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Tell Me Everything kindle ¾ eBook Free Å insolpro ✓ ❴PDF❵ ✅ Tell Me Everything Author Sarah Enni – YOUR SECRET’S SAFE UNTIL IT’S NOTIvy is the shy artist type and keeps a low profile—so low that she’s practically invisible to everyone at Belfry High School except for Suspects Harold is keeping a secret she decides to go all in Forget gifts Ivy wants to throw Harold a major partyBut when all those good intentions thrust her into the spotlight Ivy’s carefully curated world is thrown into chaos Now she has to find the courage to come out of the shadows about her art her secrets and her mistakes or risk losing everything and everyone she loves the most This whole book feels like one giant meh and a whole lot of wasted potential I will say though that the chapter number pages is that what they're called? The first page of each chapter I guess were absolutely gorgeous with pretty paint patters on them so there's that to loveThere were definitely some interesting and important conversations about social media and internet privacy A significant part of the novel concerns the decision of whether or not the identity of someone who makes a hateful post should be allowed to be revealed something which Ivy is very passionate about and even makes comments about freedom of speech and being allowed to post whatever you want even if it can be considered hate speech For the most part I definitely enjoyed this commentaryI also really loved the emphasis on art that this book had It was so clear from the start and throughout how much Ivy loved and cared about art Her passion really shone through the writing and I could really imagine some of her pieces of artThe whole premise was definitely uniue and an interesting concept to tackle but it ultimately wasn't my favorite thing to read and did feel rather contrived and unrealistic It was about a new app called VEIL that allows people to share their artwork anonymously with the people within a five mile radius of them that completely overtakes the school and blows up to become the next big thing that everyone is infatuated with For example I had a hard time believing that everyone could become so obsessed with it so uickly especially with other social media sites out there like Instagram where people can still share their art anonymously as long as they don't use their real name or picture when they sign up on the site? I mean I post my reviews here with a fake name it's not like this is exactly a revolutionary concept? Also not to sound like a cynic but I have a hard time believing so many people care about art and post and look at art lmao; I'm sure it would be popular among artists but for basically everyone in the entire school and beyond to be obsessed with it is a bit of a reach? The fact everyone from Ivy's high school and nobody else seems to be on it is a bit strange? Yeah it's within a five mile radius but the people living in my neighborhood can funnel to like two high schools and three middle schools not to mention a bunch older 20 or 30 somethings who would probably be using the app if teens were? Concerning the hate mentioned above the fact that so much of the plot and so much angst and scandal for lack of a better word revolves around one troll post is a bit unbelievable I mean let's be real; as much as we want the internet to be a place of only positivity there is bound to be hate and hurtful posts and it's unrealistic that after months there is only one hateful post This was kind of small but I don't get why Ivy was constantly taking photographs of VEIL posts with her film camera and then being worried that people would find them and judge her? It's established that she likes to shoot in film which is cool but I don't understand why she wouldn't just take a screenshot here? Does she never use her phone camera? Ivy herself was also a pretty annoying and unlikable character For one thing she literally never supports her best friend Harold in his 1092384234o clubs or even really cares about what he's doing when he's trying his hardest to get into an elite college We're told repeatedly that the two of them are best friends but I never see that or see why? It's established that Ivy is shy but you can't even passively sit at one club meeting? She also repeatedly complains that her parents don't care about her art and mentions how annoyed she is that her parents never sent her to art camp even though she never mentions it herself? I meanare you mad at them for not being mind readers? Particularly since she's supposedly so shy they might think that she wouldn't even like art camp because it would reuire leaving the house and being social that would be me lmao Finally what really annoyed me was the fact that she really cared so much about protecting internet privacy while at the same time trying to discern the identities of VEIL posters? I mean hypocrite much? I felt really iffy about the diversity and representation in this book At one point Ivy is talking to someone about being shy and she's like it's called being shy and the person is like no it's called social anxiety I was just like ??? This is the only time it's mentioned in the whole book and considering Ivy still hangs out with people outside of school and walks up and talks to random strangers I really didn't thinkit felt like she had social anxiety? I'm NOT ownvoices so I can't talk about the representation personally but it didn't really sit well with me the way there was that one throwaway line in there The lgbt representation was uestionable too in my opinion There is a significant amount of talk about a homophobic hate post online but the actual conseuences and implications of that post were never really mentioned It was like this post is so homophobic it's disgusting what an internet troll omg horrible There's also talk of the formation of a Pride Club and talk of it being a good thing but we never actually experience a pride club meeting or get to see firsthand why? Also Ivy outs someone she thinks but doesn't know is gay in front of a huge crowd without ever talking to him about whether he wants to come out The main character is straight she crushes onloves boys There are no lgbt relationships in this book Yet lgbt themes for lack of a better word took up a significant part of the plot It's like let's just have straight people talk about lgbt people without actually showing lgbt people? Idk if that made sense but overall it was just very iffy 15 stars

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Ssmates is the VEIL user who needs new paintbrushes and another is the one visiting the hospital every week and another is the one dealing with their parents’ messy divorce While she’s too scared to put her own creations on the app Ivy thinks of an even better way to contribute by making gifts for the artists she’s discovered The acts of kindness give her such a rush that when Ivy Tell me Everything is fantastic This book is about how Ivy an 'invisible' girl discovered an app called VEIL where anonymous artists get to share their thoughts and post their art Ivy discovered a few of her classmates and found out their real identity So she started doing random act of kindness Ivy the main character in this book has a shy characteristic when facing large groups of her classmates But when everyone's feeling upset she's always willing to help out and manages to make everyone feel better I can identify with her because I am not exactly comfortable with standing in front of my classmates but I always have creative ways to help others whenever I can I can relate Ivy to a classmate in my art class I won't name her here She is always helping others and she is very nice She has a great talent for drawing too

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Tell Me EverythingYOUR SECRET’S SAFE UNTIL IT’S NOTIvy is the shy artist type and keeps a low profile so low that she’s practically invisible to everyone at Belfry High School except for her best friend Harold As sopho year begins Harold takes up a hundred activities leaving Ivy on her own Luckily she’s found a distraction the new anonymous art sharing app VEILSoon Ivy realizes that one of her cla I struggled with this book a little bit Overall I really wanted to like it I loved the concept young girl discovers VEIL an anonymous new art sharing app she really connects with works up the courage to share her art online etc However I found so many things off about this book First of all I found the central conflict around VEIL to highly unbelievable The whole point of the book is I guess freedom of speech? And there are all these big moral uestions around whether a hateful post should be taken down or the user revealed and even though this main character lives in a tiny town the app is location based this is apparently huge enough news that the app creator is responding to it?Okay First of all speaking as a community manager myself if you're making an app that allows children to participate there has to be moderation There WOULD BE moderation This whole plot falls apart for me because either this hateful post and posts like this would just be taken down through a very basic moderation system OR THE APP WOULD BE OVERRUN WITH GARBAGE IN MINUTES Have you heard of the TTP? In the community management world that stands for time to penis That's the amount of time it takes for there to be images of penises in an unmoderated place on the internet It's often very very short VEIL wouldn't stand a chanceOn top of that Ivy is INCREDIBLY fired up about why VEIL users should stay anonymous how it's the whole heart of the site and yet she NEVER stops to think that her grand gestures go completely against that view She's outing people left and right and it made me really start to resent her Or at least just feel like she was a bit of an idiot On top of that I never really got a sense of why she and Harold were actually friends I could not figure out why he likes her She seems like a wet blanket and a terrible friend to be honest She never supported him until she very naively falsely outed him and accidentally turned the whole school against her because of her assumptionsI guess I'm not sure what I'm supposed to have learned from this book which is sad because I think Internet privacy is a very relevant topic right now But this book for me missed the mark on that uite a bit