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Book ´ Ê Madison Faye Tiful totally forbidden totally than twice my age totally has had me twisted up tangled up and aching for him for years Marshall Bane This is forbidden It’s inappropriate It’s damn near breaking the law Selling my v card to my best friend’s dad is so wrong But you know what’s worse?Being this excited for him to collect Deliciously hot and steamy read of an older man younger woman Marshall and Kendall’s chemistry is off the charts H O T but there are a couple of hang ups One being Kendall is Marshall’s daughter’s best friend and therefore only 18 to Marshall’s 42 And two he bids and wins on her virginity not knowing it is Kendall when he bids When the two finally come together there are fireworks The age gap between the two didn’t bother me as much as I expected it would Kendall is beyond mature for her years and Marshall just doesn’t seem that old to me Another fantastic read from this author I can’t wait for the next book

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Download Doc º Cherry Pie ☆ ò Madison faye Ø [Epub] ❧ Cherry Pie By Madison Faye – Having a crush on your best friend’s hot dad is perfectly normalAccidentally selling him your v card in an exclusive illicit online auction? Yeah not so normal I’ve had a crush on Marshall Bane Hav Having a crush on your best friend’s hot dad is perfectly normalAccidentally selling him your v card in an exclusive illicit online auction? Yeah not so normal I’ve had a crush on Marshall Bane – “Mr B” – since I first knew what a crush was I mean the man checks every single box gorgeous dominant richer than sin an “Cherry Pie” is the story of Kendall and MarshallAnother forbidden May December smut by Ms Faye with the falling for your best friend’s dad tropeWhen our h is forced to sell her virginity in an online auction she never imagines the hot man she has been sexting is the man she has lusted after forever her best friend and neighbor’s fatherSecrets are discovered loads of super hot bang bang happens laden with body fluids some kinky loving breeding discoveries revenge and an almost bred HEA Read it for good uality smut 👌🏽Safe45

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Cherry PieD built like a Greek god He also happens to be my best friend’s dad When dire financial straits force me to put my v card up for auction at an exclusive club I know it’s a terrible idea But I’m out of options and a million dollars is a million dollars right? Except my mysterious auction winner? Marshall Bane Totally beau This was a deliciously smutty read that I loved from start to finish slightly taboo but a very safe read Kendall is a barely legal high school graduate who has grown up within a wealthy home but things aren’t as they seem and it soon becomes apparent that her step father has lost most of the family fortune and she won’t be able to go to college With her stepfather and mother away travelling for the summer keeping up appearances she is staying with the best friend Amy and her father Marshall for the summer With the money situation growing worse she realises that the only thing she has of value to sell is her virginity Introduced to the secret millionaires society her virginity is auctioned off for a cool million dollars but what will she do when she discovers the man who bought her is none other than her best friend’s father and her one and only crush ? Marshall has been single for the past eighteen years there have been women but no one he wanted to be permanent his life has been his daughter Amy and creating a successful business He is at the top of his game and it’s the last summer before his daughter goes off to college But someone has caught his attention although he hasn’t seen her face he is obsessed with the cherry tattoo on her hip and when he sees what is up for auction there is no way anyone will outbid him He wants her he will have her no matter the cost But when he discovers that the woman of his fantasies is the girl he watched grow up and is spending the summer in his house will he be able to keep his desires and lust for her under wraps or will the chemistry that sparks between them bring them together where they should be Although this is a Madison Faye story it felt at a different pace than normal but still had the incredibly naughty sext scenes and all the feels