alcoholism and a look at how the practice of medicine has changed in the last 25 years Every bright idea that was supposed to improve medical care has made care worse usually by increasing costs and restricting accessEden Express was marked by its frank yet conversational tone A similar approach helps make Just Like Someone Without Mental Illness Only More So as good as the predecessor The two books though are different The new one break the story into smaller segments as opposed to lengthier chapters It also has echoes of his father's style and wit For example if he's been doing so well why does he continue to see a psychiatrist? His response is a simple Vonnegutesue one Over the years I've come to care about Ned and and I think I go mostly to make sure he's okay Or he notes at one point I have so many original thoughts I have to take medication for itThis approach enhances the readability of a story that gives an idea of the life of a regular person dealing with existing or uiescent mental illness and how easy it can be to slip into a manic depressive or schizophrenic stateStill Vonnegut never suggests he possesses some uniue uality or strength that gave him advantages in recoveringNone of us are entirely well and none of us are irrevocably sick At my best I have islands of being sick entirely At my worst I had islands of being well Except for a reluctance to give up on myself there isn't anything I can claim credit for that helped me recover from my breaks Even that doesn't count You either have or don't have a reluctance to give up on yourself It helps a lot if others don't give up on youYet even that doesn't ensure there will never be recurrences In fact Vonnegut's fourth breakdown found him taken by police from his home in a straitjacket when he tried unsuccessfully to run through a third floor window to prove to God that he was worthy of saving and not just a selfish little shit Vonnegut says that when the voices

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More than thirty years after the publication of his acclaimed memoir The Eden Express Mark Vonnegut continues his remarkable story in this searingly funny iconoclastic account of coping with mental illness finding his calling as a pediatrician and learning that willpower isn’t nearly enoughHere is Mark’s childhood spent as the son of a struggling writer in a house that eventually held seven children after his aunt and uncle died and left four orphans And here is the world after Mark was rele What would you expect to find by reading this no holds barred account of excelling in family medical practice as a respected American paediatrician?Well you Should only expect to find the unexpected For you may find yourself faced with an utter anomaly Mark Vonnegut’s that anomaly After all if you yourself have at any point of your life gone than slightly bananas and suffered medical confinement for it you’re FOR SURE gonna see life and be seen by others differentlyEspecially if you reveal this fact publicly THEN you’ll be the Odd Duck out But Mark has done that and faced that kinda music suare onWhen a senior doctor pontificates to Mark while he’s a young intern that he knows ALL about him see my notes above Mark just says please and thank you very much kind sir and that’s about itIn other words like his world famous Dad Kurt Vonnegut would say “So it goes“I’ve SEEN THROUGH myself haven’t you? Or maybe you’d rather hide behind your TITLE huh???” But of COURSE he doesn’t say itNo you don’t get through Harvard Medical School by stepping on too many well heeled toes Breakdowns teach us etiuette After his first “mother of all breakdowns” off by himself in remote rainforested British Columbia in a 60’s commune read all about it in Mark’s classic The Eden Express he told the WHOLE INCREDULOUS WORLD his story and affirmed own my way of looking at it back then in my own struggling ex Hippie lifestyle And that’s how this doctor knew obviouslyAnd do you know what saved Mark?What saved him was when his famous Dad drove all the way across the North American continent and up into Canada in the beat up old jalopy that was HIS excuse for not keeping up with the Joneses to rescue him and bring him all the way back to Greater Boston for treatment that’s what As MY Dad dropped everything for me similarly when I was in troubleIf I sound at all logical nowadays it’s because of him Same goes for Mark with his DadAny bets Kurt’s selfless common sense love and support is the reason Mark made it through Harvard without a hitch? All MY chips are on that lucky numberYou know some dads aren’t DEMONSTRABLY loving Their silences say it allAnd Kurt’s caring kindness musta SPOKE VOLUMES every silent loving mile of the way back to Boston Do I sense the confirmation of your lifetime Role Model Mark?And who was awarded MY university degree? Shoulda been my Dad for he gets all the credit in my mindSo back to my first uestion what will you find in this book other than a warm witty look at the high points and the non seuitur nadirs of a life in paediatric medicine?I think you’ll find a book in a direct no punches pulled uirky oddball style of writing much like the style of other psychiatric veterans myself included And much like Kurt Vonnegut You see when you’re on a psychological freefall you uickly become a victim of the Absurd Up is down and down is upBut if you don’t believe we can ever be than poor souls who deserve your sly jibes look at what Mark accomplished and shake in your bootsNo Kurt Vonnegut ensured as my Dad did that his son would always weather the storms all us risk takers take on themselves by means of that same blind faith and courage So that Mark not only SURVIVED he PROSPERED

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Just Like Someone Without Mental Illness Only More SoAsed from a mental hospital to find his family forever altered At the late age of twenty eight and after nineteen rejections Mark was accepted to Harvard Medical School where he gained purpose a life and some control over his conditionThe brilliantly evoked events of Mark Vonnegut’s life are at once perfectly uniue and achingly relatable There are the manic episodes during which he felt burdened with saving the world juxtaposed against the real world responsibilities of running a pediatric pra In the 1960’s Mark Vonnegut son of iconic author Kurt Vonnegut Jr went to British Columbia to start a commune He dropped a lot of acid went crazy and ended up on the psych ward getting electro shock treatment and Thorazine His first memoir The Eden Express A Memoir of Insanity chronicles all thatAfter the book was published Mark recovered well enough to get into Harvard Medical School and is a practicing pediatrician till today That may sound like a happy ending but no life wraps itself up in a perfect bow Dr Vonnegut did crack up fourteen years later even though he was living the Harvard certified life of an accomplished physician This memoir written decades after the first covers that breakdown and recovery with plenty of social commentary sprinkled in Some Goodreaders found these asides too choppy but I value Dr Vonnegut’s insights particularly into how insurance is ruining the practice of medicine I’d trust Dr Vonnegut with my own kids What other doctor knows both sides of drugs and mental illness so thoroughly?As a memoir The Eden Express is the better book This one tried to fit much time into far fewer pages Still it was a worthy follow up Dr Vonnegut has maintained his 1960’s idealism while trimming off its excesses He’s middle of the road on the practice of psychiatry – skeptical of medications but a harsh critic of RD Laing’s drug free approach If you care about mental health and according to Mark we're all challenged in that department read both books in chronological order The first book will enhance your appreciation of the second Just like his father Mark Vonnegut has the measure of our culture