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FREE EPUB ì MOBI The Torch ô ´ [Ebook] ➠ The Torch Author Peter Twohig – Melbourne 1960 Mrs Blayney and her twelve year old son live in South Richmond At least they did until their house burnt down The prime suspect one Keith Aloysius Gonzaga Kavanagh also aged 12 has myst Melbourne Mrs Blayney and her twelve yeTrying to avoid Keith's dangerous prison escapee father Fergus Kavanagh also an arsonist who is suspected of selling secrets to the Russians; and all the while wondering how he can get his hands on the most beautiful object in the world the Melbourne Olympic TorchA madcap brilliantly shambolic and irresistibly fun novel about loss discovery and living life to the full The Torch is a ripper of a ri Fun to read witty and entertaining especially for someone whose childhood reading was the adventures of the famous five the secret seven and Dennis the menace Our 12 year old hero grapples with family friends girls neighbours superheroes school church underground tunnels and growing up in 1960 in MelbourneAs a seuel to The Cartographer which I loved for its charm and ability to convey a spirit of long lost adventure and sense of place and time this delivers the same characters place and tone I still enjoyed every minute of it and I do hope there's to come about how our hero fares

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Melbourne 1960 Mrs Blayney and her twelve year old son live in South Richmond At least they did until their house burnt down The prime suspect one Keith Aloysius Gonzaga Kavanagh also aged 12 has mysteriously disappeared Our narrator the Blayney kid sets off on a covert mission to find young Keith who he privately dubs 'Flame Boy' to save him from the small army of irate locals not to mention his #11 A book set during summerThis is a seuel to The Cartographer Twohig's debut novel centred on an eleven year old boy from Richmond in Melbourne with an encyclopedic knowledge of the drains which he uses to evade retribution from a murderer he witnessed in action This time he is trying to find the boy who burnt down the family home forcing Blayney and his mother to move in with her father former boxing champion and local crime boss Archie Taggerty The 'torch' of the title is both Keith the young pyromaniac and his father whose firelighting has been far strategic Once again Blayney gets involved in adult crimes whilst engaged in a rich fantasy life which helps him compensate for the death of his twin which he blames himself for It is an entertaining read with a highly individual narrative voice full of humour and inventive similes It is a while since I read the first book and it picks up where the last one left off It took a bit of time to remember who the characters were The central character now twelve seems much knowing than what I remember from the earlier book Knowledge of the underground drains in Melbourne is once again crucial and the contrast of the female characters' experiences during WW2 and as wives is very telling Husbands freuently shoot through leaving women to bring up children alone Blayney acuires a girlfriend but it's really a boy's world

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The TorchMother who want to see him put awayFlame Boy has not only made himself scarce but he's done so with a very important briefcase of secrets which the kid is keen to get hold of for his grandfather a shady character who has some secrets of his own But the kid has got a lot going on he's also organising a new gang of kids; coping with the ups and downs of having a girl friend who likes to kiss a lot; This book follows the adventures of the boy now twelve introduced in The Cartographer a mix of superhero and rascal He is slowly coming to terms with the loss of an identical twin and also with that fact that grown ups have many secrets of their own The setting is the 1950's in Richmond Melbourne footy allegiances fluorescent socks the Cold War and corporal punishment in the schools This background is fascinating as well as the world of drains and tunnels that our superhero knows backwards There's a colourful mix of characters; I particularly enjoyed his relationship with his grandfather and his grandfather's friend Barney both with dubious reputations that he is oblivious to Our superhero's mission this time is to save the Torch a boy with an arson problem; this gets mixed up with spies and a certain briefcase of papers that lots of people seem to want There's tension and humour; seen through a twelve year old's sometimes innocent eyes Very clever writing