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The lost cowboy Thunder Mountain Ranch was Thunder Mountain PDFEPUB #233 the only place cowboy Midnight Thunder Kindle Cade Gallagher had ever called home But after he and Lexi Simmons Thunder Thunder Mountain PDFEPUB #228 broke each other's hearts he left it behind along. I am a sucker for a cowboy I love stories where the heroes are ranchers Midnight Thunder is one of those books and Vicki Lewis Thompson is an author that seldom disappointsThe plot reminds me of a book I read not too long ago that had a foster child that returns home after one of his parents has health issuesI loved that this book really figures heavily on Cade rather than Lexi Cade is a character that you simply have to love He has a good heart and he's good with animals I loved how he rescued Hematite and I also loved that he was a cat man His kitty Ringo is an awesome little guySo basically Cade is the perfect man in my eyes I also loved his other blood brothers In fact midway through this story I was already dying for Finn's book He is a very intriguing character and waiting to see if he gets his happily ever after with Chelsea is going to make me burst with anticipationBut there is a romance going on here Its a romance that started back in his high school days I love second chance stories even though I tend to wonder how anyone could pine after someone for several years The chemistry between Cade and Lexi is electric These two are made for each other and they are written in such a way that you really root for them I was also pleased that there was no huge conflict that separated them where you have to wait for one of the characters to start behaving better and get on with their relationshipI totally loved this book and look forward to reading the next 2 books

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Midnight Thunder Thunder Mountain Brotherhood #1With his foster family Since then Cade has drifted looking for something anything to call home Until a call from Lexi changes everything Cade has been gone too long His foster mother is hospitalized and the ranch is in deep financial trouble Yet even as his world crumbles Ca. Books Coffee PassionI’ve read a few of Vicki Lewis Thompson’s books so my expectations were high especially after this awesome series teaser I can say that Vicki didn't disappoint with this oneIt's a second love chance story that starts with Cade uitting his job on a ranch that doesn't feel much like home because his home was Thunder Mountain Ranch Cade feels he can’t go back home because he broke Lexi's heart when he ended their relationship and he doesn't think he can deal with returning and seeing her again In the exact moment he's looking for another job and leaving the ranch where he's been working Lexi calls him to tell him his foster mom has been hospitalized Cade doesn't hesitate to return home to his foster parents Lexi and the Thunder Mountain BrotherhoodI want to avoid spoilers so I'm just pointing out what I loved about this book First of all both Lexi and Cade don't play emotional games I really loved how they spoke their mind with each other and their bluntness was kind of refreshing Of course this means there’s not a lot of angst even though there are a few surprises through the book that I liked by the way I also loved how the five years they've been apart didn't change their connection nor their feelings toward each other Both of them are very strong characters but what makes this story so good is that every time they are together we can totally see that they are made for each other and that they are much better together than apartI loved all the secondary characters including Hematite and Ringo Herb and Rosie were very sweet too and of course I'm looking forward for Damon and Finn's books Especially Finn's because I really loved his interactions with Chelsea and I just wanted and of them but after reading the epilogue which I found hilarious I can't wait to read Damon's book nextI received a copy of this book from Harleuin via NetGalley

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Midnight Thunder Thunder Mountain Brotherhood #1 Free read ´ 6 á ☆ [PDF / Epub] ★ Midnight Thunder Thunder Mountain Brotherhood #1 By Vicki Lewis Thompson ✩ – Insolpro.co.uk The lost cowboy Thunder Mountain Ranch was the only place cowboy Cade Gallagher had ever called home But after he and LexDe's hunger for Lexi is almost as tangible as the taste of her lips and the way her body fits deliciously against his It's bittersweet surrender But Lexi isn't the girl she used to be and she's determined to have the hot cowboy in her bed only if she keeps him out of her hea. Cade has come back home after five years due to an emergency His old flame Lexi is waiting to help him through it They still have feelings for one another and while working on saving the ranch they embark on a new relationship only this time they are being mature about it Will they get back their passion or will they decide it's not worth the time this timeThis was a uick short read and I really liked it The characters are all great and I loved how they all interacted with one anotherI was given a copy by the publisher via Netgalley in exchange for an honest review