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CHARACTERS Forever Fifteen

CHARACTERS ¸ Forever Fifteen ↠ [Read] ➼ Forever Fifteen ➹ Kimberly Steele – Lucy Albert is not your ordinary maladjusted suburban adolescent Born into the era of the Black Plague in medieval Italy Lucy is chosen as a mate by the sinister vampire Sebastianus against her will S Lucy Albert is not your ordinary maladjuLucy Albert is not your ordinary maladjusted suburban adolescent Born into the era of the Black Plague in medieval Italy Lucy is chosen as a mate by the sinister vampire Sebastianus against her will Struggling to surviv. After seeing someone on the Nest say they were reading this book I discovered that this book is a free podcast on Itunes So I downloaded it and I'm now listening to it on my nightly walk with the dog I really tried to like this book but I just didn't like it My first problem is the narrating Now this is a podiobook so I tried not to compare the narration too much to a normal audiobook but I couldn't help it The narration was just not good in my opinion The narrators voices for other characters were just awful and even with the main character the narrating was broken up and weird words were emphasized You know how in old black and white horror movie previews the voice will go It pause is pause the green monster or whatever And the words are all drawn out and emphasized to show how scary the monster is The narrator did this when she said and Lucy's favorite pause modern invention pause is the really long pause microwave said incredibly dramatically Eww Just awfulNext I had a hard time not comparing this to the Twilight series and the main character in this was just not very likeable or bright compared to the Twilight books So Lucy turns to a vampire at 15 in the year 1340 In modern times she bounces around in foster homes all while complaining how awful most of them are I couldn't figure out for the life of my why she didn't just pretend to be 18 and then she wouldn't have to live in foster homes It just didn't make sense to me I mean sure she will never look like she is 35 but that doesn't mean she has to pretend to be 15 forever Also you would think after being 700 years old that she would have learned to blend in better Yet in Lucy constantly talks like someone 90 years old I kept wanting to yell at her You are 15 call it a bra not a brassiere for god sakesAlso there were several very graphic sex scenes in the book that were just honestly gross The book jumped around a lot and I had a hard time figuring what time Lucy was supposed to be in Finally the ending was just not good

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Her hunger Journey into Lucy's past as you experience the terror of the Black Death and the harsh reality of womanhood in the Middle Ages Enter Forever Fifteen the fast paced thrill ride that is redefining vampire horror. A very excellent vampire book it doesn't follow the usual form and It kept me up reading it This book is a must read for anyone who loves vampire books

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Forever FifteenE in a modern world she cannot identify with Lucy isn't looking for attentionWelcome to Forever Fifteen where a lonely girl seeks refuge in a world awash in everyday brutality a world where only blood and death can sate. The story had a lot of grammarpunctuation problems I mean a lot I don't get how a writer and then the editing team could have missed all these The story itself was pretty good though overall I liked how the author went from past in one chapter to the present in the next How anyone could compare this to Twilight is beyond me I had noticed a few people had mentioned that in their reviews There is really no similarity between the two Oh wait yes there is I almost forgot The author for Forever Fifteen did mention the word 'twilight' somewhere in the story So I was wrong ; FYI I thought Twilight was a stupid movie and never will understand how the moviebook ever did as well as it has My thought is that as the years go by there seem to be and stupider people hence it's easier to please them Needless to say I did have a few just a couple uestionsWhat is with Lucy's talking Sometimes it regularcurrent day speak but most of the time it's all old fashioned Everyone has the robotic talk going on to which I'm not a fan ofIs it possible to unlock a house door with a slim jim I don't think so Okay so Lucy has to kill to feed No prob BUT why in god's name does she choose to use a piano wire I mean she's a vampire and extra strong Why not just break their neck She says she's worried about being caught Um wouldn't a long line of bodies having been killed with a piano wire be obvious than say with ones handsI would like to know what made the author place this story in the 80'sLucy is over 600 years old How is she still self conscious of her body I did not get that Not to mention the fact that she is that old and still passes off as a teenager Never heard that one before Usually with the old vampires they've learned how to make money and end up being rich regardless of their age And how would she forget how to kiss Isn't it like riding a bikeShe had a 'spray of blackheads'she had 'acne sprayed' What's with the spraying of skin blemishesLucy had 'overly curly pubic hair that was trying to protrude from the sides of her underwear' Really haha All throughout the book we're told how beautiful Lucy is and then this comment comes along Wow All I have to say is that when she finally had sex with John I prayed that she'd cleaned up the yard some Don't want to scare him now haha Again with being self conscious she has no problem sticking John's fingers into her vagina to show him that she can't have kids Right When I hear that Lucy is eating humansflesh eating and drinking blood which is what she does those are two different things For whatever reason the author kept saying it as if she were actually eating peopleAt one point we're told through Lucy's inner dialogue that Sebastian is frozen at the age of 33 then the next page he's frozen at the age of 42 Now which is itAfter Lucy finally starts to come around when it comes to Sebastian the first place she goes for is his cock Then strips for him and does oral Really She never gave off the vibe as experienced in the sexual area So when Lucy is planning on eating at John's house for the first time his mother thinks it's best to serve duck Was that a popularcommon thing to eat in the 80's GrossWhen a cop shows up seeming to know that Lucy is not home and waits for her to come home He tells her foster parents what's going on and neither go with her to the police station Even after her foster mom refers to Lucy as 'her child' And when Lucy decides to leave she goes from packing a duffle bag to later it transforming into a suitcase Some mind think the two are the same but they are not Why does she want to leave anyways So the cops came by But it's not they'll think she had anything to do with the disappearances of the foster parents considering everyone thinks she's just 15 and the disappearances took place earlier than that How did Lucy consider her vagina an evil place She'd already had sex and given birth The sex might not have been the best and the birth was a bad experience but still Okay so one of Lucy's assy foster moms finds rings of old blood on the elbows of a shirt And considering she's a nurse she automatically knows that it means Lucy is a whore and killer Really That makes absolutely no sense whatsoever Michelle tells Lucy a story when she was a kid and broke her arm at school and had to wait 6 hours for her parents to come get her Um I can't imagine in any day and age a school just leaving the kid to be in pain with a broken limb After Lucy and John have sex she tells him he should 'get all that stuff off of yourself' What in the world was all over him I mean he came inside herSo apparently Sebastian met the Greek Gods UmThe vampires in this story are just great they're strong have fangs go out in the sun but have to kill to get food and can't regrow their own limbs but can somehow reattached other people's limbs to their body At one point after the orchestra concert Lucy comments about how her foster parents are working late and Mike and Shari 'had begun jobs themselves' Hadn't they already been working thoughLucy and John are talking and he asks if she thinks Sebastian will come back for her She replies by saying how she last saw him in 1582 and that it's been 300 years Um Wouldn't it be like 400 yearsWhy did Lucy confirm that she was a vampire to Michelle BEFORE knowing the facts That made absolutely no sense at all After Lucy kills Michelle she takes the parents to where Michelle's and 'the young man's' bodies are Who is the young manLastly how hard does a regular Joe have to bite before they get blood 'spurting' into their mouth Well this was a long review I just can't help by not notice inconsistencies when I'm reading and have to comment