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Reborn Alphas Claim #3He’s forced to sense the man behind Reborn Alphas Kindle the monster She can feel the truth of his terrible history Claire can see the source of madness that drives Shepherd to do such terrible things Svana His mate is desperate to open his eyes but no matter Claire’s progress Svana is not yet done with him Thólos is coming apart at the seams and Shepherd’s men can do nothing to stop it R. Why AddisonSpoilersI loved and hated this book It was perfect until the end I knew the ending wouldn't be your typical happily ever after but I still expected Claire and Shepard to be together I'm sorely disappointed by the way it ended ending are supposed to give resolutions and conclude the story Instead I'm left in doubt on what actually happened to Claire and Shepard I still have uestions that Addison failed to answer Did she kill herself What happened to Shepherd Hell what happened to Jules The vague memories and possibilities given to us the reader are just so lacking to conclude this beautiful story I expected from this moving story but what I got was a huge let down So to wrap this up here is my final opinion Addison Cain writes engaging stories that have surpassed some of my favorite books by some best selling authors I love her writing and though I wished I could do a Stephen King Misery kind of thing and force her to rewrite me a different ending I still loved this book and so I can't say I completely hated the story and never will buy another book by this author She will still be on auto buy but Addison if you read this next time you can still make a story memorable without breaking your readers heart

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There is a greater threat than the virus Locked safely away in Shepherd’s nest Claire is unaware of what stirs above ground Her time is occupied fighting a war of another kind Due to her mate’s relentless exploitation of their pair bond the nature of their link has grown consuming to the point that Claire has difficulty differentiating where her feelings begin and his end Under its influence s. So disappointed I'm over disappointmentI was waiting for the author to offer us a great ending For me it was horrible The ends like everybody died or left us hanging are no ends for me to a bookIt was dark but it never said anywhere that it will be a drama What happened to Claire and Shepherd is just horrible and frankly destroyed all the good work from the two first booksI hated it Gosh This is the first time I get this horrified feeling from a bookAnd I totally regret to have ever started the serie because I am left with an emptiness No ending because it was the last and it was horrible I'm so so so sorryFor me the serie is yet to be finished But I will never have a good ending It's an horrible feelingIt didn't do it for me

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characters ¾ Reborn Alphas Claim #3 å PDF, eBook or Kindle ePUB free ✓ ➽ [Download] ✤ Reborn Alphas Claim #3 By Addison Cain ➲ – There is a greater threat than the virus Locked safely away in Shepherd’s nest Claire is unaware of what stirs above ground Her tEal war is coming and unless the Alpha tyrant is willing to pay the ultimate price everything he has sacrificed will have been for nothing Reborn the final installment in Addison Cain’s bestselling Alpha’s Claim trilogy is a dark Omegaverse tale with explicit sexual themes and complete power exchange This is not your typical romance with an HEA If such material offends you please do not purcha. Well this is one the reasons why I don't really read part series book 1 You have to wait for the next part to be released2 You tend to forget the storycharacters so you have to re read them again to remind you of it3 Author can fuck you up and take different route ending LOLStill a good story but I was I don't know expecting a HEA I mean after all they've been through I feel like we owe them one If that makes any sense Anyways as I said still a good book for people who likes PRfuturistic story