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Didn’t I Warn You? Bad for You #1 Read & Download ò 4 ´ [Reading] ➸ Didn’t I Warn You? Bad for You #1 By Amber A. Bardan – Insolpro.co.uk Not everything dangerous is bad From the moment Angelina laid eyes on him she fell into a fantasy Mysterious foreign gorgeous Haithem offered her what she needed most—a cE from his betrayal Haithem warned her He told I Warn You? Bad for ePUB #187 her he'd make her heart race her body come alive and her most primal needs rush to the surface His for the taking He didn't say she'd I Warn You? MOBI #238 come to love the devil who's destroying her even as he keeps her prisone. Working on edits and I pulled this scene Haithem is dangerous And seductive How do you resist a guy who offers this“You owe me nothing I expect nothing from you I trust no promises from you” His voice softened whispered around me from what felt like all directions He stopped directly behind me his hands coming down on my shoulders so I couldn’t turn “But this doesn’t have to be a nightmare It doesn’t have to be a trap or a prison” He pulled me back against him and suddenly his arms were around me and the beast was gone replaced instead by a comforting protectorMy pulse jumped How uickly he could change“This isn’t fair For that I owe you and I always honor my debts”I’d slipped into hyper awareness—of the arm around my waist the body at my back the voice in my ear I could almost see myself in his arms standing like a waxwork so still and glassy eyed Mesmerized“I saw your face when you told me you’re smothered so tightly you can’t breathe” he whispered “You could be free” He brushed his cheek against my temple “No one around You could be yourself”He rocked me so softly I almost missed the shift of my weight from one side to the other I no longer knew if I was holding myself up“I can give you sunsets on the ocean I can show you space so endless you’ll lose yourself”My hair caught on his bristles“Have you ever run down a deserted beach Angel” His hand moved on my belly “Have you ever swum naked in saltwater” His voice penetrated my head my blood sinking down somewhere even deeper“Imagine three weeks where anything you ask will be indulged All your demands met Ask me for something—ask me for anything”My eyes closed“Do you need someone to hear you” His word curled into my ear so gently I felt the steam from his body in his breath “I’ll listen to you talk for days”He touched my chest pressed his palm flat against meI twitched“You can tell me what it is you keep buried in here What you’re holding onto so tightly that you can’t let go You can give it all to me Angel Just hand it all over to me”Air flooded my lungs and I lunged out of his grasp My heart beat so fast I could imagine coronary damage taking place I turned and faced him backing out of reachHad I let him read me so thoroughly Had I laid out my weakness so well that he could drive himself into my head and fuck me thereBecause that’s what he was doing—he was fucking my mind I knew it He knew it It was working

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Not everything Warn You? Kindle #214 dangerous is bad From the moment Angelina laid eyes on him she fell into a fantasy Mysterious foreign gorgeous Haithem offered her what she needed most a chance to feel again But Haithem is much than he appears to be He lives in a world of danger where everything come. 5 Stars 35 Flames Oh My GAAAAWD I haven't been this excited about a suspensedark contemporary romance in a very long time I'm hooked I'm crazy about this and I'm having freakin' dreams about being IN this book Author beware I'm officially on stalker duty because THIS IS AMAZINGWhere to beginI might have to write in code so that I don't give anything away I REALLY want you to read this like I did Without knowing any of the secrets Without knowing any of the drama Without knowing both the hurt and the love that each one of these characters possess I want you to read this with open eyes and not judge this book by it's cover although the cover IS pretty awesome and absolutely perfect for Haithemsigh But I WILL give you a little teaserWhile waiting for a job interview Angelina is completely captivated by a mysterious man who walks in to the cafe Their eyes lock it's instant chemistry She even tries to eaves drop on his conversation with his business partners But when he leaves the cafe without attempting to get her number she figures her chance was over Until another chance meeting in an elevator A moment that will change everything for both of themforeverReader beware Be prepared to never put this book down Yes it's 350 pages but you are so pulled in to the story the mystery theHaithem that you'll be cursing the last page when you realize it's over and you're wanting I know I want Like NOW Did I mention I'm on stalker dutyI was given this book from the Jeep Diva in exchange for my honest opinion

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Didn’t I Warn You Bad for You #1S at a price For Angelina that price is her future He's made sure the life she's left Didn’t I eBook #10003 behind is in tatters Made her family believe she's dead Still he talks about protecting her about keeping her safe but she can't distinguish his truth from his lies She can't separate her pleasur. 5 TROPETASTIC STARSThis is THE most captivating romance I’ve ever read There’s something so completely magical about Didn’t I Warn You and not ironically at all in the way I expected I was thinking this was going to be like DUNGEON level dark It’s not It’s troupey and crazy over the top kind of like Jane The Virgin and the OTT Telenovela feel and like JTV it just works The darkness comes in via the state of constant suspense that the reader is kept in That on the edge fearful uncomfortable unknowing of how bad the hero is and how bad are things going to get But what I loved about this book what it gave me that no other book before it ever has is that you get that heart pounding adrenaline ride with a REAL romanceThe romantic and sexual tension between Haithem and Angelina was beautiful and breathtaking It brought me to tears and made me truly feel And when the end came I was all the way there There’s this thing with dark romance where I want to love them but can’t The hero rarely gets redeemed adeuately enough for him to be my dream manBut Haithem oh my god he’s redeemed to perfection and I get to love him at the end of it Now my warning to you— if you are after that “taboo” style romance this isn’t a rapey captive romance It’s sensual and gorgeous and the exact right amount of dark to cut your traditional romance reader teeth onI loved this so very much and I urge you to give it a try because I’ve never been uite this invested in fictional people before