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Lover MineJohn Matthew has come a long way since he was found living among humans his vampire nature unknown to himself and to those around him After he was taken in by the Brotherhood no one could guess what his true history was or his true identity Indeed the fallen Brother Darius has retu. This book could have easily broken my heart I've been waiting so long to see John Matthew and Xhex find their happy ending Anyone who knows me knows how much I adore this couple If it's even possible I probably love them twenty times now The WARDen is so good at writing stories about human nature all the weaknesses the vulnerabilities the strengths How at the end of the day all of us just want to feel special to feel loved And when we don't feel that how it has the power to destroy usJohn Matthew had the worst start in life possible He was born in a bathroom stall in a bus station He was born without the ability to talk He was horribly assaulted at a young age He had no one to love him And just when life started turning around he lost two people he loved very much And then he met Xhex From the beginning she was the one for him No one can explain what causes us to fall in love with someone You can call it hormones fate destiny attraction random coincidence There is no concrete way to rationalize it I for one felt that pull between them I knew it was going to be big and life changing for them both JM fell apart big time in Lover Avenged It was very painful to read and his actions made me so angry But I realized that he had been driven to his breaking point and he was acting out of complete despair So it was really good to see him pull himself together so he could save Xhex And boy did he Oh could John be a worthy male I don't think so He's so sweet but so strong He has a protective instinct but at the same time he embraced Xhex's strength and didn't try to change what made her the woman he loved He came from nothing but is full of so much The WARDen made me fall in love with JM all over againI was so glad that the WARDen took a big huge chance with crafting a heroine like Xhex There are a lot of Xhex haters out there in the Black Dagger Brotherhood fandom They have said some really ugly things about her It bothers me because Xhex is such a great character in my opinion She has so much going on inside of her She is so strong yet she has the things that define a woman in my opinion Some people think she's too manly or not feminine enough If she can be who she is and have a man like JM totally in love with her I say sign me up for her version of manly I say that in a half serious manner But with all seriousness if Xhex had not been the strong woman the fierce warrior that she is she would not have survived what she's been through in her life She lived in a dark bleak world with little to support her She had to be a strong person to build a fortress around her inner self or she would have been decimated And had she been any less fortified Lash would have destroyed her It's pretty clear that I adore Xhex I think she's sexy beautiful loving intense intelligent empathetic formidable intriguing the list goes on She is now my favorite heroine ever I felt she was the perfect complement to John It gratified me that Tohr could see it from the beginning I didn't need the backstory of Xhex to love her but I love her even now I didn't need to see her as vulnerable and broken as she was in this book to respect and love her But seeing her that way well it just made the happy ending that much better I couldn't have written the ending better It's like JR Ward took my wish list for Xhex and JM's story and wrote this book based on it Oh there were some really hard moments but I kept the faith that things would work out for them and boy was I rewarded I finished this book yesterday morning and I had to go and reread some of my favorite scenes The interaction between John and Xhex was so powerful it turned my heart to mush The steamy moments really made up for the hurtful interactions they had in Lover Avenged How unfulfilling their intimate moments were in that book Their love scenes set my book on fire and singed my hands Boy this couple has some chemistry But even better their love for each other had the power to heal them both Verily this book makes me believe in true love and that there is someone for everyone Even though I'd love this book enough to light up a solar system just based on the JMXhex story the other aspects also made it a wonderful read for me The huinnBlay story line has progressed in a very good fashion I was so happy to get of Blay's viewpoint Blay is dear to my heart I love that male It tore me up to see how much his love for huinn was hurting him huinn had his heart but he didn't know what to do with it so he kept throwing it back And Blay seemed to have no way to get away from his feelings for Blay So I was glad to see Saxton come into his life Saxton is one fine male I liked him from the beginning He is just what Blay needs I'm not sure how long they'll be together but it's good for now huinn showed some aspects of his character that I needed to see I have to admit that I did feel for him and his low self worth because of being rejected by his family but I didn't like his lifestyle I didn't like how he was acting like he was blind to Blay's love for him and how it hurt Blay for him to sleep with everyone but Blay I realize that huinn thinks he's not good enough for Blay but he seemed oblivious to the way he was hurting Blay I was surprised at how much it hurt to see huinn hurt because Blay had moved on with Saxton I thought I'd be gratified because he'd know how Blay felt all the time But it was so sad for me to read about because huinn had the opportunity to have Blay but he was afraid to take the step And how that must break huinn's heart I have hopes that things will work out for them but right now it's a painful journey I do think that huinn is going to take a step in a better direction in the forthcoming books And Blay will get some love and affection like he needs although his heart will always belong to huinn I definitely feel for the huinnBlay fans right nowI loved the parts in the past showing Darius and Tohr's relationship It really explained why Tohr took on JM as a son because Darius had done the same for him Darius and Tohr are such fine males You can see how they helped shape and form the foundation for the Brotherhood that we see today Tohr always came off as an admirable honorable man that I cared for but I have grown to love him even My heart is broken for his loss I can completely understand how it nearly destroyed him I was so glad to see him on the mend and to see him and John Matthew come to terms That close bond that was ripped apart by Wellsie's death has evolved into something very wonderful as JM comes to see exactly how Tohr felt and Tohr is able to understand why Xhex is so important to JM And it feels to good to know that Torh approves of Xhex for JMThere were some really great Doc Jane moments Her expertise as a doctor but her understanding of people and how to help them deal with illness was a very important part of this book as she interacted with Xhex in the aftermath of her captivity with Lash and also with Xhex's fear of hospitals I won't even pretend like this BDB fan girl didn't have some joy joy moments seeing the other characters Wow it was pretty interesting seeing how the backstory with Butch and Xhex and Vishous' animosity towards Xhex was dealt with And of course my smooth criminal Rehvenge was in this book enough to encourage me to reread his story again What a man I love his relationship with Xhex And the Shadow brothers Trez and iAm have some good moments in this story as well Payne's role expands in this book and I could see the WARDen setting the stage for her book Part of me sort of feared that this book would be the penultimate culmination of my love for this series and it would go downhill but I have a feeling that WARDen is just getting started Payne is one heck of an interesting character And her story is sure to enthrall me based on how things unfold in this bookAnd can I say that Murhder has this fan reaching for the cold drinks I can tell he's going to rock my world I hope to see a lot of this maleI cannot do this review without talking about Lash There are some pretty good words to describe him but I don't want to be a potty mouth He is a perfect contrast to JM in almost every way He was born with everything and threw it away His heart is completely rotten whereas JM couldn't have goodness in his heart The fact that he takes and harms the person that JM loves most in the world seemed almost fated as they come face to face in a conflict that started when they were both soldier trainees I have to say that he turned out to be a very good villain I wasn't sure what to think about how the storyline with Lash ended It needed to go the way it did But I can't help feeling that there is to be told on that front But then that's one of the things that I love about this series The way the WARDen plants seeds in my

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Elf against the attraction between her and John Matthew Having already lost one lover to madness she will not allow the male of worth to fall prey to the darkness of her twisted life When fate intervenes however the two discover that love like destiny is inevitable between soul mate. Opening Line He wished he had timeSpoiler FreeIn trying to review LOVER MINE two words keep popping into my head; Amazing and Damn just damn How can I honestly put into words how much I loved this story and how sad I am that it’s over Following a year long wait JR Wards 8th instalment of the Black Dagger Brotherhood finally made its way into my eager little hands At 512 pages LOVER MINE is huge with a fantastic cover and I’m happy to report that it does not disappoint in fact with John Mathews long awaited story the WARDen positively shines Fans are given exactly what we’ve been waiting for with ever evolving storylines multiple POV’s surprises tragedies plot twists ass kicking actionXhex much humour and oh the romance Completed here with erotic blush worthy love scenes and of course the inevitable struggle and heartache I can tell you that this story brought me to tears than once and not for the reasons you might expect All of this awesomeness has been wrapped up with Wards uniue style of writing complete with product placements rap music uniue street language multiple f bombs and a whole new batch of cool Wardisms I can’t wait to start using you feel meThe series is brought full circle within this book with loose ends cleverly tied together and resolutions brought to story threads we’ve had growing and brewing since the beginning Sadly I realized that even with Ward continuing indefinitely JMDarius will be the last of the original brothers to have his story told and that with this book being red just like book 1 Dark Lover she’s given us book ends of a sortWith us since the beginning in this instalment we finally get John Mathew and Darius‘s story Of all the characters John is the one we have the greatest sense of and have invested the most time in having watched him change from a scrawny neglected and abused pre trans into an enormous and angry male with a ton of fricken baggage His pairing with the half Sympath Xhex has been in the works for some time now and with her abduction in the end of Lover Avenged we have the perfect place to begin their story Which I’m not going to give away I will say however that I was pleased to see reflections of the sweet sensitive John we remember only now oozing sex appeal and witness a softer side of Xhex As always their path to HEA is not an easy one but its fun and sexy as hell watching them open up to each other and get thereAs a whole the storyline blew my mind With three very separate and distinct running plotlines which at first had me wondering where the hell is this going Ward manages to merge all the puzzle pieces together into WOW bringing us deliciously full circle Darker and serious than past books my only real complaint would be the lack of banter between the Brothers and the Brothers as a whole The moments that we’re given are excellent and while they’re all represented to a degree some than others I insatiably craved and truly missed them huinn and Blay each now with their own POV manage to somewhat fill the gap who along with Saxton bring a different degree of heartache sexiness and hot mess to the mix Lash is also back as the Lessening societies leader and surprisingly awesome here as he takes things to a whole new gooey level of evil In the end Ward leaves us smiling with contentment with new characters emerging and events opening up for future stories that I can’t wait to discover I just wish it wasn’t so far away because I find that after getting just 3 days with the BDB its already time to leave them again and I’m not uite ready to let them go yet See ya next year boys stay safe CheersOh and in case you were wondering Ward dedicates this book to John Mathew himselfwhich was what started my first crying jag

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Lover Mine characters  4 à [PDF] ✪ Lover Mine Author J.R. Ward – John Matthew has come a long way since he was found living among humans his vampire nature unknown to himself and to those around him After he was taken in by the Brotherhood no one could guess what h John Matthew has come a long way since he was found living amRned but with a different face and a very different destiny As a vicious personal vendetta takes John into the heart of the war he will need to call up on both who he is now and who he once was in order to face off against evil incarnateXhex a symphath assassin has long steeled hers. Okay I'm giving this book four stars not because of its literary prowess but because of its enjoyabilityHowever after eight books in this series I have a serious problem Well frankly I had a problem from the first book but I've already reviewed that oneMy big problem is in the characters and the gender roles they embody Now there's been a great deal of criticism over JR Ward's treatment of female characters in these books Xhex and Payne are like a bandaid she uses to patch this up Now honestly I am one of the few who actually always liked Xhex as a character It didn't change in this book John Matthews was always one of my most liked characters Their show in this book was kind of stolen by Blay and uinn who I found myself desperately hoping would have some kind of resolution for their relationship As usual JRWard does what most romantic novelists do She creates characters whose every problem can be fixed by love and great sex I'm sorry but I was literally bashing my head on something very hard when Xhex after being held prisoner for almost four weeks and brutally raped several times had great sex with John Matthews No No No I'm not even going to go into that one except to say No To all future writers out there Don't do it That is just I have no words for that oneHowever the big problem with the characters wasn't that they weren't likable or interesting or that the woman wasn't eual enough It was the character roles they play JR Ward doesn't seem to get thisIn fact I wonder if she'll ever get this The complaints about poor female characters in her book don't necessitate the creation of female protagonists who are practically men with vaginas Creating a female character who walks talks acts and thinks like a man doesn't create a positive female protagonist especially when she spends so much time complaining about how weak women are Our issues weren't that your women were weak characters okay maybe a little bit but the roles that define them for goodness sakeIn this series the men are men and the women are there to be protected cherished and ultimately invisible The only Only woman who appears repeatedly is Doc Jane and occasionally Ehlena because they need to stitch someone up Why As soon as they are married and happy with their partners do they suddenly become non existent Oh sorry they show up for the inevitable wedding at the end of each book and cry like babies However I get that you JR Ward have been actively trying to give them varied professions and passions and hobbies to make up for the fact that Beth dropped her entire life to go play ueen with Wrath and for several books didn't appear to have anything to fucking do I get that that's why there's now a doctor and a nurse and a counselor and and the director of a female's home etc Now there is Xhex who will be fighting with the big boys Facepalms I don't even know how to touch on this any without breaking out into cussing so inevitably varied and violent that my review will be removed by GoodreadsMy biggest problem isn't actually the female gender roles that are fucked up in these books believe it or not It's the men's The portrayal of masculinity in these books makes me want to cry Studies have shown that whilst an appalling number of women will suffer from violence at the hands of men 25% men are actually so the victims of violence at their own hands 70% of men will at one point or another be the victim of violence against them These books say that to be a man you have to be muscled to within an inch of your life and you must be violent THIS DOESN'T HELP THE SITUTATION Every male protagonist in this book is violent animalistic uncontrolled and hyper masculine to the point of ridiculousness Now I'm not saying that I prefer the pansy ass sparklepires over something that does than brood in your general direction if you're evil I'm just saying that there needs to be a divergent representation of what it is to be male Because frankly masculinity is no tied to the size of your muscles than femininity is to one's beauty My challenge to JR Ward is not to create a female protagonist who embodies positive gender roles but to create a male protagonist that is still masculine and sexy despite the fact that he is not a muscleman who walked out of the caveman era For goodness sake in the reader's guide not a SINGLE male could list a book that they'd read that WASN'T a book that they'd read to Nalla That's right Every single male in the guide doesn't read except to a baby And women must be gentle and protected and kept away That is unless they're a spitfire dead doctor who can't be harmed anyway or a woman with a mangina that can be seen from space