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Two bit reporter Andy Pointer had always been unsuccessful and antisocial until he got the scoop of his career t. Luke Smitherd is not lacking in imagination I can say that with some confidence having read a handful of his books – all very different all spectacularly original In this one the author’s home city Coventry England is visited by a Stone Man a statue in the shape of a large human figure that just appears one day in Millennium Suare Except it’s not a statue because it’s just started to move Andy Pointer a working journalist happens to be in the vicinity when this happens – he’s spotted the crowd and intrigued to see what spectacle has caused them to gather he makes his way toward the group At first he thinks that this must be some kind of publicity event but it soon becomes clear that this is nothing of the sort Andy is at once amazed and scared by what he witnesses whilst also recognising that this might offer him a career defining opportunityI really had no idea what was going happen from this point but whatever I might have envisaged I don’t think I’d have come up with anything to compete with the author’s construction Is it wholly believable Well maybe not but it is clever and it is a story that’s very well told I listened to it on audio brilliantly read by actor Matt Addis I was totally gripped throughoutAndy proved to be a credible if not totally likable lead man and the other main characters were similarly well drawn This helped to engage me in a story that might otherwise have stretched my limited imagination a little too far As it was I found myself wanting to know the fate of the main players and to see how this fantastical tale was to be explained to be somehow rationalised And I think a pretty good job was done on both elements I did find myself imagining a number of different endings but when I later placed them under scrutiny yes this story has played with my head ever since I found all my alternatives wantingWell done Mr Smitherd you’ve done it again You’ve laid out a story that’s straight out of left field a story that could have had me chucking another book on the DNF pile – and you’ve kept me engaged right through to the end Then you’ve made me play mental games with it for some time after Not many writers achieve this I’ll be reaching for another book from your catalogue some time soon

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The Stone ManThat came afterwards and what that cost him along with the rest of his countryThe destruction the visionsthe dyi. When a mysterious stone behemoth appears in the center of Coventry hack reporter Andy thinks he's on to the scoop of the century Little does he realize that the Stone Man and the sinister purpose for its arrival are inextricably linked to his very survivalThe Stone Man is Luke Smitherd's second novel and its the one you want to read first Well plotted sleekly written and robust it's a great example of solid science fictionAnd I KNOW my science fictionMy father was a sci fi fan growing up; so when I was a kid I had access to a truly exceptional library of dog earred novels by writers the likes of which we won't see again Ray Bradbury Arthur C Clarke Edmund Cooper The biggest compliment that I can give to The Stone Man is that it holds its own amongst the best of 'emAnother reviewer here wrote that it was unlike any sci fi she'd read before but I would argue the exact opposite Good science fiction needs to follow a certain formula and Luke Smitherd managed to do that pitch perfectly There was a mystery The protagonist was swept up in it in a very believable way and as the novel progressed we learned and ; making the entire novel progressively compelling It was old school stuff; and a great example of why that model has always workedSo my 5 star review That's five stars in comparison to REAL books; not just the stuff you'll find self published on Kindle The Stone Man is the sort of book that if I'd splashed ten uid on in an airport or train station bookstore I'd have considered it money well spent In some ways it reminded me in particular of Steven King's From a Buick Eight in that it was ultimately a very human story; with the fantastical elements merely serving ad set pieces to the rich satisfying story driven characterization

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Read The Stone Man è PDF, eBook or Kindle ePUB free å ➮ [Read] ➪ The Stone Man By Luke Smitherd ➺ – Two bit reporter Andy Pointer had always been unsuccessful and antisocial until he got the scoop of his career; the day a man made of stone appeared in the middle of his cityThis is his accHe day a man made of stone appeared in the middle The Stone PDFEPUBof his cityThis is his account of everything. DullI thought the premise of this story was great and would be entertaininguntil I started reading it I struggled in giving it a one or two rating because although I did finish it there were many sentences paragraphs and pages I skipped The constant babbling and carrying on of the same subject without getting any deeper into the storyline was maddening Giving two stars just because I didn't stop reading completely hoping the story would get better It did not