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Münsters fall review º 3 ´ [Read] ➳ Münsters fall By Håkan Nesser – Insolpro.co.uk Vier Rentner feiern in einer Kneipe ihren Lottogewinn Reichlich angetrunken machen sich die vier auf den Heimweg Stunden später ist einer von ihnen tot hinterrücks erstochen in seiner eigenen Wohnun Vier Rentner feiern in einer Kneipe ihren Lottogewinn RUnd in der Tat holt sich Münster schon bald Rat bei Van Veeteren denn der Fall wird immer mysteriöser So präsentiert sich die Witwe des Opfers als Täterin und legt ein Geständnis ab Van Veeteren ist überzeugt dass sie lügtFour retirees celebrate their lottery win in a pub Drowned in drunkenness the four are making their way home Hours later one of them is dead stabbed in the back of his own apartment Commissioner. With The Unlucky Lottery I've now read all of Nesser's books that have been translated into English and I must say they are among the finest novels of crime fiction coming out of Scandinavia Sadly now I have to bide my time until the next one is translated and published This novel offers its reader an intriguing mystery or two a compelling story and absolutely some of the best characterizations in the genre The story begins when four older men realize they've won 20000 euros in the lottery to be split four ways First though the plan is to go out for a knees up in Capernaum to celebrate By the end of the evening Waldemar Leverkuhn will go home very drunk and tumble into his bed By the time his wife sees him again he'll be dead with over twenty stab wounds in his body soaking in his own blood And just as the police are getting into their investigation two other events of interest occur one of the Leverkuhn's neighbors disappears and one of the original four lottery winners goes missing as well Munster and his colleagues have their hands full trying to sort out this case which takes one twisty turn after another but they are left to do it with only a minimum amount of help from Van Veeteren who is on a year's leave of absence His trusty assistant Reinhart is also away on paternity leave It's up to those officers who previously have been or less on the sidelines of Nesser's other novels to solve the caseAlthough murder and mayhem abound and the book's focus is on the crime and its solution Nesser also uses this space to explore other topics especially the toll that police work puts on his characters' lives Van Veeteren of course has had enough and is focused on beauty and pleasure nowadays in a wing backed chair in an antiuarian book store yet he offers his help once in a while putting his oar in as a friend calls it Münster's family life is beginning to suffer as his work keeps him away from home and his wife realizes that there has to be to their lives Moreno finds herself putting work at a distance as she deals with ending a long term ongoing relationship with her boyfriend Nesser also goes back to what seems to be a favorite pastime of his examining how past events play a role in shaping an individual's psyche and above all the nature of justice what the police call murder someone else may call retribution it's all a matter of perspectiveThe book has a rather chilling twist which gives the reader pause to think about deeds and conseuences about justice and about the reader's own ideas about the rightness or wrongness of one's actions given certain circumstances I love books like this far from just a series of events that take you from point a to point b from the crime to the solution there's another layer inserted between the lines that gives the reader pause to think about his or her feelings on the matter Not that I don't like a good old fashioned point a to point b kind of crime novel sometimes because I do but this extra layer of self examination elevates this book from just another novel of crime fiction out there on the shelvesThe Unlucky Lottery is absorbing and scattered throughout is a bit of sarcastic humor another trademark of Nesser's writing Getting nit picky here I have to uestion the validity of using tape recordings of psychoanalytic therapy that someone just hands over to the cops Maardam may be a fictional place but it seems to me that the laws of doctor patient confidentiality are pretty standard everywhere so this part did not ring true at all and it seemed to be a rather unfair ploy the author used to further the story And perhaps the characters' lives are a little too much in depth for most readers of crime fiction I like go

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Vier Rentner feiern in einer Kneipe ihren Lottogewinn Reichlich angetrunken machen sich die vier auf den Heimweg Stunden später ist einer von ihnen tot hinterrücks erstochen in seiner eigenen Wohnung Kommissar Münster übernimmt den Fall denn Kommissar Van Veeteren hat sich für ein Jahr beurlauben lassen und arbeitet in einem Antiuariat Doch keiner seiner Kollegen glaubt dass er von der Ermittlungsarbeit lassen kann. Not a lot of Van Veeteren Not a curious mysteryWhat the author does show us an example of The Peter Principle in the worst of all places government employment where there is little accountability to the people

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Münsters fallMünster takes over the case because Commissioner Van Veeteren has taken a leave of absence for a year and works in a second hand bookshop But none of his colleagues believes that he can let go of the investigation work In fact Münster is soon consulting Van Veeteren because the case is becoming and mysterious So presents the victim's widow as perpetrator and makes a confession Van Veeteren is convinced that she is lyin. This is the 6th entry in the Van Veeteren series I have contended that this series is plot rather than character driven and that is why I enjoy this series This latest novel however has changed my opinion of this seriesVan Veeteren really is the heart and soul of this series How do I know This novel does not feature the venerable Chief Inspector and suffers dearly for itBriefly Waldemar Leverkuhn is a man with little joy in his life When he and his three friends win the lottery there is for a moment sunshine in his bleak existence Though the friends are able to celebrate their winnings their celebration is short lived After returning home that night Leverkuhn is stabbed to death And then just as mysteriously one of his other lottery winning pals disappearsIt is up to Intendent Münster and Ewa Moreno to find the killer Obviously they are not uite up to the task And yes they have to consult Van VeeterenI missed VV’s mental processes in solving the mystery I missed his drinking And I missed him playing badminton Hopefully Van Veeteren will be returning to the force because he is sorely needed