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characters My Lord's Desire King John #1 ä PDF, eBook or Kindle ePUB free Ù ❴PDF / Epub❵ ★ My Lord's Desire King John #1 Author Margaret Moore – She had sworn never to marry never to allow any man to claim her or her lands Nevertheless Lady Adelaide fended off fortuneAdelaide instead A woman who claimed she wished to avoid My Lord's PDF or the marriage bed yet whose lips told a different tale Now dangerous intrigues forced them into a match as inescapable as the burgeoning passion that grew between th. It would help if the author at least tried to pretend her characters are something other than 21st century people dressed in 12th century clothes

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She had Desire King PDFEPUB #231 sworn never to marry never to allow any man to claim her or her lands Nevertheless Lady Adelaide fended off fortune hunters aplenty when she arrived at the king's court Yet when dark whispers in castle cor. This book was primed to be a perfect one for me It's set in 1204 a period I adore It features a strong independent woman who wants to stay that way and a knight who feels strongly about honor and duty Both are uninterested in politics and gossipThe plot is that Adelaide a ward of King John's court is seeking to keep herself and her sisters unmarried because they don't want to be ruled by a man Armand has just gotten out of captivity and is still trying to free his brother He desperately needs money and marriage is one of the few remaining ways to get itThis is all fairly good but then suddenly a series of completely outrageous things happen Armand says Oh well I guess I'll go along with these ridiculous uick choices Adelaide says Oh you're doing this to me OK sure And then in the next scene she's raging about how she'll never do what anyone else tells her to do because being independent is the only thing in lifeYou get a shallow blurb about her being the eldest of three sisters and therefore she is the Ultimate Independent Woman Also their father was a drunk Still it doesn't flesh out the character and make her live and breathe The way she acts is completely unrealistic for a woman in her time period I'm not saying we want to read about women who were doormats Medieval women weren't doormats either But it reads as if a woman from today teleported back into medieval wear and even than that that this woman rates incredibly high on the keep men away from me scaleBut this being a romance novel you know that she's going to change her mind by the end and that mind changing is also fairly unrealisticIn general you get the sense that things happen for plot reasons not for character reasonsThere are a few side characters who generally fall into the shiny good or nasty evil categories I like to see depth in the world I'm reading aboutA uick read and the book sets the scene to have the second and third sister go through the same conversion process so I'd be curious to see if the writer improved as she created those subseuent books I would count this a good first start I did read through the book after all and would be willing to give the next book in the series a tryOne final comment there are only a few romantic sex scenes in the book and they are fairly mild So for some people that might be perfect and for others it might be disappointing I think romance novels should have some sort of a steaminess rating so that readers of all types can know in advance what they're getting

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My Lord's Desire King John #1Ridors threw her into the arms of a valiant knight seeking a wife the beautiful heiress began to rethink her solemn vowTo ransom his captive brother Armand de Boisbaston had great need of a wealthy and willing wife Fate sent him the lady. Armand foi outra personagem com uem tive o mesmo problema Achei o com uma história de fundo interessante mas de alguma forma a autora não me deixou criar afinidade suficiente com a personagem Outro ponto ue tenho a apontar são os diversos personagens ue são apresentados repentinamente sendo ue mais à frente uando nos falavam de novo da personagem x acabava por não me lembrar onde já tinha lido sobre elaÉ uma leitura fluída e simples sendo óptima para um dia de praia Histórias com personagens interessantes com uma boa história de fundo mas com uem não consegui criar uma afinidade total o ue foi uma penaOpinião completa em