O Projeto Fênix Um Romance Sobre TI DevOps e Sobre Ajudar o Seu Negócio a Vencer kindle Ð eBook 9788550801896

kindle O Projeto Fênix Um Romance Sobre TI DevOps e Sobre Ajudar o Seu Negócio a Vencer

O Projeto Fênix Um Romance Sobre TI DevOps e Sobre Ajudar o Seu Negócio a Vencer kindle Ð eBook 9788550801896 â ➚ [KINDLE] ❄ O Projeto Fênix Um Romance Sobre TI DevOps e Sobre Ajudar o Seu Negócio a Vencer By Gene Kim ➤ – Insolpro.co.uk BBill é gerente de TI da Parts Unlimited É segunda feira de manhã e em seu caminho para o escritório Bill recebe uma ligação do CEO A nova iniciativa de TI da empresa chamada Projeto Fênix é crucial para o futuro da Parts Unlimited mas o projeto está muito acima do orçamento e muito atrasado O CEO uer ue Bill reporte diretamente a ele e arrume a bagunça Bill tem 90 dias para consertar o projeto ou todo seu departamento será terceirizado Com a ajuda de um futuro membro do conselho e sua misteriosa filosofia das Três Maneiras Bill começa a ver ue todo o trabalho tem mais em comum com o chão de fábrica do ue ele jamais imaginou Com o tempo passando Bil Bill Palmer gets thrust into the CIO position at Parts Unlimited and has 90 days to make chicken salad out of chicken shit or the entire IT department gets outsourced Does Bill have what it takes?Confession Time I've worked in IT for the past fifteen years When the CTO of the company I work for strongly recommended all IT personnel read this I bit the bulletRemember those after school specials that were some kind of lesson with a flimsy story wrapped around it? That's pretty much what this was Only instead of featuring cool things like sex and drugs this one was about the pitfalls of being an IT manager It read like the book euivalent of the awful training video I had to watch when I worked loss prevention at K mart about a thousand years agoBill's a server guy who suddenly becomes CIO and is forced to turn the Phoenix Project around Yeah it's just as riveting as it sounds All the kiss asses at work rave about the book but it's barely a novel It's a management manual disguised as a novel Not only that Bill is kind of a dick and a Mary Sue A Dick Sue if you willEven before investigating the author I could tell he was an operations guy rather than a developer It was pretty easy to tell by the way he laid the heaviest of the blame on everyone except the server guys It's like a garbage man writing a book where the garbage man is the only one who can save the dayThe book reads like someone recounting meetings he's been in which is pretty much what it is That and some corporate propaganda praising the use of Agile IT management and The Cloud Actually now that I think about it it kind of reminds me of The Pillars of the Earth where the plot is a loop of problems solutions and unexpected complications only instead of a church they're building an application The rape levels aren't the same eitherThe book gets a little improbable by the end After some pep talks and embracing the Agile philosophy somehow a team that couldn't find its asses with both hands and a map can suddenly turn things around enough to master cloud computing in half a pageDespite all the above mentioned dislikes and the fact that the characters are as thin as toilet paper from the Dollar Tree this book wasn't a total piece of shit Despite going in determined not to learn anything I did manage to pick up some tips and saw a lot of similarities with my everyday lifeTwo out of five stars It's not much of a novel but someone who is already pondering embracing the techniues this book beats you over the head with will probably rate it a lot higher

Gene Kim ☆ O Projeto Fênix Um Romance Sobre TI DevOps e Sobre Ajudar o Seu Negócio a Vencer pdf

L deve organizar como o trabalho deve ser feito otimizar o departamento e servir eficazmente às outras funções de negócios da Parts Unlimited Em um ritmo rápido e divertido três pessoas renomadas do movimento DevOps apresentam uma história ue ualuer um ue trabalhe com TI reconhecerá Os leitores aprenderão como melhorar suas próprias organizações de TI e nunca mais verão TI da mesma forma Depoimentos “Uma leitura obrigatória para uem uer transformar seu departamento de TI para possibilitar o sucesso do negócio Por meio de uma história envolvente impossível de largar os autores ensinam as lições fundamentais de uma maneira acessível Todo líder Imagine an Ayn Rand novel where John Galt gives stilted lectures about ITIL and lean manufacturing instead of objectivismUpdate It's not a great book but if you're working in a dysfunctional IT environment and never manage to make it through any of the traditional businesstech books that could help you this would be a great place to start Just promise you you won't stop here either Another update bumped up to three stars I've read some two star stuff lately and this isn't that

mobi Ü O Projeto Fênix Um Romance Sobre TI DevOps e Sobre Ajudar o Seu Negócio a Vencer ☆ Gene Kim

O Projeto Fênix Um Romance Sobre TI DevOps e Sobre Ajudar o Seu Negócio a VencerDe negócios e profissional de TI deve ler este livro” Mike Orzen coautor de TI Lean vencedor do prêmio Shingo “Este é o manual de drenagem do pântano de TI para uem uer ue esteja com lama até o pescoço” Adrian Cockroft aruiteto de nuvem da Netflix “Esta caminhada perspicaz pela dor e sucesso do negócio fará disparar um déjà vu em uem uer ue já tenha entrado em conflito com sua dependência completa da organização de TI Eu vejo minhas próprias experiências em todo estágio da história” Dr Thomas Longstaff coordenador do Programa de Ciências da Computação na Universidade Johns Hopkins “Este livro é uma leitura cativante ue capt This is the unicorn we'll be all hunting for the next 5 years De Marco's The Deadline finally found his spiritual successor Don't take this book too literally like a prescription of rules to follow The change that they're able to achieve in the book in the given timeframe is well uite unrealistic Most companies don't face extinction and are not forced to reevaluate the way value is delivered And if they do changing the whole value stream and culture of a company is probably something that takes years and not weeks and months if we talk about a normal mid sized companyBut I very much like and appreciate the thinking model behind the novel as expressed in The Three Ways uite eye opening for me So far I always thought of 'DevOps' as 'You build it you run it' It never came to my mind that 'DevOps' also partially means system thinking value stream optimization and most of all 'us' and not 'we' and 'them'I like to end this review with one of my favorite uotes from the bookThe relationship between IT and the business is like a dysfunctional marriage both feel powerless and held hostage by the otherBeing aware of this is a good start