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free read ReAwakened ð PDF, eBook or Kindle ePUB ñ [Read] ➱ ReAwakened By Ada Adams – Becoming a vampire guardian was Dawn Fairchild’s ticket out of the Scarlet House Fresh off a successful mission life in Angel Creek should have been great But when her sort of maybe boyfriend Sebast Becoming a vampireLives in jeopardy it uickly becomes evident that someone or something desperately wants Dawn and is willing to shed any amount of blood to get herDawn has only one chance to face her demons and overcome all obstacles standing in her way as she embarks on the biggest mission of her life one that threatens a deadly outcome for all involved. Dawn Fairchild thought she was done defeating evil after the demise of her evil uncle Viktor She's trying to get over the devastating loss of her father when she learns that Born vampires such as herself are being kidnapping and drained In addition to this Dawn is not so successfully coping with her long dead doppelganger torturing her thoughtswhich only happens when Dawn is near the sexy Sebastian But getting cozy with a guy is the least of her worries Can Dawn find out who's behind the kidnappings before she becomes the next victimThis book is uite a bit longer than the first one in the series and for a while I wasn't sure where it was going There are several different plot lines and in the end they all come together When I finished it I just sat there going HOLY CRAP HOLY CRAP HOLY CRAP I know very elouentSPOILERS AHEAD IF YOU HAVEN'T READ REVAMPEDDawn isn't exactly at her butt kicking best in this book She's dealing with some serious demons grief and kind of thinks she's going crazy You can't blame her since she found out she's the clone of the daughter her father lost over 120 years ago she's been struggling with real feelings of being second best and identity crisis But I still adore her even though she's stubborn and refuses to let anyone help her when she needs it mostSebastian is back in all his sexy glory When Dawn and Sebastian are on the pages together you can feel the heat smoldering out of the book I love them together and it drove me crazy what they had to go through during the course of these events I hoping things end up happily for themWhile reading I started thinking this book was reminding me of other bookswhich I didn't experience at all while reading ReVamped; I thought it was wholly original Now this may be a problem for some but it wasn't for me because the things I was reminded of are things I enjoy Sebastian's long lost brother Razor DO NOT LIKE that name ugh swoops in and flirts shamelessly with Dawn while Sebastian broods giving the story some Vampire Diaries style flair Also suddenly werewolves And the meeting at the gazebo strung with lights screamed Twilight Like I said things I like but felt were kind of repetitive in the YA worldThe book was long but definitely not short on action Add in a hot romance some double crosses twists you never see coming and humor and you have one hell of a book that leaves you catching your breath I will be first in line to read part three

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Becoming a vampire guardian was Dawn Fairchild’s ticket out of the Scarlet House Fresh off a successful mission life in Angel Creek should have been great But when her sort of maybe boyfriend Sebastian disappears on a uest to help a beautiful vampire from his past Dawn finds herself amidst a web of danger lies and deceitJoining forces w. ReAwakened begins two weeks after the ending of ReVamped and the stakes are even higher than before We’re back with our beloved heroine Dawn along with all the misfits There’s also a good helping of Sebastian and a bunch of new characters that will either make you swoon or make you want to pull your hair out Ada Adams really brings ReAwakened to a whole other level with romance action and surprises you’ll just never expect Angel Creek fans are in for a roller coaster ride that will have your heart racingDawn is still that strong courageous and brave girl I absolutely loved in the first book In ReAwakened we definitely see another side of her A side that is vulnerable and shows weaknesses that make her real and graspable She grows for the better because even though Dawn is strong in nearly every way she's not fearless In ReAwakened Dawn really tries to hold herself together after everything that has happen and she doesn’t fall a part Dawn puts her life on the line and sacrifices herself in many situations that anger me but also made me admire her ten fold The sheer amount of love she had for her friends is inspiring and goes to show how truly amazing she is Dawn has always been a good person in and out and she shines here in ReAwakened This time around Dawn really faces her grief the truth and all fears that have been plaguing her for so long The new characters in ReAwakened are a wonderful addition to the series There are some characters I absolutely loved from the very start and there are some characters I hated with no hesitation While others grew on me the I read Adams does incredible job of placing these characters and having them rock the stability in the story These characters not only surprised me but also shocked me beyond belief There’s even old characters that come back that I never even imagined would create such chaos Ada Adams also gives background story with some of the misfits that made me connect with them Ada Adams continued to impress me with her fabulous writing I was engrossed and completely taken over by the whole story It was balanced and it had a perfect story arc complete with a building climax and a resolution with a shocking ending that begged for The pacing of the book was just amazing Each chapter had build up from the previous one until I hit the explosive revelation Ada added a lot of elements into ReAwakened that worked well with the story and had me guessing all the time I never uite knew what going to happen next Every chapter was unexpected and had my anticipation building The best part of ReAwakened is Ada’s ability to evoke all kinds of emotions from happiness to anger to swooning to nervousness to sadness and heartbreak Whatever emotion you could feel it’s felt while reading this book and how Ada can do this is just sheer brilliance and true talent Overall ReAwakened was even better than its predecessor Any expectations I could have anticipated were blown away Saying that I enjoyed it is an immense understatement ReAwakened had a great amount of romance angst action humor and sadness anyone could hope for Fans of the Angel Creek series will not be disappointed and be left in complete and utter speechlessnessMore Reviews on my blog Words Pages and Books

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ReAwakenedIth Razor an enigmatic rebel lacking both a verbal and a physical filter and her band of Misfits Brooke Sophie Hunter and Seth Dawn is thrust into a race against the clock to solve the mystery surrounding brutal Born kidnappings and come to terms with the sudden discovery of her own uniue powers With time ticking away and Born vampires’. I was a lucky girl and got to Beta read ReAwakened I'm not writing a review until a bit later but I just wanted to day all you ReVamped fans out there you are going to LOVE ReAwakenedIt's definitely an amazing book with sharp twists and turns you are all in for one hell of a rideCan't wait for everyone to read itThanks to an amazing author ADA ADAMS