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READ & DOWNLOAD The Big Kahn · PDF, DOC, TXT or eBook Í ❰Epub❯ ➛ The Big Kahn Author Neil Kleid – Rabbi David Kahn has lived a forty year lie he is not nor has he ever been Jewish When at his funeral the “rabbi’s” grifter brother reveals the truth it forces the Kahn family to struPirals down in an affair with his rebellious sister Lea’s non Jewish roommate Lea rethinks the religion she’s run from strong enough to alter her father’s life while Eli the youngest Kahn   inherits his father’s long forgotten legacy Somehow with the help of the uncle he never knew and his slowly re awakening sister he attempts to return. An interesting premise wrapped in not enough of the right kind of drama The set up is pretty simple After a beloved rabbi dies it comes to light that he was actually a con man and that he spent his entire time as a rabbi and leader of the community lying about who he wasIt's a great jumping off point into a story that could really wrap into a lot of uestions that hit readers in the gut Is a good man a good man if he lies to become good Are the good works of a man worth anything if you find he's a fraud And especially as religious leader who has raised a son who wishes to follow in his footsteps are his good works and faith worth anything to the legacy he leaves his sonSadly these uestions don't really get answered in any great detail The story focuses instead on creating the kind of post reveal world I hate One where everyone who has known these people for literally decades just suddenly assumes that everything about this family must be worth nothing I get sins of the father and what have you but this story could have been so much if it showed even a single person attempting to really reach out to the family as a whole and not just to the good son who's still trying to be a rabbiWomen in the supermarket follow after the rabbi's widow to see if she's still buying kosher Really When it's established that she was raised Jewish and Judaism is passed down through the mother ReallyAnd the slutty daughter finds religion again through her dad's lies and dishonesty Really We're doing that still She has to be redeemed out of her lifestyle of enjoyable casual sex and lack of religion She couldn't just take her father's stories and the fact that he was a con man and come to peace with herself by realizing she's an okay person as is because her dad no matter his own background raised her to be okayIt irks It irks a lot There are a few strong moments that show where this story could have gone the final panel being one of them but the trip isn't worth it

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Faith and order to his family and community and reinstate his father’s good name Neil Kleid Xeric Award winning author of Ninety Candles and NBM’s Brownsville and illustrator Nicolas Cinuegrani offer a drama about loss lies belief and renewal in this dramatic graphic exploration of a family secret so well hidden it uestions the very nature of fai. At the funeral for Rabbi David Kahn a terrible secret comes out he was not actually Jewish but rather a Gentile grifter who infiltrated the Jewish community as part of a con until he fell in love and decided to devote himself to the Jewish faith This revelation impacts both the community in the synagogue who begin to uestion their former Rabbi's intentions and leadership and by extension those of his son Avi who hopes to take over as Rabbi and Kahn's wife and children who all feel both the loss and the deception in their own ways The Big Kahn is a complex story of faith grief and family written by Neil Kleid and told through beautifully simple comics by Nicolas Cinuegrani It offers a rich view of contemporary Jewish life and faith make sure you use the handy glossary in the back that makes the finely balanced stories of each member of the Kahn family feel all the real and moving The book is suggested for mature readers and contains some four letter words drinking including the onset of alcoholism in Rabbi Kahn's wife and a little bit of sex I don't think that there's any content here that a mature teen wouldn't be able to handle but the uiet conflict will probably resonate strongly with an adult audience

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The Big KahnRabbi David Kahn has lived a forty year lie he is not nor has he ever been Jewish The Big PDF or When at his funeral the “rabbi’s” grifter brother reveals the truth it forces the Kahn family to struggle with grief and betrayal as their congregation examines their every move and uestion their very faith His son Rabbi Avi Kahn the heir apparent s. It took me to the end of the book to realize The Big Kahn is basically The Big Con which I appreciate and which adds a layer to the story for me Because in a sly and cheeky way David Kahn previously known but never to his wife and children as Donald Dobbs was letting his family in on the truth of his origins That said though Kahn didn't risk explicitly letting his family in on his origins which brought them much pain after his death he was a man whose whole hearted dedication to Judaism would have pleased the sages of old Well at least perhaps HillelHillel was one of the forgiving and open minded of the sages and there is a famous story in which a non Jewish guy wants to convert and asks Shammai another sage Hillel's by the book debating partner if he could teach him the entire Torah while standing one foot Shammai sent him packing but when this same man went to Hillel Hillel accepted the challenge and saidWhat is hateful to you do not do to your neighbor That is the whole Torah; the rest is the commentary go and studySo the premise is Kahn is a beloved leader of a shul he pretty much built himself but when he dies his biological brother comes into the shul and tells everyone there that Kahn was not really Jewish etc etc That part didn't sit right with me Why would he announce it to the whole congregation I didn't uite buy it but anyway this is how the book begins with this puzzle and the family and the community have to figure out how they are going to handle this informationIn many ways it is destructive but it is not only destructive It shakes each member of the Kahn family out of a bit of a stupor in which they are either trying very hard to fit in to an identity or community without much self reflection or rebelling against said identity and community Here is a great opportunity for asking uestions about authenticity and identity I can't say this book was terribly well put together Some things are very predictable others not fully explored But I still appreciated some of the philosophical and social uestions and criticisms made in here and the ways different people grappled with loss One of my favorite uotes spoken by Avi the oldest son and a rabbi walking in his father's footsteps You taught me nothing but the truth but you were always lying Not that this book doesn't trouble the lines between truth and lies pathologically lying con artist and person earnestly trying to start a new and meaningful life It does