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review Hard Wear è PDF, eBook or Kindle ePUB free ☆ [PDF / Epub] ☉ Hard Wear By Marilyn Lakewood – Stand alone Not a cliff hanger HEA MF Mild Ds themesSuccessful sophisticated 36 year old Chase Tanner is a Dom who has everythingexcept love When he meets the woman of his dreams a submissive beauty w StandTown Washington State to rebuild her life It hasn’t been easy but finally at she’s happy self sufficient and emotionally ard But her strength and resolve are tested when a sweet talking hunk who drives an old Dodge truck and makes her feel nineteen again comes to to. Hard Wear is a wonderfully light erotic romance tale that follows thirty six year old successful businessman and Dom Chase Tanner as he pursues the beautiful and reluctant submissive thirty nine year old divorcee Kali BensonAuthor Marilyn Lakewood weaves an entertaining light BDSM tale set in the small lakeside town of Laketon Washington that easily draws the reader into Chase and Kali's story I loved the balance of romance drama and eroticism in this story The author does a wonderful job of focusing the story on Chase's pursuit of Kali and how their relationship playfully builds up to a steamy seduction and grows into something romanticThis story has a richly sensual seduction and excitement that keeps the reader engaged as Chase and Kali's story unfolds I couldn't help but really love Chase he's a sexy Alpha male Dominant that has no problem persuading a reluctant submissive to give into the pleasures of the body but what makes him so much desirable is that he wants something from Kali her heart And as for Kali she is a woman coming into her own after a devastating divorce I appreciated her desire to start a new life and her new found optimism and I couldn't help but smile as she slowly gives into her desires that lay below the surface But what I enjoyed most of all about this story is that it featured two mature adults who have experienced life and its trials and tribulations yet still had a mixture of romance and sexual burning desire for each otherHard Wear is an enjoyable erotic romance story that has everything that a reader could hope for It is a very swoon worthy tale that will leave you wanting Disclaimer I received a copy of the book from the author publisher in exchange for my honest review and participation in a virtual book tour event hosted by Virtual Book Tour Cafehttpjerseygirlsizzlingbookreviews

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Stand alone Not a cliff hanger HEA MF Mild Ds themesSuccessful sophisticated year old Chase Tanner is a Dom who has everythingexcept love When he meets the woman of his dreams a submissive beauty who’d rather be alone than with the wrong man Chase knows convincing her. I want a greenhouseif you've read this book you so know what I'm talking about I rarely uote from the book but the following exchange had me giggling with excitement and then had me tearing through the book like tomorrow didn't matter Do you work here Do you want me to That right there is the pinnacle of utter cheesiness executed so perfectly that I couldn't help shaking my head at myself for enjoying it The book is filled with similar exchanges that you aren't suppose to be finding intriguing yet I freaking loved it These 'no gos' aren't just thrown in; they truly work with the book the characters the themes and the tone of the bookAnd; If a woman desired a man taking was hot if she didn't it becomes a violation Beautiful words I wish the world could see and realise that this genre and lifestyle or even liking it isn't bad This books shows that normal people like BDSM Most books in this genre these days have characters that have some serious issues and makes it seem you HAVE to be ill of mind to be into it Marilyn Lakewood proved very early on that 'normal' people can be kinky and unashamedWhile this book contains of the lighter BDSM it is fitting as it is the beginning of the relationship and you don't just fall into the deep end with something that is about than just the play So for keeping it realistic a big praise for the author once My absolute favourite part of the book are the characters The dogs were my ultimate favourites as I personally have my furry babies at my side all of the time and dogs are just awesome little companionsThe less furyKali She is the woman I hope to become; she is sure of herself she doesn't do things on impulse unless it involves an utterly dashing man and even after all she has gone through she stays strong and doesn't give up without a fightJenna It needs to be stated that I'd love a friend like her and I have a little lady crush on herChase Do I really need to say He's a hot Dom He's Prince Charming in a suit hiding what you actually crave He's your wet dream from your teens and your Romeo the day you leave this world as a senior citizenLuc girlish giggle Since he is not yet taken I'll admit that I won't mind if he'd take methe offer is open buddy Marilyn Lakewood has a beautiful voice as an author She doesn't shy away from reality and its aches and pains but brings it forth in a manner that doesn't only show there is always hope she shows us that 'fairy tales' can become a reality I can't wait to read of this series and of her work

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Hard WearThat he’s the “right” one won’t be easy It’s the courtship of his life and he’ll have to put his life on the line to protect her“You’re just not good enough Kali” Her ex husband’s hurtful words echoed in Kali Benson’s memory as she moved to small. I received an ARC for an honest review I loved this book There are so many books written in the BDSM lifestyle I wasn't sure what to expect but Ms Lakewood carried it off with a different side of the lifestyle than I usually read This was a softer refreshing side of BDSM and I was captivated by this book from the beginningChance and Kali were such opposites but the story telling was done in such a way that everything just fell in to place throughout the book I laughed and cried with these characters I am excited to read the next book in the seriesMs Lakewood is a new author to me but one I know I'll continue to read Thank you for this great book