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characters ↠ Hell House á PDF, DOC, TXT or eBook Õ ❰Reading❯ ➽ Hell House Author Richard Matheson – Passer une semaine dans une maison réputée hantée depuis trente ans telle est la mission confiée au dr Barrett et à une éuipe de spirites par un milliardaire mourant ui veut Pte ue le lieu est à la hauteur de sa réputation résonnant des crimes et des orgies u'elle a accueillis par le passé la maison Belasco semble les attendre Prête à posséder les audacieux ui oseront pénétrer en son se. I've been a Richard Matheson fan for a few years now and he rarely disappoints Hell House is no different A dying millionaire offers a physicist and two psychics a hundred thousand dollars apiece to spend a week in a haunted house to prove or disprove the existence of an afterlife Sounds simple enough rightTensions run high between the investigators Barrett thinks Florence's beliefs are crap and his scientific explanation is the only one Fischer doesn't seem to be doing much which also irks Barrett Barret's wife Edith has odd feelings for Florence What's caused by the spirits inhabiting the house and what isn'tThe first third of the book is mostly exposition Things don't really start picking up until halfway though but when they do Hell House is really hard to put down Matheson knows all about suspense and tension Just watch that episode of the Twilight Zone he wrote with the gremlin on the wing of the plane The attacks on the investigators by the spirit of inhabiting the Belasco house were fairly brutalThe ending was a tad on the anti climactic side once all was said and done Be that as it may I should have read this book much earlier Highly recommended for fans of the haunted house sub genre of horror

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E parapsychologue s'empresse d'accepter espérant bien ainsi triompher des maléfices et vérifier ses théories scientifiues sur l'existence d'une vie après la mort Arrivés sur place les investigateurs se rendent vite com. One day a young woman who had crisply turned 18 and was fresh out of school explored the horror genre while walking around an abandoned building She was on a trip with her family to visit a lovely area with beautiful trees fresh grass and rain And yet despite the large area we were the only family there It was soempty so silent And so when I wasn't reading I explored the derelict houses the rusty play area and the lovely forestAnd one day I settled down on bench outside and opened Hell House on my KindleI had never been so afraid in my life I was enraptured I couldn't put the book down despite my terror No book had elicited nightmares from me since I was afraid to sleep alone and so I decided to share a room with my sister It all felt so real The book played over and over in my mind and wouldn't let its hold on me go for months Sometimes it still sneaks up on me and gently touches my mind to remind me that this book this book Is the scariest shit I've ever read Courtesy of Jen's mini reviews

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Hell HousePasser une semaine dans une maison réputée hantée depuis trente ans telle est la mission confiée au dr Barrett et à une éuipe de spirites par un milliardaire mourant ui veut savoir si son âme lui survivra Mission ue l. Click here to watch a video review of this book on my channel From Beginning to Bookend Hell House is the sexually awkward tale of a haunted house that can't even bother to be haunted until the book is nearly over Dr Barrett has been hired by a wealthy dying man to investigate one of the most haunted houses known to man Hell House Along with his wife and two professional mediums Dr Barrett packs up his scientific gear and embarks to the long abandoned house to settle the uestion once and for all Do ghosts actually exist Perhaps the most physically chilling aspect of the house is that all of its windows have been bricked up so the interior is cast in eternal gloom It's reputation however is the most terrifying aspect of all It's the Mount Everest of haunted houses you might say There were two attempts to investigate it one in 1931 the other in 1940 Both were disasters Eight people involved in those attempts were killed committed suicide or went insane Only one survived and I have no idea how sound he is There's nothing fancy about the prose in this book which is fine It's a uick and easy read driven forward by the author's keen use of dialogue Even when very little is happening the natural flow of conversation keeps the story moving at a steady pace The book does however have what is perhaps the most poorly constructed sentence yet encountered Tongues of flame leaped upward crackingly Hell House may have been suitable under the category of mystery rather than horror because so much of the book has to do with the uestion of whether or not Dr Barrett can solve the mystery of the house Unfortunately Dr Barrett's scientific approach to hauntings and his pragmatic thinking is often invoked to downplay the paranormal events at Hell House which actively dilutes any chilling moments Over two hundred pages in Horny House Hell House finally shifts from reading like a mystery to proclaiming itself a horror novel Strangely the author relies heavily on rape to drive his plot And he regularly invokes a fear of sexual orientation suggesting that to one character in particular there's nothing horrific than the mere notion of being gay After waiting so long to be spooked or feel a burning need to turn on all the lights the notion that a character might falter in sexual orientation was hardly a terrifying payoff On that note the book often reads like a male sexual fantasy There are several crude salacious hyper sexualized incidences in this book and they always involve women It gives the reader a very uncomfortable sense that the author was penning his own sexual fantasies while writing this book Whether or not that's true doesn't change the fact that the depictions of female characters are enough to invoke an excess of eye rolling and bodily cringes Speaking of which the book includes this bizarre gem Let his God cock sink into my mouth she said Let me drink his holy burning jismAwkward sex scenes aside the book's conclusion leaves something to be desired After such a long wait for noteworthy paranormal events to transpire the story suddenly moves at a clipped pace with a mediocre reveal provided at its conclusion