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Outback PromiseTragedy Betrayal HopeAfter losing their only child Roslyn and Grady Balfour's lives are destroyed shattering their perfect marriage When Ros discovers Grady's infidelity it sets their love on a destructive downward spiral Grady hopes that three months together camping will Ros and Grady's marriage has been in tatters since the day their gorgeous little son was taken from them in a hit and run car accident six years ago Attempting to get through each day was a challenge but somehow they had to find a way to move forwardWhen Grady suggested they go on a camping trip for three months Ros was very reluctant as it was the last thing she really desired to do Could this travelling journey around the Australian outback bring the couples love they once had for one another back or was it too late? A heart wrenching story of loss love and relationships which will take the reader on a roller coaster ride of emotions Aussie author Maggie Bolitho has written a very entertaining book and the description of the outback throughout this book are simply breath taking I have no hesitation in highly recommending this book to anyone who loves a great readWith thanks to Netgalley and publishers for my copy to read and review

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Rekindle what was lost so long ago Attempting to repair their broken marriage Ros and Grady set out on a journey of self discovery and redemption deep into the Australian outback Packing resentment and bitterness along with them on their uest the couple struggles with what Things weren't doing well between husband and wife Grady Rosaly Balfour Their only son Cadel died six years prior to the story and from then on the couple's relationship slowly went down the drain Suspicions arose secrets abounded flirting and extra marital activities ensued until the couple finally decided to have The Talk In the Outback together for ninety days In the Outback where they could relive old memories and re asses their relationship Will there still be hope for two shattered hearts?I swear I look ugly when I cry and this book just made me uglier because of all the tears that came out of my eyes Seriously from cover to cover I was engulfed in an ocean of tears sobbing uncontrollably and wishing I could stop the time so I can ease the pain in Rosalyn and Grady's hearts I know they are only fictional characters in a book but god I felt them I pictured them as real people I couldn't stop but feel their painOutback Promise is perhaps the saddest book I've read to date but the story is full of emotions and lessons so you wouldn't regret reading it It is a story about family love death betrayal financial crisis acceptance and forgiveness Plus the way the story was written was so beautiful and lyrical I couldn't help but admire Maggie Bolitho She's a really good prolific writer Hands down mate

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FREE DOC ☆ READER Outback Promise Õ MAGGIE BOLITHO » ✮ [PDF] ✩ Outback Promise By Maggie Bolitho ✻ – Tragedy Betrayal HopeAfter losing their only child Roslyn and Grady Balfour's lives are destroyed shattering their perfect marriage When Ros discovers Grady's infidelity it setsThey've lost Forced to battle the challenges of the other travelers along with the dangers of the harsh outback their only chance for survival lies in facing the secrets of the past Will Ros and Grady find a way to hold onto each other when everything else has fallen apart? 45 out of 5 starsReviewed by me as part of Rosie Amber's Book Review TeamI liked this book a lot Maggie Bolitho has the sort of innate gift for the written word that makes my editingcritiuing hat fall off unnoticed allowing me to just read and enjoy which is of course the best wayOutback Promise is about the marriage of Ros and Grady Six years after their four year old son Cadel was killed in a tragic accident their marriage has faltered and they decide to go on a three month trip across the Australian Outback to 'find each other' again This story was not one that immediately appealed to me as the subject matter of a family losing a child is possibly the last I'd want to read about I am childfree and like to read for escapism mostly but the Outback aspect appealed a great deal as it's something I'd love to doI was pleasantly surprised The first half of the book follows one of my favourite structures alternating chapters between past and present to show how the characters got to where they're at now I didn't find the bits about Cadel's death and Ros and Grady's subseuent pain to be something I had to wade through at all as I'd feared; Ms Bolitho's writing is clear and spare never wordy or contrived and it was actually very movingThe Outback trip starts approximately half way through and at first I feared that I was about to read pages and pages of emotional zig zagging but it picked up uickly with two notable highlights a ghastly couple called Nestor and Max who they met at one campsite I loved them a terrific piece of writing they were drawn so perfectly I could actually see them and an encounter with a couple of poachersI very much enjoyed reading about the trip; I would have liked to read description about the landscape and how they reacted to it but that's only personal preference; the book is about the marriage after all My favourite characters tended to be the secondary ones but they all 'worked' I didn't particularly warm to Grady and only a little to Ros who I found a trifle self absorbed though this isn't a criticism of the book; Ros is a woman with much 'baggage' and she began to understand herself better as the story came to a close There was one incident near the end that really spoke to me Grady had been out on a boat with friends she'd stayed behind because she suffered from seasickness Afterwards she was expecting him home and wanted to do the romantic dinner thing but he stayed in the pub having a rip roaring time with his friends He wanted her to join him but she said no because it didn't fit in with her idealistic image of how their evening would be I wanted to shout at her Go He wants you to be there think about what he wants and be spontaneous because Grady didn't want a 'romantic' meal he just wanted her to join him I was completely absorbed in the story all the time I was reading this book and would recommend it to anyone who enjoys a well written contemporary relationship based drama I'll certainly read by this author