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#240 sent to newsletter subscribers. I read this story in the All Wrapped Up for the Holidays anthologyJust Say When is part of Jill Shalvis' Heartbreaker Bay series so I'm sure anyone who has read this series will already be familiar with the characters involved but I'm happy to say it's still a really enjoyable read even if you're new to the seriesJames and Julia have been dating for several months but he's becoming increasingly frustrated by the way she always sneaks out of his bed in the middle of the night He wants from their relationship but he's scared to push her as he knows she's been hurt before and it's made her gun shy I won't say any than that but I thought these two made an adorable couple and I really enjoyed seeing them figure out what they both want from the future I hope we get to discover what happens next for them in the main series and this story has definitely given me a kick to get reading the rest of the Heartbreaker books

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Just Say When Heartbreaker Bay #65Free Heartbreaker Bay short storyDo. Blink and it was over Just Say When was a FREE little treat that Jill Shalvis shared with her newsletter subscribers A uick read for sure but it gave me the romance hit I love and let me check in with what's going on at the make a wish Fountain of LoveIt was pretty awesome to have a hero who knew exactly what he wantedher There was no time for drama She is scared to commit and he's ready to spend the rest of his life with her The little bit of time apart 3 weeks was exactly what she needed to recognise her life would be hell without him She missed him He missed her He just waited patiently for her to realise they were meant to be And what better way for her to say sorry than muffins and fudge beside the Fountain of LoveCan't wait for #7 Playing for Keeps I have my ARC sitting and waiting patiently for me to start I have a plan December 1st is the first day of my two weeks holiday at the beach and I'm holding out until then to start Sun sand and a Jill Shalvis what could a romance reader hope for

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Free read æ Just Say When Heartbreaker Bay #65 108 ¶ [Epub] ➜ Just Say When Heartbreaker Bay #65 By Jill Shalvis – Free Heartbreaker Bay short storyDownload link sent to newsletter subscribers Free Heartbreaker Bay short storyDownload link When Heartbreaker MOBI ð sent to newsletteWnload link When Heartbreaker MOBI. I’ve read most of this series and I didn’t realize this was like a missing chapter or epilogue to book 6 than its own story I believe I’m at book 5 Note to everyone I wouldn’t read this alone Also I feel like it makes me not want to read book 6 since this makes Molly come off in a bad light I hope it didn’t ruin their happy ending