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Love In Plain SightIrresistible than his good looks An unexpected and unexpectedly intense attraction flares between them making her wonder why she never saw Love In PDF this before Suddenly the man she was determined to avoid is the only man she wants clos. Do you like a mystery This book begins with the disappearance of a child following Hurricane Katrina not discovered until several years later Social worker Courtney is determined to find and bring her home but the FBI isn't working fast enough So she independently hires bounty hunter Marc badly injured and trying to recover enough to be able to walk without limping His nasty attitude does little to help them work together until Courtney begins to see evidence that he too cares about the child he's never metDuring the course of their search each becomes aware of their attraction for each other but when they find Ariceli she gets ready to run intent on avoiding going back into foster care How they stop her and realize their love for each other brings the story to an intriguing end

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Locate the child Marc can even with his injury So she'll overlook his attitude As they follow cold leads together Courtney glimpses beneath his tough exterior to something surprising caring compassion vulnerability That softer side proves. Writing 3Story 3Satisfaction 3Not a bad book but a little long at times The DiLeo family is the type to adopt anyone who comes by Courtney Gerard is one of the adopted family and before a Sunday dinner Courtney asks Mama DiLeo if she thinks that her son Marc can help her Courtney is a social worker and one of her charges has disappeared Marc is a former bounty hunter and has the skills to do the tracking Marc has recently been in an accident leaving one of his legs shattered Stuck at home and frustrated Marc isn't the most friendly person and he resents the care that his injury needs He takes on Courtney's case as an excuse to get out of his house but along the way he learns that Courtney is than just a woman from a privileged background and Courtney starts to break open Marc's tough outer shell There are also chapters from the point of view of what you assume to be the child they're searching for I thought these particular chapters were kind of interesting but overall distracting from the love story and I wish it'd just been summarized at the end after Marc and Courtney discovered the truth There is also plenty of information on the foster care system London has clearly done her research here and I applaud her for it but including so much of it in the book itself made things drag Still the parts between Marc and Courtney were entertaining and their relationship developed nicely I was given a copy of this book by NetGalley

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Read & download ☆ Love In Plain Sight Ç PDF, DOC, TXT, eBook or Kindle ePUB free Ó ☉ Love In Plain Sight PDF / Epub ❤ Author Jeanie London – Right in front of her eyes Former bounty hunter Marc DiLeo is not the guy social worker Courtney Gerard wants helpRight in front of her eyes Former bounty hunter Marc DiLeo is not the guy social worker Courtney Gerard wants helping her But finding a kid who's been missing for a long time takes priority over her personal preferences And if anyone can. The second of Jeanie London’s DiLeo Family books blends romance and mystery in a story with rich contexts and strong emotional appeal The details of Araceli’s life and of the chaos confronting the New Orleans Department when their paper records were destroyed by Katrina and the nightmare of tracking the 2000 children who were evacuated from the city grounds Love in Plain Sight in compelling reality Because London weaves first person chapters in Araceli’s voice into the novel the reader cares about her happiness as an individual rather than as a statistic from the early chapters of the book Since both the Gerard and DiLeo families are introduced in earlier books London’s fans have expanded contexts for both hero and heroineCourtney is a sympathetic character from the beginning given her genuine concern for her clients and her colleagues but Marc is a harder sell A bounty hunter’s job does not immediately evoke sympathy and frankly Marc comes across as a jerk who fails to appreciate his having survived a near fatal accident and the love and support of his lively family He is also deliberately rude to Courtney But Harley Prince Gerard Courtney’s sister in law and Marc’s practically a sister assures Courtney that Marc is a jerk with a marshmallow center and as the reader along with Courtney begins to see the softness he struggles to hide Marc becomes sympathetic Long before the end I was rooting for their HEAIf you like your romances with a touch of realism a helping of mystery and a romance with plenty of sizzle and credible complications I think you will like Love in Plain Sight I love the DiLeo family and since there are still unmarried brothers I hope we see of them in future books See full review at Just Janga