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The Summer They Came review á 103 ¶ ❴Download❵ ➸ The Summer They Came Author William Storandt – There was a time when the seaside town of Long Spit was known only to a few wealthy families and a straggle of New England beachgoers But when gay developers from Man hattan searching for a new place There was aThere was a time when the seaside town of Long Spit was known only to a few wealthy families and a straggle of New England beachgoers But when gay developers from The Summer PDFEPUBMan hattan searching for a new place for summer shares and tea dances get a look at its gently curving beaches they hatch an ingenious plan to transform the sleepy Rhode Island hideaway into the next ga. A slightly dated yet fun read about the creation of a fictional next gay mecca The writing was solid and smooth The way that Mr Storandt wove all of the small stories of the residents and new comers together gave the story the energy to plow on through to the end It felt real and each character counted Don't go looking for explicit sex because it was all implied perfectly Perhaps not everyone's cup of tea but I sure had fun reading this gem

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Ith his two favorite attractions frisky hunks and yachts of pedigree and Anthony a callow eighteen year old embarks on a sentimental education he never expected to get in his own backyard An uproarious send up of both small town provincialism and the absurdities of contemporary gay life The Summer They Came will capture you with its portrait of a town you thought you knew run amuc. I didn't know what I was getting myself into before I started reading this book However it was kind of like a train wreck I couldn't not finish reading it It was OK but I wouldn't recommend it

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The Summer They CameY hotspot If only someone would tell the townsfolkAs a contingent of gym buffed and cell phone toting vacationers descends on the village some locals are outraged others strangely titillated Hollis Wynbourne a reclusive antiues dealer and longtime subject of gossip is drawn from his cocoon by the sight of sunbathing beauties wealthy Wesley Herndon suddenly finds the town overrun w. My ex read this book years ago and complained how out of touch it was with modern gay life I approached with hesitation expecting to be bored to tears but instead found a surprisingly lovely experience It’s never meant to be a realistic tale It’s really a gentle character piece about what happens to a small Rhode Island town when it suddenly and calculatedly becomes the next Gay summer Mecca It’s a fun read but in a uiet smart way The book shifts narratives between many of the town locals or those that are drawn to the town True there are some over the top depictions of gay life but in the context of the story they make sense and really meant to help slowly build the satire This is a story about how change comes and how through that people themselves begin to change and grow This book is full of nicely drawn characters that felt fully formed like I was peeking in at just a small part of their life but there was so much to be discovered about them If there any main characters they would be Hollis Wynbourne the closeted antiue dealer from one of the town’s families on the hill who has spent a lifetime sublimating his desires for golden skinned men into an obsession for collecting slave trade paraphernalia Anthony Giannini the teenage busboy on the verge of finding himself and growing into his skin and Wesley Herndon a multimillionaire who’s tired of keeping things compartmentalized and feels he can finally put all the pieces of his life together when he finds a town that features his two favorite things frisky hunks and yachts of pedigree I don’t do the book justice It’s a light entertaining read that left me wanting to stay in that town and find out what happened next to all the wonderful people I’d met