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Claimed th Estate author and Line of PDF award winning science journalist Ian Townsend has uncovered a fascinating story of WWII little known to most Australians Centring on the hotspot in every sense that was Rabaul in WWII his account is an intriguing narrative which weaves together Australian history military conflict and science with volcanology being the peculiar sci. This is a story of a sad incident involving the execution of 5 people including an 11 year old boy his uncle and his mother in 1942 in Rabaul for being spies by the Japanese The descriptions of Rabaul and the history of its volcanoes were fascinating as I could picture them clearly in my head as I visited Rabaul in 2014 and had photos with my family in the black ash at the base of the volcanoes and visited the observatory etc What I didn't know about was how the Japanese saw Rabaul as a strategic base during WW2 and invaded and occupied the island in 1942 As a journalist Ian Townsend has done a lot of research and initially describes the back story of the young boy Dickie and his family and what lead them to living in Rabaul in 1942 from Adelaide I never knew of this story or of Australia's history in Rabaul so am very glad the author wrote this storyMy only issue was when Ian Townsend tried to include conversations or how the family were thinkingfeeling I know it was due to gaps in evidence and based on probabilities but I felt the facts alone were enough for it be a compelling highly readable story without feeling the need to humanise them with this device

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Line of FireEnce which drew the Americans Japanese and Australians together in conflict in the Pacific in the s and the story of one ordinary but doomed Australian familyLike The Hare with Amber Eyes this is a fascinating work of narrative non fiction a story of spies volcanoes history conflict and war set against the romantic dramatic and ultimately tragic backdrop of Rabaul in WWII. 'Line of Fire' is an extraordinary story of the execution of an Australian family by the Japanese in WWII New Guinea And like much of our Australian history involving women and like other stories has been swept under the historical carpet I can't remember learning much about New Guinea at school certainly nothing of Rabaul the Japanese or WWII and I thank you Ian Townsend for enlightening me For this was not just the history that culminated in unfortunate circumstances but it was the geology of Rabaul that added to the climatic events of the story and incredibly sad outcomes for the Manson family The Australian Government has a lot to answer for both before and after the events took place I encourage everyone to read 'Line of Fire'

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Download ✓ Line of Fire 105 Ñ ❴Download❵ ➹ Line of Fire Author Ian Townsend – The little known and intriguing WWII story of an eleven year old Australian schoolboy who was shot by the Japanese in Rabaul in 1942 as a suspected spyIt's hard to imagine this story as being part of The little known and intriguinThe little known and intriguing WWII story of an eleven year old Australian schoolboy who was shot by the Japanese in Rabaul in as a suspected spyIt's hard to imagine this story as being part of our past but in an eleven year old Australian boy Richard Manson and his parents either side of him were shot by the Japanese for suspected spying in Rabaul in Papua New GuineaAc. This story is a fascinating account of the tragic demise of Australian citizens at the hands of the Japanese navy in World War II Townsend begins his story with the firing suad execution of eleven year old Dickie Manson his mother mother’s partner uncle and neighbour at the base of a volcano in Rabaul He then reconstructs his narrative of what could have possibly brought them to this place and time and accusations of being spies Through his narrative he weaves the life story of Dicky’s mother and family recounting the social and class limitations on women through the history of early twentieth century Australia He interviewed minor characters who lived in Papua New Guinea at the time to paint a picture of what life was like for Australian ex pats in the idyllic tropical lifestyle prior to the Japanese invasion Parallel to the family’s story is an account of the geological history of the island Interviews with remaining family members are poignant as the family for decades were unaware of what had happened to their family members Townsend truly manages to convey the hardship of the landscape of New Guinea and the horrors faced by the soldiers and citizens as they fled the invading Japanese This is a terrific read for those interested in World War II history